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    U2 +a load of stuff that you'd probably find really boring
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    New Years Day
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    Glasgow 2015
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    Too hard .. Leeds 1987 or Dortmund 1989 or Leeds 1993
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    All 4 dur i.e. U2 as a collective
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    The Clash, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Ash, The Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, Simple Minds, the beatles

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  1. and then this happened...
  2. Beta Max is no good to me I wish it was issued in Super8
  3. Do you think we'll ever get to the stage where we have enough or too much U2 stuff? I'm getting close as very soon I will probably need to get the floor in my place reinforced
  4. Wild Honey
  5. Me too love it!
  6. 1. Gone 2. Miami 3. North Star 3. Until the end of the world 4. The sweetest thing - original b side version 5. Volcano 6. I will follow 7. Out of control 8. Electrical storm 9. 11 o'clock tick tock 10. Song for someone 11. Woman Fish Great question but too hard Yahweh and If God Will Send his Angels nearly made it for me. Oops two 3.s never anygood at maths
  7. Red Hill Mining Town
  8. Hi Yury, you are a great artist and that Joshua Tree doll looks brilliant
  9. Hi Pain, thats really great !
  10. Yeah it was, rest of the roll was just a blurred mess hahah. Bono got right on the front with his right knee about 2 inches from my face. Couldnt tell if i got any good puctures until the film was sent off for developing and posted back to me. Was and am pretty chuffed with that photo. Scans a bit ropey though
  11. That is superb wish i was artistic
  12. We need to make a popmart word search
  13. Nom nom nom nom dark chocolate is the bestest