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  1. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

    Likewise. Fez Being Born.
  2. Manohlive

    If I read the Bible today..

    Love one another.
  3. Manohlive

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    I like how they worded when this year's gift would start happening. Unless I'm way off track, it was Spring but they left it open either way. I thought that was smart and respectful of subscribers' voiced frustrations. Part of me hopes and thinks this is going to start May/June. A bigger part of me hopes it goes well when it does-the better they get it right than rush it mentality which I've read other Zootopians post when we've been waiting for for a past U2 event. I've been listening to the first two tracks from online uploads. I'm very happy with how great they sound, even with YouTube. It's nice to be able to hear them even though I do not resubscribe for a few weeks.
  4. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

    My Easter Sunday U2 song of the day. This is one song to me even though it's two. Happy Easter, Everyone. 🐇
  5. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

    My Resurrection Saturday 2019 U2 song of the day.
  6. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Last Summer, a non-profit agency dropped me from their program; which was supposed to help me get back on my feet. It did not. I was dropped because I was told to cancel when my head was bad. I was later told one can only cancel three times so I was being dropped. I had cancelled over twenty times. I had told them my head was always bad. Duh. I warned the case worker she was making a bad mistake and should reconsider her actions. She pretty much laughed at me. Duh. I tried to warn her supervisor but he wouldn't even speak with me. Dumb.. Earlier today, I called the head of certain services for certain things... (don't want this person to be identifiable) She was not doing her job of addressing and correcting how I was treated and dropped. I politely told her, via another message, that it was my last call, I would be going over her head and know how to do so. She quickly returned my call. I was informed that the aforementioned agency lost its contract with my county and it was 'dropped'. I also found out this lady was being transitioned out of her job so another person could take over. (Good because people's well being depends on her doing as she should but was not.) Ridiculous wasting of precious resources has been allowed. It is for people in need. Shortly after I hung up the phone, I got another call. It was the head manager of the agency which lost its funding. (They are a non-profit so they still have donors. Their clients will not lose services or I would not have pushed so hard.) She spent over an hour typing what I had to say. "David, everything you are telling me is being entered into our system and will be addressed" The case workers and those under them are going to have to change their approaches; especially how they help clients with head injuries or worse. My supposed case worker, her supervisor and the seven people under her had a very bad afternoon, or it will occur on Monday. I find no pleasure in them having bad days at work.. I did what I had to do to make sure what happened to me will not happen to anyone else. After I hung up the phone with the manager, I got another call. It was from a new agency. This lady seemed on the ball. We spoke for about half an hour. "So you just need help rethinking how to approach organizing, meal planning and transportation when you should not drive?" "Yes." "What was so difficult about that?" "Bingo." We both laughed. She's going to get me the help I need to go back to work. None of these people realize that I'm now going to speak with the donors of these programs. I spoke with a well connected friend. He is making a call so I get a call and the donors also know what's happening. I'm trying to set up a meeting with several of them. I don't want anyone demoted or scolded. I don't want loses of funding. I want resources, for those who need it, to be well used and managed.. Thank God I got dropped.. A lot of people who face challenges are going to receive better services in the future. I never knew that would happen. I was trying to clear my name for being dropped. . I know this is long. I've told two friends and now you guys. The only other people I'm telling are my godfather and my mom.
  7. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Those look tastier than jelly beans. Happy Easter/Whatever it is to you, illumination70.
  8. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

    My Good Friday 2019 U2 song of the day.. One makes more sense to me today than any other day of the year, even though it's still One.
  9. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Hope you are having fun, dmway. The Head and the Heart are coming to Madson, WI., on Sept 15. It works perfectly for all their other shows I'm going to see in September. Madison is a great city for GA because people are very chill. At least four of their shows now in September. I'm anxiously waiting for Snow Patrol-under three weeks and counting. The only time I've seen them was when they opened for U2 360. .
  10. Manohlive

    u2 song of the day

  11. Manohlive


    To be honest, if it still bugged me, I'd pursue it. The lady who will not give you her superior's number may be bullying as well. I once got two free tickets to see Coldplay because it rained and almost washed away Soldier Field in Chicago. (bad) I got confused and could not find will call. Someone either turned around the signs or they got turned in the storm. (or I was confused) TM and LN said no. (Eight hours I called and called) The next day, I found the name of the head of customer relations at SF and she gave me two tickets for any show I wanted to see the next season. "David,. I'd be happy to comp you...", were her exact words. All I did was leave a message. She called and gave me the comps. Everyone told me no yet she said yes. Coldplay returned and she put us right up front. . It never hurts to try if it is still bothering you. Plus, you can at least address the fool who harassed you and ask that the venue make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. They are much more responsive if I call, and they hear my voice, than they would be in email. I never expect anything but often get comp'd (or something) if I had a bad experience at a show's venue. (I usually have great experiences) Different countries but people in box offices/up higher at venues are, by and large, very decent people where I live. I'd find out who is the head of customer relations, get his or her number and call. Usually I get voicemail which is a great way of introducing what happened and how it affected me. People in those positions are often happy to help. They generally have the ability to assist and offer compensation, where initial contacts do not, screen calls and say no. I remember reading your post about this situation when it originally happened. Perhaps calling and at least talking to someone might grant peace to what should have been a wonderful and stress free evening. You did pay for it. The venue has responsibility to at least listen to what you have to say. give you a reasonable response, and offer some type of resolution. (I hope I'm not coming off as preachy or telling you what to do). If it bothered me as it seems to bother you-I'd call and call until I got the correct person. Oh-use the fact that the person in the email would not give you her superior's contact info. That falls on the venue too. "I would have addressed this sooner but I didn't now's really been bothering me...." You're not lying plus the venue now has two instances where they have not provided you decent service. I wouldn't point that out but the person in charge will be thinking it when you speak on the phone. (I'm going by my experiences and people I know who manage box offices or work at venues) You paid a lot of money for those tickets. It's not your fault that lady wouldn't give you the name of whom you should next contact. It's obviously bothering you. I'd gently keep pushing for resolution if I felt what you've expressed. (this got really long-please pardon me) It would bother me too. I hope you find peace and resolution so the good part of the show far exceeds the dummy who caused the mess in the first place. I was confusing bad customer service and people who buy red zone thinking they should be royalty. That's why I got a bit harsh but was wrong. Good luck!
  12. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Going to see The Church on Easter Weekend? 😀
  13. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Nice. I remember the first time I heard Under The Milky Way. It's a definitive 1980's musical memory. Dance the night away, Mich.
  14. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Send 'em my direction. Wood floats...haha My good thing is that I just saw this news story. It's very cute. Baseball, two adorable little girls and a puppy.