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  1. SNL

    Satuday Night Live was GREAT last night! U2 was Fantastic
  2. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I like the album version of The Little Things WAY BETTER then the live version...I love the orchestration towards the end. I am just now listening to the Album, seriously it feels like a Mix of The Verve meets Coldplay meets INXS meets U2. It's alright.
  3. Nope...NOT DOING IT. I have been debating Chewy.com for MONTHS, almost a year! I am not about to enter into ANOTHER RABBIT HOLE with Amazon. NOTHING IS EVER FREE. EVEN THE AIR WE BREATHE NOW. Taxes fall upon the babies the moment they take their first breath in the USA. I learned long ago, freedom is not free. Now, you cannot even stand in front of the magazine stands and sift through to determine if you would like to BUY the magazine, in THIS CASE, Amazon is the NEWSTAND, The EXPERIENCE that article. Sure give me a dollar and I will let you peak. Reminds of the mags kept the counter...Since the owner of Amazon is the richest man in the world, I am no way getting on that "band wagon". KEEP YOUR FREAKING DOLLAR! BOZO-BEZOS, THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD OVER $100 BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS. TAKE A HIKE DUDE DON'T LET DOOR HIT YOU IN ASS.
  4. I hope the band management does good by everyone. I would NOT FOR ONE SECOND, put my info in that verified fan, whatever they called it. I never even attempted to buy tickets to any show, but I was seriously shocked at how the paid members and the site itself were treated, that is just so wrong... NOW TO BE CHARGING THESE TYPE OF PRICES FOR THEIR TICKETS IS PROBABLY GOING TO LAND THEM BACK IN COURT IN THE USA. Ticket Master and Live Nation are such ripoffs.
  5. Oh Lord...what a dirty day. The LAST thing you would ever find me doing is getting caught up in U2's great schemes. I justified years and years ago, not resuming my paid membership with, it's just not worth it all. Hardcore, old school, early U2 fans are out there-but I don't know ONE of them that would pay or do a verified fan anything. I would turn to outside advertising versus paid subscriptions by fans on individual basis. I don't need an algorithm to KNOW WHO IS WHO, it's a dirty day when you cannot figure out if its a real person or a BOT...(Bought Off Ticketmaster). The solution is simple, quit overcomplicating it to justify this madness. U2.com knows exactly who is who, put the tickets in their hands. OR DO YOU NEED AN ALGORITHM TO TELL YOU IF THAT IS GOOD IDEA? I am surrounded by rocket scientists and engineers here on the Space Coast...Sometimes, you need to step back, look up, and watch the satellite fly over. GARBAGE IN=GARBAGE OUT. Don't ever depend on DATA, when you can see the solution right in front of your own eyes. I trust the moderators and the folks behind U2.com all day long over any "computer". What I do not trust is, MAKING EXCUSES AND PASSING THE BLAME. You made this mess, YOU CLEAN IT UP! AND THAT MEANS YOU DON'T HIRE A FREAKING MAID TO DO IT FOR YOU!!! OR IN YOUR TECHIE WORLD, YOU DON'T HIRE A FIRM, YOU GO TO THE SOURCE-U2.COM. DUH!
  6. New U2 song American Soul released on Spotify

    I just can't shake how much it reminds me of Early 80's mix of like Joe King Carasco and the Crowns, the Ramones, it just has a rhythm to it, LOL-How I have gone from American Soul to Joe King Carasco PARTY WEEKEND-that is proof right there, that U2 was legit when I saw them in Orlando on the War Tour at the tiny little Jai Alai Fronton in Orlando with the Alarm. They arrived at the perfect time in America, college radio and word of mouth. I put my STAMP OF TOTALLY LEGIT SINCE DAY ONE. It's been super cool watching them through all the years, I hooked up with my boyfriends best friend at that show and we have been together ever since. Just had our 1st grandchild born, little girl named Scarlett, because this is still the SOUTH LOL. I am very pleased w/ the song because if you were around during those days, my husband was on tour with like everyone back then, so I got to see so many bands. Now I have I have Buena going full blast in the house. Good stuff!!!
