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  1. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Vancouver Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

    You could go down when you get there. Get a number and then come back early friday I believe. 6am. Everyone would have to be there also I think.
  2. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Vancouver Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

    I think it stopped raining. For now.
  3. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Vancouver Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

    Nothing really to add except it's wet, rainy and wet here. ?
  4. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Going to Twickenham?

    what's it like taking the train to Twickenham? Say from Waterloo? Insane? Will I even make it back post show?
  5. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Any red zone in general sale

    If you paid 70GBP it's a regular GA. 265 GBP is RZ
  6. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Red Zone Details

    I think we showed up at like 8pm to Dublin3 in 09 and where still on a rail.
  7. XBL_AchtungBaby

    London 2 Red Zone

    Looks like they still haven't fixed the "you don't need a code to get RZ". They had a week. Also, the RZ option ONLY comes up going through u2.com link AND only on non mobile site. So. If you try again in future know this. I was able to snag 3RZ in general sale for the 8th
  8. I have 3 seats for July 8th Twickenham that I am willing to sell at face value here...
  9. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Any red zone in general sale

    I actually managed to get 3 RZ tickets this morning. Surprising. Now I have 3 extra seated tickets in L28.
  10. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Red Zone ticket price for Twickenham ?

    I got 3 RZ after about 5 tries of nothing I hope nothing happens.
  11. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    Well how about that. I got 3 RZ tickets to Twickenham in the GENERAL SALE.
  12. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Red Zone/VIP

    Blah, blah, blah. We can bitch if we want. Simple fact. 1. Red Zone in Europe was open to anyone, not Legacy Fan Club Members. THat's bad and could have been prevented with due diligence and not faultly work. 2. There wasn't any apparent Red Zone available for London unless you went through U2.com link after 15 minutes of onsale. That's bad, faulty work. 3. If you only are supposed to go through U2.com to get the proper links, why make them available through ticketmaster.co.uk. Again faulty work. 4. We spend $40-$50 a year on this membership. Other clubs (see Ten Club, $20/year) perform much better. Faulty work. 5. This has happened before, so maybe you'd think they'd straighten it out. Nope. Faulty work. 6. If you clicked on the link on U2.com on a mobile phone, it brought you to the mobile site where Red Zone wasn't available. Once again faulty work. FYI, Propoganda way better than this.... Oh, Note 7. Sure seems like the touts have just an equal or better shot than we do. Oh well. Sucks for us. (See Ten Club where the actual Fan Club member has to pick up the tickets in person).
  13. XBL_AchtungBaby

    Red Zone/VIP

    For Philly looks like you need code. I picked up one regular ga for that show. Oh well.