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  1. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I am still chomping at the bit for Muse to tour America. The Drones tour was awesome. I know I've said this but it was awesome! Head and Heart last night-great seat-all good. A lady in a plastic circular sequined smock-like something walked down the aisle. We are talking cheaper than soda bottle plastic sequins which were clearly made to reflect light. I knew she was gonna be in front of me the second I saw her. πŸ˜– My first thought was, 'Dude, make the best of it.' (myself being dude) Those sequins sparkled to where they caught any and every sign of light. (pun intended) People were looking at her like she was crazy.. She was one seat in front of me, to my right. I thought, 'Whew! I escaped part of it. She's still right there but not in front of me. Whew! I lucked out.' NOPE. (Lol) Her boyfriend joined her a few minutes later. He was like Speedy Gonzalez on speed. He kept yelling nonsensical things at John, the lead singer, during the whole of the show. Their cell phones never dimmed. At one point he was watching gifs and vids during songs, while holding up the phone as though he was filming the show. They were using their phones to film 360 degrees pan shots of the audience/venue. I thought, 'Okay. One pan is cool. Twice? Okay. You are done now, yes?' NOPE. (Lol again) They did dozens. They did 360 pans from every angle possible. The guy even passed his cell phone between his legs to do some 360 pans. Eventually the screens got my eyes and kicked off a migraine but I'll be fine. Why do people think concerts are permission to be rude and inconsiderate of others? I don't get it. It took quite a while, but I no longer let it get me. At one point, without realizing it, I said, "Dear God have Mercy on me." Some people heard me, laughed and nodded. The people in my row were all very cool. I had a great, great time. πŸ˜€ The show was fantastic. It was a one-off gig. They aren't even touring. They flew into Chicago to do this one concert. I've never heard them do Down in the Valley where it sounded better. 10,000 Weight in Gold was pure bliss. They did a scaled down version of Your Mother's Eyes. It is one of the best things I've ever heard live. The song, Shake, kicked major ass last night. They did another new song, which I loved. They were relaxed from time spent at home, with family, and not touring. It made for an especially good Head and the Heart show. I am already anxiously awaiting their return. It is very pleasant and quite beautiful to be in downtown Chicago during the holidays. My next shows are all Dawes: 01/26 in Chicago. 01/29 in Oshkosh and 02/17 in Clearwater, Florida.
  2. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I am at the Chicago Theatre waiting for The Head and the Heart w/ Mt. Joy opening. I cannot upload pic due to size but my seat is great.
  3. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm sad because my head hurts more than it ever has hurt. I could not get to My Godfather's Advent presentation this past Saturday. I could not get to mass at 11, on Sunday, when he was the celebrant. I could not even get to mass at seven pm at a church which is a ten minute walk from my apartment. I was doubting my belief that good always comes from bad. I feel blessed that I listened to my instincts and watched the film, The Nativity Story, last night. It's very well done and beautifully filmed. I normally watch it closer to Christmas Eve. It gave me my beginning to Advent this year. I'm thankful for that but back to sad because my head is still badly pounding. I'm excited to see The Head and the Heart on Thursday night. I'm scared I'm not going to be able to get to Chicago for the show, but hopeful I shall. My mood is on a mega-coaster. I'm proud that I manage to smile more than despair. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm venting so I can let go of all this and dance, which is exactly what I'm now going to do.
  4. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I got a ticket to go see Dawes in Clearwater, Florida in February. That makes three shows in as many weeks plus a few weeks in the warmth with my family.
  5. First week of Advent 2018.

  6. Manohlive

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I thought Dec 11th was the official release of SOE. I now see it was yesterday. Did EI tickets go on sale December 11? If not, perhaps it's the date I realized how incredible SOE is from start to finish. I have the cd I got from buying tickets, plus the bonus one. They play, one after the other, off my system.. Lately, I've been in the other room packing stuff and letting SOE play the second time without realizing it. I eventually notice and think I should hear something else. That is usually when Bono sings, :"When you look so good". Almost every time that line makes me realize I'm into the second listen. I've been letting it play and listening to both as though I never heard the first. It's a remarkable album. It's also remarkably fun to dance to it. It's hard to believe we are on first anniversaries of SOE/EI.. This will always be a very special marking point of my life. Happy second year of life to Songs of Experience.
  7. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm reflective. Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent.
  8. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I forgave someone and we reconciled our friendship.
  9. Manohlive 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Nice of you to post these pictures, Saydee. Thanks.
  10. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I got tickets to go see Snow Patrol in Chicago on May 7, 2019, for a headlining show. It's GA so we can be right up front.
  11. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Not my next show but I just found out that Snow Patrol is coming to Chicago for a solo gig. ☺️ $40. What a deal.
  12. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I just found out that it's not just Milwaukee. It's for the whole state of Wisconsin. That's a lot of people who will be helped and badly need it. They have to raise some money but I don't see it not going through. It is such great news. It's our whole state. That's even better news. My good thing for today: It took quite a while and quite a bit of convincing a very patient operator but I was able to switch my 13th row seat for right up front...The Head and the Heart on December 6. I am so blessed. I could see the ticket on TM but the operator could not, etc. After a couple hours of effort and call backs-I got it.
  13. Manohlive

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    It's been sent. Thank you.
  14. Manohlive

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    I'd like to be a part of this but don't know how it works. I will send you a pm,
  15. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Amid all the guns and political lunacy, I saw a very positive and heartening story on a local news network. Milwaukee is putting forth a strong and what seems funded initiative to end homelessness. It's not just talk. They are buying or building places for all these people to live. It's still in planning but seems funded. πŸ’™