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  1. I am a Republican

    Vertigo in Miami, not Elevation
  2. I am a Republican

    I am not going to any U2 shows. I was hoping to go back to London this year but a huge WRENCH was thrown into my life. My husbands best friend and business partner passed away unexpectedly, he was brilliant. He had his PHD from Harvard medical, he saved my sons life. Everyone was wrong with his cancer, except Dr. Bentley. Well, he passed away and left my husband as his heir. Any other time this would be amazing. As it stands, we just inherited a condo, a big Ski Lodge home in Montana, vehicles, a bad ass sports car convertible, on and on. Oh yeah, he went to Number one on the Adult Contempary Charts for his Christmas Album with Elton Johns drummer, the guy from Orleans, the other guy from Hall and Oats,everyone was famous in the band. So yeah, like I said any other time, it would be amazing. I had no clue about the will,I actually had a copy of it when he climbed Denali, a big mountain in Alaska, but I had no idea where I put it. I paid for his funeral, handled it all, only for the lawyers to explain I have to maintain everything until the courts agree. Meaning, homes need to have electric, water, association dues, the Homeowner associations, TAXES, on and on and on and on...MY DAUGHTER WAS JUST DIAGNOSED TODAY WITH CANCER......I AM FREAKING HEARTBROKEN, STRAIGHT UP HEARTBROKEN. THERE IS NO WAY I AMLEAVING THE UNITED STATES. SHE LIVES IN CHICAGO AND I AM IN FLORIDA...SO, THE LAST THING YOU WILL FIND ME DOING IS GOING TO A U2 CONCERT. SO GLAD I GOT TO CATCH THE WAR SHOW BACK IN THE DAY IN ORLANDO, THEN UNFORGETTABLE FIRE IN LAKELAND FLORIDA, THEN JOSHUA TREE IN 87 IN TAMPA, I TOOK BOTH MY KIDS TO POP MART IN TAMPA, THEY WERE SO LITTLE BUT THIRD EYE BLIND OPENED AND THAT WAS THEIR FAVORITE BAND AT THE TIME, ELEVATION IN TAMPA, TOOK MY DAUGHTER AND HER BEST FRIEND TO ELEVATION IN MIAMI....THAT WAS IT, LIFE GOT IN THE WAY AFTER THAT...U2 is U2. You either accept them for what they are, or you can FREAK OUT when they shit on our Country...I will remind everyone, U2 is not the be all and end all. They have been on THE WRONG SIDE of history many times. They have pissed off everyone at one time or another. Me included..Life is too short to get wrapped up in MEANINGS. Enjoy the Music, dance, smile, and be thankful you can even afford to think about going to a concert. If it bothers you, DONT GO. Nothing is gonna screw with their tickets. BELIEVE ME. When Trump said he could shoot someone and still get elected, U2 CAN RUDE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR MOTHERS, FATHERS, KID, COUNTRY AND THEIR CONCERTS WILL STILL SELL OUT....THINK ABOUT THAT ONE! OK, have to get ready to travel to Chicago in the heart of the WINTER. I HATE THE COLD, I HATE IT. After years of Dublin in the Spring, sometimes twice a year when we almost opened a surf/skate shop there, I DECIDED I HATE THE COLD AND STICK TO FLORIDA AND COSTA RICA. The Lord has other plans for me, THERE WILL BE NO LONDON trip.
  3. Anybody out there?

    It's in my DNA, kinda hard to not be involved when your family is in office...I am just over armchair politics. If everyone is so freaking smart and has all the ANSWERS then run for office. NOTE: I think I understand U2's stance--I was at the WAR CONCERT IN ORLANDO 35 years ago. No matter how many costume changes there are, you can't take the IRISH OUT OF U2. It's in their DNA...So, it is what it is. End result-some things never change. I don't expect U2 to be anything different than what they are. 4 boys from Dublin. This Southern Mom is still a Republican. No amount of yapping, fighting, is going to change it. Just learn to get along.
  4. I am a Republican

