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  1. joshthetree

    25 Sept Wear A U2 T-Shirt

    Hi Everyone, We are doing another U2 World T-Shirt Day again this year and it would be great if you could take part
  2. joshthetree

    25 Sept Wear A U2 T-Shirt

    Nice one don't forget to post your pictures if you can👕
  3. joshthetree

    25 Sept Wear A U2 T-Shirt

    If anybody uses Facebook or Instagram and could spread the message, that would be great, hope you can help? Thanks If you don't use any of these plus Twitter please post your pictures here if you like😃
  4. joshthetree

    25 Sept Wear A U2 T-Shirt

    Great hope you can support. Yes it used to be a fashion to cut off the arms and make t-shirts into vests - I wished I hadn't The idea of quilt made from t-shirts soons a really cool idea. 13 year old t-shirt - none of mine usually last that long - I wear 'em till they fall apart. One of my friends reckons he keeps his old U2 t-shirt in the freezer to stop moths getting at it
  5. :PinkAdam:is the greatest

  6. joshthetree

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Can't wait for Manchesterand am still playing Songs of Experience and Songs of Innocence on heavy rotation
  7. From the album: ewe too

    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leeds, UK 1987 poster

    © U2

  8. Get out your own way

  9. joshthetree

    Thank You =0)

    Thanks very much! U2 and the presale today went great for me ... see you in the GA at Manchester Happy Happy Happy
  10. Hi we went on a Musical Journey a few years ago you can read my short essay and see a couple of pictures at the below links; will try and dig out some more photos to post
  11. joshthetree

    U2 at the BBC

    One things for sure theyll be no tickets allocated to anyone living round here seems to be the ticket spot that U2 forgot Graham Norton show; CDUK; TOTP; U2 book signing; Astoria; etc, etc .... nowt where I live
  12. joshthetree

    U2 MTV Presents

    Did anyone north of Birmingham win tickets?
  13. joshthetree

    U2 World T-Shirt Day #U2T0925

    From the album: ewe too

    Following on from 2016's launch U2 World T-Shirt Day #U2T0925 is back for 2017. Please feel free to join in the global U2 fun
  14. joshthetree

    U2 World T-Shirt Day #U2T0925

    Calling all @U2 fans! 25 September wear a U2 t-shirt for ‘U2 World T-Shirt Day’ post/tag your pix #U2T0925
  15. joshthetree

    u2 song of the day

    and then this happened...
  16. joshthetree

    u2 song of the day

  17. Beta Max is no good to me I wish it was issued in Super8
  18. Do you think we'll ever get to the stage where we have enough or too much U2 stuff? I'm getting close as very soon I will probably need to get the floor in my place reinforced
  19. joshthetree

    u2 song of the day

    Wild Honey
  20. joshthetree

    u2 song of the day

    Me too love it!
  21. joshthetree

    u2 song of the day

    Red Hill Mining Town
  22. joshthetree

    U2 The Joshua Tree Doll (matryoshka)

    Hi Yury, you are a great artist and that Joshua Tree doll looks brilliant
  23. joshthetree

    The Secret Rhythm Of The Joshua Tree - Part II

    Hi Pain, thats really great !