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Status Updates posted by Manohlive

  1. First week of Advent 2018.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to America.  For the rest of the world:  Happy Trump pardoned a turkey and and not himself day.  😀

  3. A Happy and Blessed All Souls Day to everyone and anyone who cares.

    1. pain_18_


      FRIDA KAHLO and the 2nd of November....Dia de los muertos.......

  4. A Happy/Blessed All Saint's Day to everyone.

  5. Go Milwaukee Brewers!  

  6. First preseason game for the Bucks in the new Fiserv Forum.tonight. The Brewers play the Rockies tomorrow.  Go Milwaukee.

  7. 28 hours and counting to the first Chicago show.  Happy the rain was today and not tomorrow or all GA people would be quite wet right now.

  8. First Chicago show is 169 hours from now.  Very excited.