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  1. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    A friend is getting us tickets to go see Jennifer Lopez on July 3, at Summerfest, for an early birthday present. (Her show won't cost a thing.) I am sucker for a well choreographed pop concert. I would not have gone but I'm excited. It's JLO! I saw Genesis a few times and they were great. Did the setlist make this one of your favorite shows by The Musical Box? If so-which ones? If off topic-please pm me. I'm curious.
  2. Manohlive

    Joshua Tree Tour (2018) DVD

    I have neither seen nor heard any news of an official release. There's some good shows on YouTube until we get the DVD. Welcome to the Zoo.
  3. Spring has sprung!  😀

  4. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm happy if I can make a ham and cheese omelette which the end product even getting close to resembling an egg dish. Yum. My good thing is that I said I had to go and hung up the phone without losing my temper. The other person is lucky I even speak with him as it's taken six years to forgive a very bad betrayal. He was being a jerk and I did not lose it. It's amazing how I can go days without wanting a cigarette and then suddenly need one or the world is going to end. I'm succeeding despite it being a very difficult time right now. ALSO: It's now 24 hours into Spring where I live. Woo Hoo. I'm very excited to watch everything grow anew. Crocus and Snow Drops are already blooming.
  5. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm proud of my brother, who is in Thailand, with his child, who just had the full gender reassignment surgery. I'm very proud of my brother. I know this is a huge challenge for him and his wife. She is my Godchild. I'm very thankful the surgery went well and she is out of the hospital and back in the hotel with daily nurse assistance. I keep telling her how brave she is and she keeps crediting the love that surrounds her while denying said bravery. I'm also sad. My mom has a rare form of blood cancer. I just found out a little while ago. She was crying on the phone and now I'm 1,200 miles away from her. It's very frustrating. They caught it early and it's slow so it's not full blown leukemia yet. I'm scared because I've lost too many people I love to leukemia, including my mom's sister.
  6. Manohlive

    U2 needs to burn for love again...

    Check out the MacPhisto thread on this website. Canadenne (pardon me if I got the spelling wrong) has put a lot of effort into making sure all of MacPhisto's speeches, or at least most of them, are included. Have you watched the EI show? It's incredible. I suggest watching one of the EI gigs from America and one from Europe. The EI tour was exceptional on both continents. If you watch, I think you'll see that times have changed, but the message is still the same. They are still doing it but the issues at hand are different, as is their approach.....I am assuming you know of MacPhisto's appearance in the EI tour? If not, be prepared to be even more frightened. However, the show ends with hope: Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and 13. "If there is a light, don't let it go out."
  7. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I am looking on the internet for blueprints/plans for building bookshelves. They are ridiculously priced where I live. Even the cheap ones are expensive. I need three more. There's something about holding and smelling a good book that cannot be compared. I love them.
  8. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I also put out feelers to volunteer for disability/accessibility services at Summerfest. (11 day music festival here-draws close to, if not over a million people each year) I want to volunteer to make sure everyone who needs help gets it. The side stages get crazy. I got very strong positive feedback. I'm nervous, but I shall be calling the head of this department and volunteering. .
  9. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I made a friend, who is going through a hard time at work, feel a little bit better by letting him vent.
  10. Manohlive

    Meaning of The Book or Heart

  11. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    What is it called? Do you build bookshelves weekly? 😊
  12. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I really like that approach to Lent, illumination70. Home made quiche? Yum. Can you send some crumbs from your table in my direction? My good thing is that, after months of skating on thin ice, I got my best friend to admit he has feelings for someone who is unavailable. I'm not telling him what to do but it's been killing me watching him keep in inside. I was very nervous he would get angry at me. He did not.
  13. Manohlive

    Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!!

    I forgot to mention that I'll be cranking Snow Patrol and U2. .
  14. Manohlive

    Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!!

    I watched it. Imagine this American's surprise when it was on local, not paid for television. I did not go out tonight because I'm not feeling well. I will enjoy reading the story of St. Patrick tomorrow. Tomorrow is also one of my best, and longest standing, friend's birthday. I'll be doing my best to make her laugh. I'm also going to listen to Turlough O'Carolan and a bunch of other Irish music. I was just reading about O'Carolan. I did not know he was blind. Ireland has given me so much music and literature I love; along with the best dog ever. I'm glad I have a sliver of Irish in me, even though I am a very homogenized American mutt. .