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  1. stateless

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    Does it come with presale codes for Aus/NZ shows? Too soon? 😂
  2. stateless

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Was getting sad I only have 1 day left in Berlin. Now I know Bono is healthy and U2 is giving me the opportunity to come back again so soon! Gotta work on changing my Dublin return and adding Berlin to my trip. Really hope we can keep our same seats. Mine was amazing. Berlin will blow the roof off MB Arena!
  3. stateless

    'Augment Your Reality'

    I'm on Android LG G6. Not sure of the version, but probably latest since I only got it last fall. App works for me. My issues are more about the user experience. It's very slow to load once you hit start. If it's like that when the show starts (or whatever time we're supposed to aim at the screen is), it will be frustrating and feel like I'm missing part of the experience. Another problem is that once the scene finishes, there's no clear way to exit and/or restart it. In the meantime, it just keeps sucking on the battery until I force quit. There should be an X or some form of clear exit to close. Final issue, it only shows the most recent photo I've snapped. It would be helpful to see all of them - or at least all the ones I took in that session so I can show friends right away. Instead, I have to quit the app and go to my phone's gallery. Oh, one more thing - it would be very cool to be able to share a photo to social media straight away - imagine the stream of photos hitting social as the show starts!
  4. I do get that they can't drop all the warhorses because there are new and casual fans who want to hear the hits. That said, I've seen other acts as a casual fan and was disappointed not to hear certain hits, but I also realize that if they're touring behind a new album there's no way they're going to play all the stuff I know. I'm just happy to hear at least some songs I love, probably a few I didn't even realize I knew, and definitely a bunch I haven't heard but might be pleasantly surprised by (or not sometimes). All that being said, I would love to go an entire tour without Pride, unless there is a special occasion for it like MLK Day, passing of gay marriage, or similar occasion where it totally fits. WOWY is one I'd be happy to never hear again, unless it includes the "shine like stars" coda. I've been pig sick of that song since 1987. Beautiful Day is nearing retirement for me, and it could use a break for at least one tour. Other songs that could use a rest for me are Still Haven't Found, I Will Follow (I know! But switch it up with Gloria, Electric Co, or bring back Two Hearts, maybe even A Celebration). Even Streets is one I probably wouldn't miss if they really shook up the set list, though the energy still gets me
  5. stateless

    Berlin Friday ticket pick up times

    I'm curious about this, too. I have hard tickets for night 1, but will call for night 2. Would like to pick it up before the actual show night if possible. Less to stress about.
  6. stateless

    Omaha Presale Sold Out Already???

    Actually, I'm glad this thread exists. Had the same problems with Uncasville and Omaha for Citi presale - after the Citi options not showing up until 5min past the hour. Deleted cache many times for both shows before success. Thanks kkmercer for starting it and mich40 for advice!
  7. stateless

    Two More Shows In The US

    This is why announcing shows in dribs and drabs is so infuriating for fans. It's one thing to add shows to dates already announced - that's normal and expected. But at least announce all the cities and at least 1 date for each so people can better plan how to use our codes. Or issue new codes for "extensions", which is what I basically consider these 2 out-of-left-field shows to be.
  8. stateless

    Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    Plus with the silver package, you get the VIP gift. I bought it for 2 shows since I actually got better seats than the top price regular seats on offer at the time
  9. stateless

    Even more Dublin shows?

    On IE, strangely enough, the final show (Sat night) was not as rocking as the 3rd night. Still an amazing show, and for those who aren't as obsessive as some of us *cough*guilty*cough*, you wouldn't know the difference. Not sure anything will ever top IE Dublin night 3 for pure emotion, but looking forward to the effort. Going to be amazing no matter what!
  10. stateless

    What's your tour game?

    I've just started going to the first show of the tour because I have no self-control. If I'm not there, I'm obsessively looking for spoilers and streams. ?
  11. stateless

    Best Place for Seats for U2 in 3Arena Dublin

    The extreme sides, nearest the walls, aren't very good if you want to see Larry. Not sure why they charge full price for them. The seating in general at 3Arena is a bit weird for views, to be honest. But for me any seat is better than none. Demand is so high that I just take whatever TM spits out. The energy is the thing for Dublin, and at a venue as small as this one it's extra special. If it's your only show, then you'd want to try to get something on the sides in-between the wall and dead center opposite the stage so you can get the full impact of screen and staging.
  12. stateless

    legalised touting

    This is why so many are upset at the dire threats and warning to fans sharing codes or worried about using new codes given to us in error. When band management and LiveNation (basically the same thing) do nothing to cancel scalped seats AND turn a blind eye on subsidiary Ticketmaster (and its various scalping entities) engaging in sanctioned scalping, is it any surprise fans are upset? We're just trying to see the band we love and spend stupid amount of money on travel to do so, yet we're the ones being made to jump through hoops while LN changes the rules at will and with no consistency or transparency. They can't claim it's to stop scalpers when they're also engaged in doing it, or are turning a blind eye to TM an venues doing it. If they really wanted to stop scalping, start there - not with fans.
  13. I'm in the Experience group and used my original EI code for US shows. But now see a new code in my account. Is it ok to use it for Dublin?
  14. Does anyone know if it is possible to do Will Call pickup of the souvenir ticket for Berlin? Or must those be mailed?
  15. stateless

    Ireland Rumors

    Wish they would announce Dublin and Belfast before general sales start on Friday. It's really hard to plan which city(ies) to try for without at least knowing all cities and at least 1 date for each.