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  1. We need to make a popmart word search
  2. Nom nom nom nom dark chocolate is the bestest
  3. Brilliant pictures from *POP*era
  4. Wow how cool is that
  5. Great photos thanks for posting these
  6. Hope so but I think it will be a mix of old and new
  7. If you find and want to sell it, I would probably be interested, PM if you do and want to - thanks
  8. Great picture. Love that poster collection especially Joshua Tree Harmony Hotel photo shoot. BUT MOST OF ALL that Live in Leeds poster .. Do you still have it? Where did you get that love it =0)
  9. It'll be great hope you enjoy the shows
  10. Its a real bit h getting there from where I live up north but gotta do it
  11. I'm laughing so hard at your " BAD " jokes...... Hahahaha...... Some of the best U2 jokes I ever heard !!!!!!! AND.... I want MORE *POP* and SOE !!!!! It's simple........ TJT30? : NO SOE : YES. Something related to *POP* , like releasing rare demos and hardback photo-albums from the era ? : Yes. As for current business......U2 should have shut themselves up in whichever studio they would have felt more comfortable in and went firing on all 12 cylinders to finish SOE and make it their best album ever........But no........... Oh and POP POP POP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS : I find plausible the theory that U2 were supposed to release *SOE* in spring 2017 and tour it throughout 2017//2018 and because of whatever reasons they decided to stall SOE's concluding sessions so LiveNation put pressure on them so they *POP*ped out this TJT idea.........To fulfill their obligations with LiveNation so as not to go through what happened with *POP* all over again ( I think u all know)...But I think they should have done JUST that.......Work under pressure until the deadline.........That's what they did with *POP* and that's my favourite U2 album................U2's best work is done in times of pressure, self-doubt and all kinds of sadness and conflict.......I totally agree........ Agree but just can't help but feel its your fault with your 'where in the world is U2?' Thread! If the band stopped posting their selfies on there theyd have got an another album out by now!!☆ ☆this is humour ... joking lol Yes P○p P☆p POP muzik we need more pop! Greatest U2 album ... in the world ...ever!
  12. I hope they don't play anything post Rattle and Hum. But Im expecting the Joshua Tree mixed up with aload of more recent and maybe some brand new songs. Mmm start with streets or finish with it? Im not bothered, Mothers of the Disappeared can be a great ending if done right. I think alot of the joshua tree tunes will get a revamp to. Rattle and Hum stuff would fit in there nicely ... van diemans land, desire, angel of harlem, god part II, Hawkmoon 269 ... start with that one and then go into Gloria ... I Will Follow ... Streets and the whole JT album ... then Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, New Years Day,11 O'Clock Tick Tock, All I Want is You finishing on 40
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