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  1. Manohlive

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    🙌 Thanks for making another day one of the best. .
  2. Manohlive

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    SOE gives very special goosebumps.
  3. Manohlive

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    It is very interesting. I love your response. I ran out of reactions again.
  4. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

  5. Manohlive

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I loved this poem. I had never read it. Thanks to all involved. I'm out of reactions too. Hopefully Max's paperwork will be processed quickly.
  6. Manohlive

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Ten thousand posts. 🙌
  7. Manohlive

    MacPhisto fansite

    FINALLY! I'm just kidding. This is very much appreciated. I was just showing it to a friend who was visiting me. He loved it too. Thanks again. I certainly hope you get to see at least one show. I presumed you were seeing several.
  8. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    That's a nice line up of shows. Ed Sheeran/Snow Patrol....thanks for posting that. I did not realize Snow Patrol was playing with Ed Sheeran. I'm going to buy a single seat for Soldier Field and go myself so I can be close to the stage...Wow. I almost went to see Justin Timberlake in April. He's returning in October and I'm very tempted. Instead of a house mortgage, I need a concert fund. I ended up being in the first row, by Edge, for U2. The people to my right were standing but acting too cool to care about the show. The people to my left were the first row. I was the only one, albeit by myself, in the first row who was dancing and singing and going nuts. I was wrong with how I reacted to your comments about standing/sitting at shows. I'm sorry. My reaction was not to was to all the drunks who ruin shows. I confused the two and I'm sorry. I thought of you a few times during that show because the people next to me were sitting and quite irritated that I was going nuts. I'm sorry for my comments in that thread, Shannon387.
  9. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I'm ecstatic to add Dawes to my list of upcoming shows. They announced a new headlining tour and it's another two full sets tour. They are currently touring and opening for ELO. I'd love to see that show but it's not possible. I also think I'm going to brave the crowd and go see Diplo this coming Friday. It's a free show in Milwaukee to celebrate a new stage on the Summerfest grounds. It's free and I can walk to it. Summerfest starts in six days. I got a bunch of free passes for the run of the festival. I'll be seeing someone every night from June 27-July 8. Go to and you'll see why I'm so excited.
  10. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I am very envious yet quite happy for you both. Have a great show.
  11. I concur; only men's and women's fit. Fitted and regular fit shirts, in general, would be nice. A polo shirt with the logo being that cobra and AB would be great.
  12. Manohlive

    The World Cup Thread

    Thanks, @padawanbeck84. Pardon my rant about the Milwaukee Bucks. I realized it was off topic after the fact. I just watched Peru get defeated by France. It's hard to see them leave the field in tears even though someone has to lose.
  13. Manohlive

    The World Cup Thread

    I have waited for four decades to see the Milwaukee Bucks be a good basketball team again. We were in the playoffs. It was the 7th and final game. I could not watch it without subscribing to some service because it was not a home game. Luckily, someone told me how to see it for free via something on the internet. I was irritated but happy I could at least watch it only to discover that it would keep disappearing and I'd have to search for it again and again. I was still happy I could at least watch it. I live in Milwaukee. It was the Milwaukee Bucks and I could not watch the game without paying to subscribe. I wish they would do the same here as they are for you with Cricket. I watched Spain beat Iran earlier today. Was it me or were some of those guys playing any and all physical contact from an opposing player to the hilt? I heard the announcers say that it was part strategy to control the clock? Am I missing something? Also, your announcers are not annoying as ours are, at least for football. I have to turn down the volume for many of our football games. Perhaps it is me getting acquainted with all of this? Professional NFL announcers are a major irritation for most American football fans. Yours seem so polite. It's exciting. I even yelled at my TV today. I've only done that for the Green Bay Packers, yet today I did it for Spain. I'm very pleasantly surprised that I can see all of this for free. I assumed I'd have no access without subscribing to something yet there it is, every day, on a major network for free. Nice!.
  14. Manohlive

    Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    43 749. A please no more rain where I live count.