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  1. For the mother of Brooklyn Harris.
  2. I'm ornery. A major headache kicked off right before a concert I saw on Saturday. I was able to concentrate on the show and forget about it. Sadly, it has persisted. I'm thankful I got to go see the show. I did not think I would get there when I woke up on Saturday. I'm still ornery. Part of me is at peace. I'm not sure why but I'm riding it and not asking questions. As usual, I am disgusted by politics. A plea to God-Please raise up a group of leaders who wish to serve the poorest of the poor first.
  3. My comment was not intended to be critical of anyone's opinion or feelings. I've learned to look on the bright side of things or life totally sucks. It's my approach to this as well. I'm also frustrated. I'm using YouTube for my fix until we get the cds. In no way was I trying to diminish anything anyone has written.
  4. Three times, last night, I had to duck thinking Taylor was going to hit me in the face with his guitar. I lost it during A Little Bit of Everything. Six shows, since my dog died, I've made it through that song without getting emotional. 'It's the death of my first dog' got me this time. I looked at the floor and mouthed, "F@#k'. I tried to hide it. Dang. It was pretty cool even though I did not want it to happen. I saw a bunch of people I know. I met others. I let people who were shorter stand in front of me-one would think I handed them the world. One girl was quite short and young. It was her first show. She almost cried. I was hoping they'd give her a set list and they did!! Great evening. Aug 3-Codfish Hollow-Dawes-my next concert.
  5. 13-12? Wow. Djokovic is amazing, as is Federer. I wanted Djokovic to win. Federer is great. I like Djokovic and Nadal.
  6. I missed most of this year's Wimbledon because I've been so busy. I don't recall it overlapping with other things in Summer. Isn't it usually a week or two earlier?
  7. Waiting for Dawes tonight. GA and third in line. 😀😀
  8. I want this gift too, however, we are getting our fourth tour in how many years? Whenever I get impatient for this, I go to YouTube and watch IE/EI shows.
  9. Way to go, ladies. Your victory has legs, or so it seems to this American male. Why would anyone not get paid equally for anything? May many young girls be sitting up and taking notice. You women rock.
  10. Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.
  11. Rip Torn - February 6, 1931 – July 9, 2019 Especially tough one. I loved most of his work-especially The Larry Sanders Show. He made me laugh so many times playing that character. Be free and fly with the angels, Mr. Torn.
  12. My mom has cancer and got her recent blood test results. The counts are way down. The chemo pills were not working but now they are. She's still not sick from them, nor is she losing her hair. She's eighty years old and can do more than I can. I don't think this is going to kill her. I'm not God so I'm still praying. I've been very worried. Many thanks to the powers that be. Great news.
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