  7. New U2 song American Soul released on Spotify

    It's everywhere right now...All media platforms even youtube
  8. New U2 song American Soul released on Spotify

    Straight up, this song reminds me of the early 80's Ramones, college, underground scene. Like CBGB;s or Whisky A Go Go, Ratskeller. The clubs would be PACKED like days of old. That's what I hear in it. I do not like the video AT ALL. It's ALL WRONG for the song. I am SURE it will be a great live song and become Iconic. I love the song and I hate the video.
  9. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Oh it will be a great song...the new video that was done not by U2 is BRILLIANT. Showing all the different folks stepping up for the ones they love or becoming a better person for their own self. The video assumes just as most do, its dark and strange lives, when reality is they are great folks. She achieved something in her art of visual dynamics that U2 could not. I actually played it yesterday for my little miracle granddaughter, Scarlett, and what a smile she has at just two months. Her Daddy is my son that fought the greatest War I ever saw a human fight. No hope with his cancer 480 plus hours of the strongest chemo given and noone can explain how Scarlett could have been conceived naturally on Christmas Day which fell on the same day as Hanukkah in 2016. She is my 9/11 miracle born during the height of Hurricane Irma here in Florida. SHE IS THE BEST THING ABOUT ME---A gift from the Lord himself. This song will evolve much more as it is played live...Bono and the Edge have a way of doing that and that is why U2 is such a great live band. I feel blessed I got to see them before they were big stars, as I told my Dad hey I went to this concert and there was 4 boys from Ireland. I think they will do great things, something very special about them. That was the War concert in Orlando Florida where The Alarm opened for them. I would say they stood the test of time and Dublin has been a recipient of it all...GOOD JOB 4 BOYS FROM IRELAND OH AND THANK YOU FOR THE SONG SCARLET (REJOICE) MY SCARLETT LOVED THAT SONG AS WELL AS I PUT HER DOWN FOR HER NAP. U2 =they wrote the music to the soundtrack of our lives. Thanks again, the best things are just all of us.
  10. This is Los Suenos the luxury yacht club right near my brothers. SO RADICAL, anyone who owns yachts or knows anything about yachts know Los Suenos Costa Rica. http://www.ticotimes.net/2017/11/13/photos-and-videos-from-last-nights-earthquake-in-costa-rica
  11. Ok, this is getting so bizarre the only thing I can comprehend is THE DEVIL HIMSELF IS ON THE LOOSE. My brother just left my house when my husband returned from offshore running the big blues cruise, lots of famous blues players, anyhow, he was freaking over Irma damage, my granddaughter born in the height of the storm Cat 5, on 9/11, then the flooding came and Lord did it come, our whole island was covered in sewage and no electric. He told me last week, I am going home to Costa Rica where I dont have to deal with these things. THE FREAKING 6.6 EARTHQUAKE HIT DIRECTLY UNDER MY BROTHERS HOME. I MEAN A STRAIGHT ARROW UNDER IT IN PLAYA HERMOSA, COSTA RICA. They say it was 10 miles southeast of Jaco but when you follow the coast which curves non stop, it is the most amazing coastal drive you can imagine and it make Malibu look stupid, everyone from Malibu is moving there. Anyhow, the geologists, USGS, everyone came out and it was 6 miles directly under his house and the fault line only went for about 500 yards about 525 meters TOTAL..It threw both my brothers off the golf cart and he said the whole earth felt like it was going to swallow them. My brothers daughter is expecting her first child, a little girl, in March, her home is condemned, she has a fancy condo because the father of her baby and they are engaged is the STAR SURFER OF CENTRAL AMERICA, HE WILL SURF FOR COSTA RICA INT HE OLYMPICS, her mother and grandmothers home are destroyed as well. So whoever is reporting Jaco Costa Rica is fine THEY ARE LIARS. Most of the town is destroyed because of shoddy construction.My brother owns Lost Valley, Valle Perdido, and their engineers and architects are all business about buildin the strongest of the strongest. His architect Allianz is winning every award and there is NO ONE I WOULD EVER HAVE BUILD MY HOME, HE BUILDS THE MOST BEATIFUL, STRONG HOMES, WITH GLASS POOLS THAT HANG OUT OER THE CLIFFS AND MAKE EDGES BUILDERS LOOK LIKE AMATEURS. