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  1. I have 2 floor tix for Pasadena Saturday.  Just want face value and I will be happy to walk you in.  I am going Sunday and think 1 show will suffice.

    1. stephanie_chitica


      Email me, if you still have them for Saturday. Thank You

  2. Lots of us have been to many shows and are predicting the set lists. How about a list of a few songs we do not need to hear this tour. Pick 3 mine are: Sunday Bloody Sunday Pride New Years Day Make it fresh guys!!
  3. Please put the cell phones DOWN during the show!!! Kindly ask the same of your neighbor...
  4. And of course, drinks are on us!!! Hoping we can find someone....
  5. I am in need of 1 ticket for my daughter Saturday night. I have tw0, but there are three of us. We will be in line all day and I am happy to meet and pay the day of the show. Much appreciated. Please email me for logistics....getting excited!!!
  6. No hozer please!!!! :) How about the yeah yeah yeah's?????? spice it up...
  7. Cooperstown is a great pre show place. Jesus girl? I need to reach her. She has a pic of bono from 94ish and I am in the background!
  8. If ANYONE is willing to sell a GA ticket to me, my 21 year old daughter would be thrilled. I have 2 kids and cant take just one!!! So happy I secured tickets but would like to get one more. Message me....so grateful for the moderators (BIG WAVE)fighting the good fight and getting me my 2 tickets!!!!! Anyone?
  9. I am trying not to be too dramatic, but this is utter BS. I have spend thousands of dollars and 25 years supporting this band. All I wanted was an opportunity to use the code (I had to renew because I had NO IDEA I was not a member) and get GA tickets. Now, they are 500 a piece on stub
  10. 1. Venue Phoenix AZ Us Airways Arena 2. I secured to GA tickets, was asked to confirm order and the system locked up for 20 minutes. When I tried to buy tickets again, it said "no longer available. I just want 2 GA tix to AZ.
  11. Same thing here. I had 2 GA Tickets for AZ and TM timed out. Now, the code wont work. This process is a POS. It was the sale thing for the Vertigo tour. I "hate" to be a hater, but this process is a joke especially for the fans that have supported them for 20+ years. I am so disappointed. If anyone has 2 GA tix for AZ, let me know. Id rather not pay $800
  12. Thank you all for the prompt answers, even if we didn't like the news. I missed the presale because my subscription lapsed unbeknownst to me. I am looking for face value pricing of the tickets. Red Zone? GA. Lower Level
  13. Love this!!! I have been a whiner lately, but I am patiently waiting the "other" presale tomorrow. Can someone please share the ticket prices? GA? Can you buy Red Zone? How much for 1st level reserved?
  14. That's my silly gripe. Here comes the whining!!! I haven't missed a show for 25 years. I've paid for this site ONLY for pre show benefits. I don't need a map of Dublin or U2 postcards. "Just give me what I want and no one gets hurt" So I will get sub par seats and more U2 stuff for the coffee table? Ok, enough. I'm sobbing! Best of luck all!!
  15. Yep. I expired a year from today. I don't know when it expired though. Wouldn't that matter??!
  16. Traveler girl. I don't think we are ok. Oh the drama of getting tix. . I'm sitting up waiting for a code. And some prices would help
  17. Here is the real question. How can I see when my membership expired so I can see the lapse
  18. I don't think that matters. We needed to be members on the day the record was released. I have no way of knowing when it expired. Is Adams brother still running this? They should look at the "member since". Who cares about a lapse.
  19. I renewed today as I thought I was still a member. Anyone know how I can tell if I am eligible for the first presale?? Been a member since 2009 so I hope that is taken into consideration. Anyone??
  20. Exactly...people getting ahead of themselves...let's just see how tomorrow goes
  21. No codes yet. Check your live nation account too. Make sure your info is updated to make for an early check out. Fun times!
  22. Wait...I got 2 different responses. Do I need to renew to participate? I have been a member for 5 years
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