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    la la land (this is where you can reach me now;)
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    art and creative design in my grown up moments but generally just being very silly and puerile at all other times.
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    UF and Achtung and now SOI
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    I thought they were all in relationships;)
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    Wembley 09
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    heh heh a hotel room listening to Edge next door to me and what sounded like Adam on his bass a few doors down, then meeting Edge and later Bono. Larry and Adam escaped but I'm hoping to get the full set one day! BOOM CHA!!
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    Mr Sexico floats my boat (bath?)!
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    Snow Patrol, Elbow, The Police
  1. The big day is here! Have a fantastic time everyone
  2. Hi Anj. How are you doing? Any shows planned this tour? We're taking the boys (9 and 11y.) to Paris 1, their very first concert ever 👍🏻 . A week later we'll be in Brussels ... 

    And then we're off on holiday to ... oh wait, can't say that yet since I've got Larry hidden there 😉

    1. Anjana


      Hey I'm ok thanx. Yes going to London show, getting together with Cheryl (Zhivvy) there and hopefully meet up with a few others too, should be great! 

      Exciting :)))

    2. jojes


      Ok, a U2 show with Cheryl ... be prepared for 'mango picture taking' 😉

    3. Anjana


      Ha ha yes!!

  3. I'm treating the JT tour as a warm up for the real thing;)
  4. Who cares, U2 are touring, i get to see them again, I love them, 40 years on and still going strong, no complaints, no debate, it's Quite simple, I'm going and I'm going to sing my heart out. U2 joy, nothing like it:D Enjoy it while we still have it
  5. Also going Mike:) Advance treat for a milestone birthday in Nov! Anj! Happy 21st! Ha ha ha you too
  6. Also going Mike:) Advance treat for a milestone birthday in Nov!
  7. Oops sorry if there's already a thread, I only popped in quickly. Am sure mods will merge if necessary
  8. Source: (thank you Fe for reporting the good news) BONO SAYS SOE AND NEW TOUR ON THE WAY Posted: August 03, 2016 By: Fernanda Bottini Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton visited Valencia, in Spain, to attend a friend’s wedding last week. They were spotted at restaurants and took many photos with fans and hotel staff. U2 en España met the band there and shared some big news. About Songs Of Experience, Bono said, "It’s not finished yet but you will like it. In terms of lyrics it is stronger than War, it has more clarity." About the Innocence + Experience Tour, "the second part of the tour is for 2017," Bono said. "You might see a few things in September or October though." Adam, who also was asked about the new album and tour, said, "Soon, in the next six months." U2 will headline the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept. 23 and perform at Dreamforce on Oct. 5. Let's wait to see what's coming at these two events.
  9. Such very sad news, my deepest condolences, with love x
  10. Lol those darn cats!!
  11. Personally I think it's worth the experience:)