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  1. To this day, I still think it's Elvis Presley Ate America. 😣 Go Sydney!
  2. Are the shows running (approximately) three and a half to four hours long.? (including NGHB) I looked at other threads and it seems so. I'm trying to make this one. Help would be appreicated.
  3. You're so nice to me! Thank you very much ^_^

    1. Manohlive


      I feel odd saying you are welcome when all is did was state the truth but prego, seresere. 😎  Thank you.  It would be sad to have missed the anniversary of Achtung Baby.  It's the best ablum I've ever heard, which is saying a lot. 

  4. I'm in a good mood despite a headache which is going on a week long.
  5. Sounds like that is keeping with EI, in as much as it can, with a completely different tour. I've been wondering if they did anything to tie in EI with TJT 2019-especially the songs you mentioned-the set list order seems similar for both. The time differencd has not allowed me to be in the live threads during these show. It's very cool that someone in Italy can, and graciously does, answer a question about a U2 show in Australia. 😎 Props for mentioning Achtung Baby's anniversary. I posted a couple of things about it. I would not have remembered the date were it not for you mentioning it in this thread. 🎂
  6. I'm not as crabby as I was. 😀 I got my head bit off, for no apparently reason, by a few people today.. There's something in the air. My crabbiness was initially caused by watching the impeachment hearings. I had to turn off the TV. I was yelling and swearing and stomping. It's ludicrous. There's not even an attempt at decorum. I want to spank several of them. I'm very worried about a few people I dearly love. Their health is not good. Novemeber is a brutal month for any health condition. People are in pain/facing challenges/having a hard time, physically adjusting to our ensuing winter. I, myself, feel like I'm 129.7235 years old today.
  7. Happy Twenty-Eighth to Achtung Baby.

    1. pain_18_


      Achtung Baby -related drawing tomorrow !!!! I used  Bono from the Horses video as reference !

    2. pain_18_


      But the Title of the drawing will be from "Bomb" !

    3. seresere
  8. It's REALLY nice to read comments where one thing is not liked but people don't trash U2, as a band, as people and as the greater sum of its parts.
  9. It interesting to read the comments above. I'm American. My country's flag is in question right now. My current president would encourage people to burn it if that meant he wins. I have faith the American Flag will return to meaning what it once represented. The day shall come when liberty and justice is for all It's uplifting to know others feel passionately about their flag, while being inclusive off all people who live under it. One of my favorite lines Bono has written is: I believe in the kingdome come. Then all the colors will bleed into one.
  10. Carry over good thing: I took my dog for an extended walk during the other night's storm. Lake Michigan was roaring. Everything else was muffled by flutty whiteness softly falling to the ground. She had a blast. I realized it was the first time I'd been there since Bruff, and now Riri comes first in my life. Not imposing but I felt God. Today's good thing: Headache doctor appointment. 40 some shots in the scalp, forehead, temples, neck and shoulder blades. It's not pleasant but it ends. They are expensive. I do not pay a penny. A new headache treatment was offered to me. It's a band that sends an electrical current into either arm. The cost comes to eight American dollars for 45 minutes. It's proving effective up to 85%. They are also coming out with a powder from of Migranol (DHE) The spray only delivers 40% of the dose, which costs up to $900 a day. $9,000 a month when I use it. I do not pay a penny but it's nine grand that could be helping another person. This powder delivers the full dose and absorbs much more quickly. The cost should start out much less than the spray and then go down as well. I'm detailing the headache information in case anyone deals with bad headaches, or knows another who does. There is hope on the horizon.
  11. I hope this is the end ot The Joshua Tree tours, not because I don't love them--I want new music and more of those wonderful innovations they've given us in arenas. I love U2 in stadiums. For me, nothing replaces an arena when they kick its ass. I'm hoping they have new music brewing. I'm hoping it comes soon after TJT 2019--like SOE did for TJT30. SOI and SOE are still blowing me away--I need more new music.
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