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  1. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I had a drive last night. I listened to SOE from start to finish. I had not realized that the end...when Bono starts singing...Every wave that broke relating back to SOI and Every Breaking Wave. I listen to music before I start paying attention to the intricacies of what it means. I spoke of this before, as I like to feel it organically. I'm now at the point where I am starting to hear more of SOE's lyrics as a whole. It seems to me that the Every wave part is a whole song, in and of itself. Lyrically, it could stand on its own, imho. For me, it's a very unexpected turn. It is not how I'd look or listen for the song to end. It's almost as though he wrote a separate piece of verse and decided to weave it into the end of Landlady. I see its shade of the past, yet it leads me somewhere. I also noticed that he sings...Space....Her place is where I found my parking space.... Huh? 'That's not very good lyrical content', was my first thought. 'Space is great; it takes me right up into it. Her place leads to a parking space?', I wondered. It made no sense. 'Why repeat space? It should be Space....something something....and then place. He shouldn't be repeating space. He's a much better lyricist than that', the cock in me thought. Then it dawned on me that Space IS her place. The writer finds HIS place within, and parks his own self, because it's where he most wants to be. (that's my take, at this point, on those lyrics). Perhaps he wants me to question why he's repeating space. I've been floating in the melody and that incredible guitar sound/playing of Landlady. I never associated it with Every Breaking Wave until last evening. Besides the obvious SOI reference, it feels like it could be the middle of the beginning (Love is All) and the end (There Is A Light) of SOE. (for me) I'm not sure why. It's the same part of what I love so much about U2. I hear Bono sing Roam...and then The Edge on guitar and I take off. I've yet to sit and listen to Larry's drums or Adam's bass on this song. I hear them, but I have not actually listened to them. I shall. It does not matter, yet again, what any of this means because It'll dawn on me some time in the future. I can fall in love all over again. This song, and album, make my hair stand on end. I love it. I also thought it was Rome, not Roam.
  2. Beat This Setlist

    I'm wondering if they are going to bookend the shows with Love is All We have Left and There is A Light. I'm wondering if the show is going to start and end with those. I'd imagine Love is Bigger is gonna be the last song and then maybe There is A Light is played as the house goes back up to whole. I'm also wondering if the house might go to half and then Love is All We have Left is piped through while the house goes to whole...then the band kicks in live with Lights of Home. Who knows? It sure will be fun. It's going to be very difficult to not know until May 22 in Chicago. We should have SOE spoiler alerts?
  3. Beat This Setlist

    Same here.
  4. New Members Introduction Thread

    Oh my gosh...That is a hotbed issue on right now. I suggest you read the 2018 presale threads. This one is for new member introductions. I forgot to check this thread's topic. I promised a Zootopian who called me out that I'd be more careful about staying on point in threads. GA=General Admission. Read the presale threads and you'll find out what is up with GAs.
  5. New Members Introduction Thread

    The rail is for whomever gets GAs and shows up early enough to be let in the venue first.
  6. New Members Introduction Thread

    Chicago both nights. I think it's going to be a fairly major number in the show. It's a gem of a song and record. I'm hoping, at least.
  7. New Members Introduction Thread

    It's the song I most want to hear live on this tour. It's also the one where the masses will be talking as they do it. I hope not. welcome again, stellaria
  8. Beat This Setlist

    I'm hoping they play Love And Peace Or Else instead of Bullet. Bullet did fit in well, I thought, with the IE tour setlist. I want to hear Love and Peace live again. It was great on the Vertigo tour.
  9. Ticketmaster

    Two years and ticking... What do you think they'll do when it expires? Having that contract must eliminate a lot of unnecessary headaches. We may not like it, however; after that long in the music business, I can't blame them. I hate it but I might do the same thing. I wonder what they will do. I was not aware Live Nation owns as well. I was surprised to read that. It's going to be interesting. I hate Live Nation, but I'll buy a ticket to every show I can see. The band still owns its music. I might renegotiate my contract if it meant more time with my family. I'm not a famous rock star...headaches are still headaches.
  10. New Members Introduction Thread

    Welcome, Stelarria. I hope you enjoy this Zoo.
  11. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I would have done it no matter. It's the Red Zone tix being scalped. Not cool. Today's good thing: It's not raining after a deluge which has rivers flooding and basements full of water. The rain did get rid of the snow. My dog is happy too. The poor guy had nowhere to go save sidewalks and parking lots.
  12. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I noticed I broke 100 in my community reputation on I celebrated by reporting all the red zone tix being scalped on Stubhub to one of the moderators.
  13. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    I've been told it's the promoter and not the band. Either way, it's not right. I concur.
  14. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    Are you in America or Europe? I can not tell by your profile. GA is GA by me. There is no platinum GA. Am I missing something? Is it different by you? The only thing platinum that we have are seats.
  15. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    Do you think they can continue to innovate with technologically wondrous tours without charging what they are charging? I do not. I'm not defending these prices. I think it may be a case of it is what it is. It costs $160 to see a Bulls game in Chicago. It costs $225 to see the Blackhawks and be in good seats. Chung Yang, (guessing the spelling) costs $140 and that's a generic Chinese travel group. It's at least $150 to see the opera. The current touring production of Les Miz is $141. The internet is full of articles about how insanely expensive it is to go see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. There is a thread (maybe this one) which has three links that lead to interesting articles. Some countries are now considering the limitation of how much a person can mark up a ticket for resale. One country is trying to make it only 10%. They are good articles if you can find them. I've read arguments that the secondary ticket market is driving up basal ticket prices. It certainly is not helping. I'm hoping that they can figure out how to make sure the GAs get into the hands of fanclub members during presales before they become available for others.