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  1. Thank God for AC.  

  2. Happy Summer 2019 to the Zoo.

    1. pain_18_


        Putting  On my 90s U2 albums and Drawing !!!!

    2. seresere


      Happy Summer to you too!! :-)

  3. Please slow down driving.  Use your signal.  Check you blind spot.  

  4. It's too darn cold outside. 

    1. pain_18_


      Send all the cold to me.....It's so hot here I can barely breathe..... I hate it so much....I'm going insane !!!!

  5. Looks like the Singapore presale is going well for people.  Congrats to all. 

  6. Please help them get the tickets they want in Singapore.  I can't find the right thread to ask.

  7. There is still a Sun! 

  8. Mother Nature needs a shmoke and a pancake. 

  9. I finally opened my Europa EP vinyl.  Nice.  I like the stickers.  

  10. Go Toronto.

  11. June 6, 1944:  To Remember. 

  12. Thanks to London for flying the blimp baby once again. 

  13. Go Brewers!

  14. We lost but the Raptors played best.  They obviously made Drake behave.  I'll happily wait for next season. 

  15. One more and my team is out of the playoffs.  No!   haha

  16. Go Bucks.  

  17. Fear the Deer.

  18. Add an H to morgulis.   😕

    1. pain_18_


       I think the Gargoyles from Notre Dame de Paris are way cooler than the whole Game of Thrones series...I hope they won't fall off after the massive fire........


      Maybe I will do a drawing at some point involving these gargoyles........

    2. Manohlive


      Me too, pain.  Me too.  I saw they removed one main statue yesterday.  I've yet to begin watching/reading today's news cycle.  It's horrible.  I can't watch film of the spire falling.  Once was enough.  That's an image that will never leave my mind.  I wish they did not incessantly show it on television.  It diminishes how horrible it truly is.  Tragedy does bring us all together in a way nothing else can. Hope prevails but it's hard to feel that right now.  I share your pain, pain.  I can only imagine what people in Paris and all of France are feeling.  

  19. Valar Morgulis.  Happy GOT Final Season Premiere Day!   

  20. Spring has sprung!  😀

  21. It's late but Happy Birthday, Pain.  :)

    1. pain_18_


       Thank You Very Much, @Manohlive !!!!!!!

  22. This American thinks we need to open our borders, not enclose them.  How can we be America if we do not?

  23. Temps are rising in Milwaukee.  Hang in there, East Coast.

  24. Mother Nature seems to have fallen and banged her head,  -60 F wind chills (-51 C) to rain on Saturday in Milwaukee.  

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