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  1. Is 14 the last

    I still think they have a lot of music in them. SOE is so different from SOI. I don't see them stopping any time soon. I think the stadium shows will end but these guys have way to much talent and it's what they've done so well for so long. Why would they stop now? I see them scaling back touring but not stopping from putting out more new music. Perish the thought.
  2. When will the Experience CD arrive ?

    Mine came from North Carolina and were sent via DHL and then switched over to the USPS. weird.
  3. When will the Experience CD arrive ?

    I got my physical copies of the cd on Dec 8. They came in corrugated cardboard and were in my mailbox. Sadly, they are not the ones with the bonus material. I got tired of remixes, in general, in the early 90's so I don't care about them. I do love the string version of Lights of Home. I'll download it from Itunes and burn a copy of the cd with the string version instead. That way I have both to which I can listen. It's nice to get the cd. That's $13 I don't have to spend. I stream music but if I really like it I buy it. I feel like I'm stealing if I only pay for a streaming service. It was VERY exciting to open the mailbox and see that package. People in my building who know me were laughing at me. I was so happy. I hope everyone has a joyous moment when they get their cds as well.
  4. Who is Paul? Is that Bono's real name? I honestly do not know. I pay no attention to that stuff. To me he is Bono. Even though I get miffed...I would not want him any other way than Bono. I'm not being critical. This is how I enjoy music as an escape. I honestly do not know who Paul is and it's been bugging me all day. Yes, I can google it but I don't like googling everything. It's too sterile and impersonal. I'd rather ask someone. It's much more fun.
  5. Wouldn't that be problematic as well? How can a band announce a tour these days and not have a public onsale for four months? I'm not sure that would work. I love the idea, but I don't think people will wait four months or even two to buy tickets. For many people it's about being at the hip thing and the show doesn't really matter that much to them. My theory is they are the annoying ones always talking!!! We would wait, but would the majority of the concert goers who want a selfie at U2 or to hear the old hits just once wait? Also, wouldn't that give the scalpers months to figure out their strategy for each show individually? How would we know if more shows are going to be announced? There would be a tour and tickets would take four to eight months to go on sale for two shows in the same market. Am I understanding you correctly? I love the idea of going back to Propaganda mail service or whatever it would be. I think there might only be new problems. People are greedy. That will never change. They always find a way to pursue the $$$.
  6. I think that too. I just read that the problem with CC only is people who do not have plastic get shut out of the show. Many people do not have plastic, even if it's a debit card. They have a set income and plastic causes too many problems. No matter how it gets approached, it sucks because people are greedy and don't even care about the music. It's easy $$$. That is why I love watching their asking price go way way down the days before a show. I love it when they take a hit and lose money.
  7. You said, in the beginning of your post, that the artist wanted the money the scalpers were getting, or something of the sort. That is exactly what a good friend who manages a box office in Milwaukee says to me. He started in ticketing 35 years ago and watched it all happen. He pretty much called it. "You watch; sooner or later the performers are gonna want what the scalpers get and why shouldn't they? It's their intellectual property and talent that precipitates the revenue. Why should some opportunistic jerk on the street get it?". I hated hearing that, but knew he was right. I am a rabid Pearl Jam fan. I get high off Pearl Jam too. It is a completely different experience, as you said. They keep the price lower and it's all about the setlist and playing it live. There are no bells and whistles. I love both approaches because I love the music. If Pearl Jam was really expensive...I'd still try to go no matter. It's a question of how much something is worth to the person buying the ticket. You said this too. Thank you. I only know what I've heard from ticket people. You added a lot between the lines. It sucks what's happened, but it makes sense. Few people now buy the albums/cds. Sadly, most of us are the few that buy the cds and albums and we get stuck paying for the difference in that as well. One good thing in all of this is that everyone makes union wages and has insurance and is able to live a decent life. That costs a huge amount of money that a lot of people forget. I'd have less respect for any band if I found out its employees were only making fifteen bucks an hour. It's expensive to put on any type of show. Yours is one of the best posts I've ever read in these forums. Thanks for sharing all this with us.
  8. I've read your comments about a dozen times now. When did this happen? Are you speaking of the current tour or was this a past tour? I'm confused but it's a daily event so I ask.
  9. 'All the promises we made…'

