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  1. Apart from the Joshua Tree album ... what other songs do you think they will or should play?
  2. Light bulb moment that picture may end up on the cover artwork of Songs of Experience?!
  3. Why the Joshua Tree now?! Is there there problems with the new album Songs of Experience? Its mind boggling that a 30 year old album is the centre piece of a new tour - I don't get it
  4. Interesting thanks for posting. Could have got the photo right ... doesnt look like zabriskie point in death valley to me Hope the next tour just isnt going to be joshua tree and u2 turn into a tribute act. What about songs of experience?
  5. Here's the desert movie from the 20th anniversary boxset ... wonder if there will be something new released for 30?
  6. The Joshua Tree slept on the street overnight at Preston in 1986 to get tickets for Wembley Stadium. Yeah no internet, no mobile phones (well ones you couldnt wave and take video clips on), no video screens, little crowd control - but everyone looked after each other, U2 on the radio and TV often,my favorite band became everyones favorite band, U2 fan club Propaganda, weekly music papers to find out gig dates - post a cheque get a ticket, U2 shows without Streets being played everytime ... but when they played... Also U2 b-sides were often something else and an event in themselves
  7. Me too today. Great ... love Edges guitary solo thing
  8. I hope the resub gift is tge U2 40 button badge
  9. joshthetree


    Yay. Glad for yer Mich. Great picture. Woooohoooo
  10. What do you get when you cross Whitney Houston with U2?
  11. Yeah a new 'live' CD would be great, I love from U22 and Edges Picks
  12. Lol great tshirt and really funny picture ... I really like that one =0)
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