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  1. If you feel like something is not rigiht-find the floor manager-or go to the box office and plead your case. I can only speak for America when I say that people in box offices/ floor managers-postions of power with seating-love helping those who need it most.You have special needs. Who can deny a woman with child? This is U2. It's different. Everyone feels it-even those who know nothing of this band. If you don' t ask-they don't know. You are why these special sections/ seats exist. They always have some extra tickets on hand. Call them and ask-the sooner the better.-they'll have more exta tix for relocates, which is what it sounds like you need.
  2. For Elijah Cummings. I was at this show. I teared up when Bono pulled out the spotlight. I'm very sad about Mr. Cumming's passing. More tears.
  3. I didn't want d to be a part of what I said. I agree. It's hard not to think about both. It's not often I see people with trails of tears over the death of one of our politicians. He was a leader before anything Washington. I can only imagine the grief people in Baltimore, and all his constituents, must be feeling. I've been bummed since I heard the news yesterday. Horrible loss during a terrible time.
  4. 68 is way too young. I'm in shock. He sincerely cared abot poor people. It transcended politics.
  5. After days of gloom, we had a nice sunny day. The leaves are turning. They're a bit dull this year because it rained so much. They still look beautiful.
  6. Elijah Cummings January 18, 1951-October 17, 2019. This is a huge loss for my country. He transcended politics. I'm devestated. It has nothing to do with current events. This man was, and will alway be a hero. imvho.
  7. In my enthusiasm, I forget to search. Thanks, paola. "It's not easy being a rock star these days." funny.
  8. History will judge us for ababdoning them. It's unconscionable. It's also unforgiveable. I want all of us to see Trump sink and disapperar into his own muck and mire They admitted that the Ukraine phone call did involve quid pro quo-that is my favorite good thing today-more dominos are tumbling. . I want that bi#ch thrown out of office and put in jail. 😒 big deep breath....
  9. A bunch of good things today: Grocery shopping: $190-but after coupons and getting this much off for buying that-$89. A lady who works for the post office is getting me great coupons. Watching the total go down over a hundred dollars was a great thing. I found out that not only is Dawes' new album recorded and mixed-it's pretty much ready to go (After the European tour). They've now sold out Berlin, Cologne, London and Madrid. New album and tour before the current one has ended. 10 or 12 shows this year-looks like another batch for 2020. 😊 I didn't melt the whole cooking spoon when I turned on the wrong burner. It's still useable. I like that spoon. The bolognese sauce turned out very well. The depression of another headache cycle broke today. The pain is still severe, however, telling myself I'm not going to jump, which I'd never do, gets very tired very quickly. I hate it when I feel like a drama queen and the bright side of life does not matter-good riddance!!! I found out that Pete Yornn is coming to my city. GA tix are $30 and they are two for one,, which makes it $15 a piece. That;s a steal. He's a greaat songwriter. I've been wanting to see him for a very long time. November 17th-I get my wish. I didn't know he was coming. I'm going to buy the tix, tomorrow, at the box office, and avoid service fees. I love Pete Yorn's music. Huge surprise. It was a really good day.
  10. Three weeks and counting...

    1. xrayjets


      Bring it on !!!

  11. Is there a documentary on how they made the Vertigo video? All I can remember is that it was filmed in Spain.
  12. Somehow, I missed this. Many thanks. I see they ware on the roof. When was this done? Is it part of a larger set of songs? Edge's guitar sounds so raunchy. Adam sounds incredible too. (they all do) Love it.
  13. If you did not know, until now, that you did ordered the double cd, are you aware that you can download 14 of the tracks now? The download link is under our main account info-not the store. FYI Pardon me if you already have them.
  14. I forgot about this joke. 😆. Props to the Mods for every day since the presales as well. I reckon it takes a fair amount of patience to do what they do. 😑
  15. Will there be an official announcement when shipping begins? When shipping does start - Do we still look under my account, in the store, for an order to appear, as we have in past years?
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