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    Not Telling
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    la la land (this is where you can reach me now;)
  • Interests
    art and creative design in my grown up moments but generally just being very silly and puerile at all other times.
  • Favourite U2 Album
    UF and Achtung and now SOI
  • Favourite U2 Single
    I thought they were all in relationships;)
  • Recent U2 Gig
    Wembley 09
  • Best U2 Gig
    heh heh a hotel room listening to Edge next door to me and what sounded like Adam on his bass a few doors down, then meeting Edge and later Bono. Larry and Adam escaped but I'm hoping to get the full set one day! BOOM CHA!!
  • Favourite U2 Person
    Mr Sexico floats my boat (bath?)!
  • Fav. Other Bands
    Snow Patrol, Elbow, The Police
  1. Love it:)
  2. Happy birthday Edgybaby xx
  3. Lovely Larry
  4. Thanks for the links, thanks scopers:)))
  5. Scopes are brilly tonight, they all sound fantastic, loving it??
  6. Thanks Andy
  8. Could you post links if poss please?