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND THE TICANS, WHO ARE SUFFERING THE MOST. Everyone is sleeping ouside and the mosquitos and vampire bats are bad, they need tents asap. I dont understand, it feels like /satan himself is chasing me and my family, I refuse to denounce my Lord or question my Lord...All of my family is in his hands and once again, he kep them safe, to have a 6.6 earthquake directly under your home and all the big homes are fine..THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN LORD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS, ON TOP OF SAVING MY SON AFTER CANCER THAT SREAD THROUGH HIS WHOLE BODY INTO THE SPINE, CRUSHED HIS SPINAL CORD, HE HAD TO LEARN TO WALK AGAIN AND THEY SAID HE WOULD NEVER WALK OR SURF AGAIN. WELL HE PROVED THEM WRONG. AND HE JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL SCARLETT, WH HAS PASSED EVERY SINGLE TEST. THERE IS NOT ONE DOCTOR IN THE WORLD THAT CAN EXPLAIN IT, THEY INSISTED IT MUST NOT BE HIS, WELL DNA IS IN, SHE IS MY GRNADDAUGHTER AND THE MATCH IS 10,980,000 WITH 99.99999999PERCENT HE IS THE FATHER. I TOLD HIM SON, YOU ACTUALLY MAY HAVE THE CURE, HE MANIPULATED SOME THINGS AND STUDIED EVERYTHING HE COULD, NOW RESEARCHERS AND ONCOLOGISTS AS WELL AS MOFFITT CANCER CENTER, INCLUDING GERMANY AND ISRAEL, THEY REPSONDED WITH HE BROKE EVERY RULE AND EVERYTHING WE THOUGHT WE KNEW ABOUT CANCER...SO I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IN 2 MONTHS SO MANY CAT 5 HURRICANES, FLOODING, TORNADOS, AND NOW AN EARTHQUAKE RIGHT UNDER OUR FAMILY HOME. THE ONLY OTHER EARTHQUAKE MY SON WAS IN DC WHEN THE EARTHQUAKE HIT AND THE MONUMENT TILE FELL AND THE CHURCH OF THE PRESIDENTS...YEAH,,, I BELIEVE IN THE G-D OF ISRAEL, EVEN BEING A CHRISTIAN, IT IS MPORTANT TO HONOR THE JEWISH, MY SON WENT TO HANUKKAH BEFORE EASTER. WE ALWAYS CELBRATED BOTH. SO ALL THESE DOCTORS ARE BACK IN THE LAB AND MY GRAND DAUGHTER HAS TO HAVE A BLOOD PULL AND SAMPLES...NOBODY CAN BELIEVE IT, I CAN BECAUSE I KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH THE G-D OF ISRAEL, THE FATHER OF JESUS. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.
  12. Well, I am thinking I might head back to Alexandria, VA where I was born and my family for hundreds of years is from...I have got to sell some land up there soon and I might, just might, try to take in the U2 show while I am visiting back home. No matter what I have to see my friends, they will be going for sure, so who knows, maybe this is the year I catch U2 again. War Tour in Orlando, Florida in 83 to these days is an AWFUL LONG TIME to be seeing U2 in concert. This band has stood the test of time...
  13. I have no ideawtf is happening, but I cannot get any feeds to work.. I still have electric except its browning out. I swear to God, this sh*t always happens when I am alone. I HATE IT. My brother cannot get here soon enough. He called and said he is on his way. This barrier island is straight up SPOOKY tonight. My pitbull has a smile on her face. The other dog has not stopped barking. OH GOD WHY DO I LIVE ON AN ISLAND>>
  14. I am going to puke.......for some strange reason the street lights have gone out and I am straight up scared. My neighbors electric has gone as well. I am on the main road and we have electric. The grid is so SKETCHY since te Hurricane and Flood...PLAY U2, PLAY YOUR HEART OUT!