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  1. Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

    If you can, definitely get to Dublin for this tour. It was mind-blowing in 2015!! I've been over for Croke Park and RDS on prior tours, but seeing them indoors in their hometown was another level. In 2015, I stayed at Jury's Custom House (think it's now owned by Hilton or Hyatt or something?). Great location away from the biggest tourist hordes, and 2 blocks to the LUAS which will take you to the arena. You can also walk, though it's a long walk. Nice if the weather isn't too cold and windy. Also easy walking to O'Connell St, Temple Bar, Grafton St, Merrion Square, and Windmill Lane. If it's still there, I HIGHLY recommend a cafe called Lemon around Dawson St (?) - amazing crepes! And my favorite bookstore in the world, Hodges Figgis is nearby.
  2. Belfast likely indoors?

    Any info on whether Dublin will follow straight on? Since it appears the tour is planned on a 2 on, 2 off schedule. Trying to figure out how to use my vacation time. Would love to do Belfast and Dublin, but might not make it if there are extra free days between the cities.
  3. Odd to end in Manchester instead of Dublin? Easier to ship staging to Australia?
  4. Any idea of rumored start and end dates? Sept - ?? Oct/Nov? Those are some tasty cities. Gonna be hard to figure out an itinerary with limited vacation time. Wish they'd just announce already.
  5. Got the email today for 4 of my expected 5 cds. Due to arrive Dec 11. We'll see. DHL doesn't have a great record of timely delivery in my area. I also got 2 emails today for further album redemptions. I expected 1 more from purchasing an MSG2 ticket yesterday. Not sure why I got 2. But I ordered another cd (maybe it's the mysterious missing 5th cd from the first round of shows? Then tried to redeem a download for the 6th, and final(?) album. Of course, my laptop crashed as soon as I got to the screen to start the download. Once I was back online, I couldn't get back to the download page. So I clicked through the email again, and now it says the code has been redeemed already. Argh! I used the form on the page @bigwave posted to see if CS can help. We'll see what happens. Guess I should have just gone for the 6th cd. *sigh*
  6. OMG. TM's incompetence is beyond a joke. Wow. Meanwhile, a Taylor Swift fan is wondering why they got an Experience presale code for U2. Possibly 😂
  7. Ticket purchase limits

    I bought 5 for round 1 (5 different cities, 1 ticket each) between fan club and Citi presales, and have received all my tickets. Just bought 1 for the added MSG show via Citi. It would be really helpful to have clear, consistent communication on ticket limits. Though I would argue there should not be a "per tour" limit since there are a lot of fans who go to multiple shows. "Per date" would make more sense to help thwart scalpers.
  8. The poor and ever-changing communications is the biggest problem, IMO. As a long-time user experience professional, I can tell you the long, and confusing explanations about how this was supposed to work were guaranteed to not be read thoroughly by all fans trying to participate. Then add the difficulty for people who aren't fluent English speakers/readers, and those who aren't regularly buying tickets to major high-demand events, and it was a cluster in the making from the start. Once emails and texts started going out, and sales started, the problems were compounded by inconsistent information from customer service representatives across different entities (right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing), and then the blatant changing of rules and policies that continued right into opening up remaining tickets for general sale without codes. The only upside to that, if it can be called an upside, is that a lot more fans are now seeing just how greedy and un-fan-friendly TM/LN really are. People direct anger at U2 because this is all happening in their name while LN/TM continue to rake in the profits and come up with more ways to take advantage of desperate fans. Next on the list is the ticket prices and the amount of seats priced at the highest level, which results in fans who get shut out of GA being stuck with the choice of a limited view seat (and half the beauty of this show is the band's use of the screen) or just not going because why spend money on an inferior experience? Sure, there's plenty of us who are as happy to just hear the music, but we shouldn't be made to feel like 2nd class citizens because of pure greed. And sorry, upper deck seats are in no way worth $300+. Even the lower deck sections to the ends aren't worth that much unless you're in the first 10 rows or so, because you aren't that close to the stage(s) and will miss the half of the show taking place at the other end. Fans deserve better. Now that it seems the problems have gone up to the band, I am keeping hope that something will be done to acknowledge the screw-ups and to put things right in the future so we can go back to getting excited about new music and a new tour.
  9. Tulsa - to do/see

    I always make sure to do one tourist thing in new U2 cities, so Guthrie Center is top of my list. Good to know the area is walkable! Are there any good (and not crazy expensive) steak places in that area? I will never forget the one I had at Cattleman's Steakhouse in Stockyard City on the Norman 360 stop. Hoping Tulsa has something similar!
  10. General Sales WITHOUT CODES this morning?

    Very interesting, liverpool54321, I believe U2's contract with LN goes to/through 2020. Perhaps U2's people should be talking to your artist's people and others (I think Adele has been mentioned) who are doing a better job at getting tickets away from resellers. Also other ticketing options. Surely there is a startup poised to take TM's crown away just as TM once took away Ticketron's crown (in the US). A few major artists banding together can help that along. They could also tell LN to play nicely with fans or take a leap. They only got to be a monopoly because artists let it happen. I know I'm being a Pollyanna, but man, somebody has got to do something.
  11. Resale tickets now on Ticketmaster

    Tons of resales for MSG, too. Also looks like they haven't unlocked the VF seats. Wondering if they're waiting to add shows until tickets have been resold at least once. 😂
  12. Shocked DC, Philly, Newark, and Long Island haven't sold out - especially DC and Philly! Probably between so many people being denied codes and the crazy amount of seats set at the highest price, they've finally figured out how to reduce demand 🙄
  13. Specific Show Code

    Does anyone know if general sale codes can be used for added shows in the given city?
  14. Good question. I've been thinking about this VF fan stuff (who hasn't lately?!), and also along that line. If they can tell who is a "fan" and who is a "scalper", why don't they just get rid of known scalper accounts altogether so that whoever has a TM account can just participate in tickets sales the way we always have without having to jump through hoops for every artist and every show we are interested in seeing? Surely, the hassles around doing this for every show by every participating artist costs way more in overhead and bad PR. Oh right, because they make most of their money off scalpers so can't ban them outright 🙄
  15. Congratulations!!! I'm still getting my daily rejection email. Been entering every day since it started. Glad to hear someone is actually winning it! And yes, I got lucky for U2 presales, too. Got my Experience group code, and 4 of the 5 cities I registered for Citi presale. Fortunately, I used my fan club code for the one I didn't get. Really hoping we won't have to go through this all over again for added shows and Europe.