    Does anyone know what happened to the idiot that pelts Bono in the face with water while he's onstage singing this song on the U2 Go Home DVD?
  10. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    THAT IS SO FUNNY. Oh my gosh am I laughing. Thank you so much. I really needed that because I just wrote a book apologizing to someone on this site and I'm worried I pissed off another or misquoted or did something awful in doing so. I love you guys and I don't even know you.
  11. That is why I am angry as well. It's why I asked so what? It's why I asked, how do we know? There's so much bad stuff going on in our world right now. I need the music so I can dance and escape for a little bit. It's why I don't want lectures at a concert even though I have tremendous love and respect for what he does. I cannot fault him for lecturing. I'd probably do nothing but lecture and forget to sing, however; I need the music and his lyrics.
  12. I wasn't angry. I don't know who Paul is. I don't know the real names of Edge or Bono. I don't care. That's their private lives and it doesn't concern me. I honestly do not know who Paul is unless it's Paul McGuiness. I thought he retired or something. Rich people feel a need to protect their money. I've never understood it. To have millions many go without the basic necessities. I'm not Irish. I'm an American. It's the same here. California literally looks like hell with the wildfires. Most people are STILL waiting for FEMA To pay them for Hurricane Sandy and it's years later. Now we have Irma and Houston...I can't remember the name of that hurricane. The only people who care about Puerto Rico are those who are affected or the few of us who remember and it was only a few months ago. It's American property but we won't let it become a state. We aren't really helping them. Our politicians are making one senator resign for sexual misconduct yet we have one party which is united in supporting a major sex offender get reelected because he's a part of their party. Our leader, I fear, may cause a major war that affects the whole world and all he cares about is his own self. In the meantime, nothing is being accomplished to solve the problems we all face. We have, at the least, a million people addicted to heroin and it's because a major drug company produced oxycontin, pushed it as a miracle cure for chornic pain and lied about the rates of addiction. $$$ People judge drug addicts yet it's a disease. In my state, the governor is trying to make it even easier to carry a concealed weapon. I cannot keep up with all the mass shootings. I don't know the percentage for certain, but I believe that 70% of our bridges are either unsafe or in need of major repair because they will be unsafe. The top 1% owns 99% or something like that. I was going to bring a homeless person sleeping outside a sandwich. I didn't want to wake him. I waited until the next day only to hear that he froze to death that night. That was four years ago and I still cry over it if I don't stop myself. That does not make me special. It means I'm human. Humans make mistakes. I am sincerely sorry for what's happening in Ireland. I have a great love for the Irish and it's real. Ireland gave me the best dog ever. It gave me some of my favorite writers. It gave me much of my favorite music way back to Torlough O'Carolan and John Downey. Even if it had not, I'd still be sincerely sorry. I think we both feel the same thing in different ways. I think we both expressed ourselves in different ways over the same concerns. What you wrote about Ireland made me respect you not question you. Yes, I love Ireland but it's the fact that you truly care about people which merits respect. I'm sorry if I disrespected you. It was not my intent.
  13. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    A Miracle......A Miracle Drug. I love that song.
  14. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    We are all free to think what we want. I was respectfully disagreeing and being honest. One Republic is no boy band. I used many favors to take two girls to see ' NSync at their height. We were right by the stage. I was about to endure 20,000 screaming girls and it was even worse than I'd imagined it would be. It's the only time I've wished I had something to protect my ears at a concert. Boybands can have good songs. For each good song by a boyband there are a hundred other bad ones. It's not about the music. It's about them being cute. They are marketed as being cute to little girls. There are toy dolls and stickers and lunch boxes. I've seen One Republic live many times. I saw them twice this last Summer. You don't have to like them, but just like U2,...they are not a boyband. They are impeccable musicians. Ryan Tedder can play the piano and sing live like nobody I've seen save Elton John. There was no crowd singing. Even had there been...what's wrong with it? Have you seen U2 live? The crowd sings even when they are not prompted to do so. There are no toy dolls. One Republic does a lot for good causes just like U2. They support very good organizations which help people. I do think your, 'perfect music for crowdsinging', and 'Really lovely songs.', were both quite funny in their own patronizing nature. You even used the upper case! Thanks for the laugh. The beauty of this is we can disagree and I could not disagree more. Can we agree to disagree and leave it at that? I'm sorry you don't like whatever it is you don't like on the new cd. You seem to be in the minority. I'd give it another few rounds. It really grows on people who initially didn't like it at all. It seems like you want the old producers/sound and it's not what they are about right now. Great bands evolve and change. That does not mean you are wrong for not liking U2 using however many producers. Please do not diminish said producers' talent because you are unhappy with SOE.
  15. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Hey! NO knocking Debbie Gibson or Tiffany! haha What you wrote and I quoted is very funny. I'm still laughing. Thank you.