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  1. @u2 Please come to TORONTO or HAMILTON after 2nd leg is over.  We want to see the biggest band in the universe play here again!!! Love SOE and want to hear Love is Bigger live!!!!

    1. colelandry


      You said it! Considered going to Chicago, NY, NJ, Montreal - would have purchased Montreal tickets if I'd known that Toronto wasn't happening. Keep fingers crossed for 2019!

  2. That would be great if they added a show for Hamilton.

  3. u2ie Toronto - July 7th!

  4. Any one hear how Bono is doing and if he will be able to start the tour?

    1. Rhi_K


      No official news, but saw a photo he had taken with a fan the other day. He's lost a lot of weight but is looking as well as can be expected.

      As for how he is recovering, let's hope, he had no sling on, so that's a good sign

    2. u2nadias
  5. Waiting for Pre-Sale Code

  6. Want to see U2 on Letterman or Fallon for a whole week again to hear these songs live.....

  7. Lyrics and music are amazing!!!

  8. Listening to Iris, Song for Someone, Every Breaking Wave, Sleep Like a Baby Tonight. What a great week! Can hardly wait to purchase Deluxe CD when it comes out on October 14th.

  9. Listening to Song for Someone

  10. Loving new album....especially Every Breaking Wave and Song for Someone! Can hardly wait to hear these live!!!

  11. Excited about OSCARS and U2!

  12. All U2 music today!