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  1. WHERE are all the GAs going?!!

    Crazy Corrupt.... great video, enjoyed it... were fucked
  2. Hotel suggestions.

    Thank you for the recommendation
  3. My brother and I booked a room at the Holiday Inn next to the arenas. He just got a call from them canceling the reservation. Seems the Holiday Inn is closing before the show. A casino bought the land adjacent to the arena and they are going to develop the land. Any suggestions for a hotel close to Wells Fargo Arena ? Thanks ! Hicksong

    I would love to see U2 have a stage set up with a stage in the center of the arena floor, in the round if you will. Have ramps extend to both ends. I think it would give the whole arena a closer experience. I always wondered why they never tried this.
  5. Europe

    Good luck Europe! I hope you don’t experience what happened here in North America...
  6. U2 doesn't need me.

    you need them more than they need you
  7. GA's San Jose 1 Avail Now

    Aw Man, sorry. I didn't try to purchase, just saw that they were showing as available. Maybe call TM to see if it would go through ? Good Luck ! hs
  8. I have heard that San Jose does a solid job for those with GA, friends had great experiences for U2 as well as Springsteen, I wish other venues would follow this model .
  9. Hi GA's for San Jose 2 are up in ticketmaster, as of right now......face value ....get em https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1C00536C09844ABD?ac_link=ontour_U2C_FCGRID_2018_sanjose&f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5787v1
  10. GA's San Jose 1 Avail Now

  11. Hi GA's for San Jose 1 are up in ticketmaster, as of right now......face value ....get em

    oui ! (hope i got that right)
  13. Rollover Shows???

    Yeah, it seems that way..... Looking forward to it !
  14. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    In the words of DramaRama... i haven’t got a clue