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  1. ps....next time a drunk miffs me at a show....I'll remember your words, try to just chill and let it go. 😶
  2. Beautiful, Mich, Very nice to connect dots of stories I've read from you over the years concerning the theatre, Rattle n Hum, Lovetown and friends in the Zoo. I loved reding what you wrote about Micheal and the rain. I would not have that insight otherwise. The pic of Bono holding his hat and lookng up at MOTD makes this grown man cry. Very touching article/post/whatever it's called. .
  3. I know you love progressive msuic. I read the next concerts thread. I look forward to yours. I share your passion for the bands you listed above. .2112 through Grace Under Pressure is my favorite Rush era as well. I said disagree as in listen to our favorites first. Which approach for a potential new convert to take when listening to such an awesome band: Poraytoe or tomahtoe? . 😁 There was a terrible snowstorm the day and night of the Hemispheres show. Milwaukee was at least an hour dirve south through hilly terrain. I was a new driver and wasn't going to be able to go.. My parents drove my buddy and me down and back. My dad worked in MIlwaukee. He got no sleep because he had to do ths same trip through the snow for a third time in the morning.
  4. Watch the first nine and a half minutes of this. It's an overture of all their music to that date. (30 years). You see them play it live. You get to see Neil Peart play a lot of his signature drumming. It'll give you a good sense of Rush, and it's played live. I wish I had just posted this and not what I wrote above. Pardon my indulgence. I, like all other Rush fans, am absolutely crushed by the news. It is very comforting to read your interest and see a new smile attached to Rush.
  5. Fly By Night was the first guitar riff I ever learned. Rush was my band when I was a kid. I saw them dozens of times. Led Zep was too inaccessible. Rush was always touring. It cost eight dollars to see them for the Hemisphere's tour. The Spirit of Radio tour was ten bucks, I think. Nobody sounded like Rush. They are phenomenal musicians-each in is his own right. Live, they were like looking up and seeing a freight train running me down. I survived and wanted to do it again as soon as the show ended.. Neil Peart's lyrics encompass a lot of different subjects. They are very intelligent. I respectfully disagree with dmway above. You won't know some of their best music if you only listen to their later work. I never noticed Geddy Lee's voice being better or worse. It just was. (no offense, dmway-I understand, and agree what you were saying about his voice.) Very early music: I suggest Fly By Night, Bastille Days and Working Man 2112 is epic. You cannot understand Rush without 2112. (assuming you want to do so) It's a very important album in the history of rock and roll. The 2112 suite (first half of the album) taught me how dangerous power, in the wrong hands, can be..It scared me. It's about a govenment, in the future, which takes away music, for the greater good of all. It's only 20 minutes long. I'd listen as a history lesson, but that's just me. It's science fiction in rock and roll. There are parts where I start to get a bit overwhlemed, however, it's very dynamic and quickly changes tempo. Give a listen to Discovery (around the 7 minute mark) I love Alex Lifeson's guitar expressing how a human being might discover a guitar for the first time, not know what it is, pick it up and try to discern truth..The 18:15 minute mark-turn it up as loud as possible and hold onto your seat. They were pretty much told they'd be ruined if they released 2112. It was not true. Rush is now third, behind The Beatles and The Stones, for the most consecutive gold or platinum albums released by a rock band. A Farewell To Kings album: Xanadu and Closer to the Heart are not to be missed. Xanadu is my favorite Rush track. It's based on the Coleridge poem. It introduced me to poetry. The beginning of A Farewell to Kings sparked my desire to study classical guitar. I heard that tonality and was hooked. Hemispheres-listen to The Trees. Rush wrote original morality tales and made them kick ass with rock and roll. This is a great example. La Villa Strangiata birthed my love of flamenco music. (long instrumental I would not suggest to a new listener) Alex Lifeson is a very underrated guitarist. Permanent Waves-The Spirit of Radio is the obvious choice. Jacob's Ladder is often overlooked. It's one of my favoirtes. This is the album where they start to play with pop, punk and other sounds. As dmway said, this migh be the point where you start to like their music the most. Much is still progressive but more contained. All four of these albums were released between 1976 and 1980. Neil Peart is one of our best drummers He is so good that I don't feel a right to say that. He also wrote profound lyrics. Fans still debate their meaning. . He was, and shall continue to be loved. 😭 And the men who hold high places Must be the ones to start To mold a new reality Closer to the heart Closer to the heart.
  6. I know the Piazza Plebiscito quite well. I was very fortunate to visit Naples several times. I fell in love my first stay. Grazie. Have a great show.
  7. I get off topic too, but could we please keep this thread about the 2019 subscription gift and not something from the past? There are already enough problems for those who are still waiting for their gift. Let it go, start a seperate thread or don't resubscribe. (or) Take the energy of past frustrations, put it into remembering those are still waiting for this gift and hope they get them soon. It hurts when people call the fanclub a joke, and such. It's not true. I wish they'd start calling the gift a bonus because it's only one part of being a paid U2.com subscriber. .That being said, I hope those who have not, do get their 2019 gift soon.
  8. May I ask where he is playing in Naples? I looked on TM but it's not listed. Naples is one of my favoirte cities.
  9. I was still secretly hoping I'd see Rush live again. I went to every tour, from Hemispheres to Snakes and Arrows-usually multiple shows and as many as possible. I remember watching him and doing air percussion to The Trees on the Hemispheres tour. Dang, this sucks.
  10. Nice thread! I first discovered it this past week. Thanks.
  11. Over one quarter of a billion people celebrate Christmas on Jan 7; Orthodox and other churches, as illumination70 mentioned. They follow the Julian, and not Gregorian yearly calendar.
  12. Merry Christmas to the Orthodox Church, the Coptic Church and all others who celebrate it today.
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