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  1. Europe

    Good luck Europe! I hope you don’t experience what happened here in North America...
  2. U2 doesn't need me.

    you need them more than they need you
  3. GA's San Jose 1 Avail Now

    Aw Man, sorry. I didn't try to purchase, just saw that they were showing as available. Maybe call TM to see if it would go through ? Good Luck ! hs
  4. I have heard that San Jose does a solid job for those with GA, friends had great experiences for U2 as well as Springsteen, I wish other venues would follow this model .
  5. Looking GA !!!

    Hey GA for San Jose 1 & 2 are up NOW on Ticketmaster.... get em https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1C00535849F2AA0D?ac_link=ontour_U2C_FCGRID_2018_sanjose&f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5787v1
  6. Hi GA's for San Jose 2 are up in ticketmaster, as of right now......face value ....get em https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1C00536C09844ABD?ac_link=ontour_U2C_FCGRID_2018_sanjose&f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5787v1
  7. GA's San Jose 1 Avail Now

  8. Hi GA's for San Jose 1 are up in ticketmaster, as of right now......face value ....get em

    oui ! (hope i got that right)
  10. Rollover Shows???

    Yeah, it seems that way..... Looking forward to it !
  11. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    In the words of DramaRama... i haven’t got a clue
  12. I Promise !

    I have a confession, yes I have spent a bit of time throwing spit balls with not the most positive source of moisturization... the big picture is... those guys, the Irish ones.... they are coming around... Sweetness will prevail when it’s all said and done ! This I Promise !
  13. European dates

    I am sure they will have standing tickets available in the pre sales, as well as other sections. The pre sales here in America were spotty, many Experience fan club members got denied standing tickets. I hope you find what your looking for, I am sure Europe is chomping at the bit....
  14. Just checke the Swift Pittsburgh Show, there are really exspensive seats, mostly TM platinum seats available including the GA sections for close to $1000 at face value....