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  1. Same. Unable to upload MP3, but it will take other files... like PDF. :|
  2. Ha ha! Exactly!!! That is like the Chicago shows... folks are geared up and ready for the U2 shows. Maybe my problem this time was sitting in the stands instead of GA. Hoping to get GA's to the final two shows in Chicago when/if they drop more GAs. Fingers crossed! I can't express how great the band sounded though. So excited to see them again in a few weeks.
  3. I was at night 2 in PHX in the 200s and I'm surprised when I read anything about the crowd being into the show that night. My sister and I have been to several U2 shows together in Chicago since PopMart and just didn't feel like the crowd was into the show in PHX. GA I think may have had a different experience than those of us in the stands. Maybe? The usual sing-a-long cues were never picked up on and Bono seemed upset that no one was participating. To me, that is one of the best parts of the show when Bono quiets the band and requests the house lights up so he can see and hear the fans. That didn't happen once in PHX night 2. I'm hoping the Chicago shows will be as I'm expecting... loud and fun even in the nosebleeds. U2 sounded great though and the visuals were amazing. I'm hoping this was PHX fluke with the fan base and Chicago will be amazing as it always is! Also, when Invisible popped on, it was like no one in the 200s knew the band was playing. Nearly everyone was sitting and talking... my sister and I were the only two singing and dancing. Such a bummer! Did anyone else feel this way in PHX? It felt like the crowd was just there to see what the fuss was about and not there to see their favorite band.
  4. TM Mobile app is the way to go. Finally got my tix for Chicago night 2... section 318, row 1! See you all there! Happy U2sday!!!!!
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