    The EARTH without ART is just "EH"
  5. I am a Republican

    Baffled...Do not ever put me in a BOX...I am Southern, I am a Mother, My first grandchild was just born DURING HURRICANE IRMA HERE IN FLORIDA, I could not go to the hospital BECAUSE OUR CAUSEWAY WAS CLOSED TO THE MAINLAND. She was born on 9/11. My son in law is a combat wounded US MARINE and a freaking police officer in the Chicago area. One thing I make clear to everyone, MY FATHER WAS OUR SENATOR HERE, he died in office 15 years ago TODAY. So, now that I got that over with...I am not impressed with the VIDEO AT ALL but the one thing I REFUSE TO DO IS GET ON THIS HATE ON U2 BANDWAGON...It honestly feels like a REPEAT of Bono calling the White House, that stupid madness back in the day. It is what it is....It's one thing to play into all this stupid social media crap, it's a whole different BEAST that calls for a BOYCOTT OF MUSIC. No thank you!!!! I don't boycott against Music. Seriously, for all these leaders FREAKING OUT over a VIDEO AND SONG---This Southern Mama knows the enemy, it's NOT A SONG. IT'S NOT FREE SPEECH. It's those that call for bans or boycotts of Music. You can do whatever pesonally, I dont care.....If SOMEONE UP THERE calls for Bans of Concerts, Music, Arts, ETC. They just as quickly will call for more and more....I AM TAKING MY BALL AND GOING HOME NOW....If the MACHINE thinks they can put folks into boxes by their Political Affiliation they will just as easily SHUT THAT BOX AND WRAP IT UP WITH DUCTTAPE....No BOXES, No LABELS, I am 100% AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will listen to U2 when I want, I will go to U2 concerts WHEN I WANT, I will BUY U2 MUSIC WHEN I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And spit in the face of anyone who tells me I can't or I shouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    The MEDIA is ripping him up over it. Twitter is ballistic, calling him all kinds of sexist names. Its bad... I dont really care, I just did not like the Headlines I have been seeing today saying he trashed the USA, ruded the USA, on and on and on....It's even on CNN, and those news outlets.
  7. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    I think his health scare had something to do with that door flying off the Lear Jet and all his luggage and his friends sucked out on his way to Germany for the Bambi awards. I know my oldest brother is involved bigtime in Aviation and it was a very big deal. For sure, they are all lucky they all lived!
  8. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    I am TRIPPING more about how the MEDIA is running with BONO TRASHING USA...WTF was Bono thinking? He is usually much more articulate. I am BAFFLED. That interview should NEVER have seen the light of day.
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I like the album version of The Little Things WAY BETTER then the live version...I love the orchestration towards the end. I am just now listening to the Album, seriously it feels like a Mix of The Verve meets Coldplay meets INXS meets U2. It's alright.
  10. Nope...NOT DOING IT. I have been debating Chewy.com for MONTHS, almost a year! I am not about to enter into ANOTHER RABBIT HOLE with Amazon. NOTHING IS EVER FREE. EVEN THE AIR WE BREATHE NOW. Taxes fall upon the babies the moment they take their first breath in the USA. I learned long ago, freedom is not free. Now, you cannot even stand in front of the magazine stands and sift through to determine if you would like to BUY the magazine, in THIS CASE, Amazon is the NEWSTAND, The EXPERIENCE that article. Sure give me a dollar and I will let you peak. Reminds of the mags kept the counter...Since the owner of Amazon is the richest man in the world, I am no way getting on that "band wagon". KEEP YOUR FREAKING DOLLAR! BOZO-BEZOS, THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD OVER $100 BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS. TAKE A HIKE DUDE DON'T LET DOOR HIT YOU IN ASS.
  11. I hope the band management does good by everyone. I would NOT FOR ONE SECOND, put my info in that verified fan, whatever they called it. I never even attempted to buy tickets to any show, but I was seriously shocked at how the paid members and the site itself were treated, that is just so wrong... NOW TO BE CHARGING THESE TYPE OF PRICES FOR THEIR TICKETS IS PROBABLY GOING TO LAND THEM BACK IN COURT IN THE USA. Ticket Master and Live Nation are such ripoffs.
  12. Oh Lord...what a dirty day. The LAST thing you would ever find me doing is getting caught up in U2's great schemes. I justified years and years ago, not resuming my paid membership with, it's just not worth it all. Hardcore, old school, early U2 fans are out there-but I don't know ONE of them that would pay or do a verified fan anything. I would turn to outside advertising versus paid subscriptions by fans on individual basis. I don't need an algorithm to KNOW WHO IS WHO, it's a dirty day when you cannot figure out if its a real person or a BOT...(Bought Off Ticketmaster). The solution is simple, quit overcomplicating it to justify this madness. U2.com knows exactly who is who, put the tickets in their hands. OR DO YOU NEED AN ALGORITHM TO TELL YOU IF THAT IS GOOD IDEA? I am surrounded by rocket scientists and engineers here on the Space Coast...Sometimes, you need to step back, look up, and watch the satellite fly over. GARBAGE IN=GARBAGE OUT. Don't ever depend on DATA, when you can see the solution right in front of your own eyes. I trust the moderators and the folks behind U2.com all day long over any "computer". What I do not trust is, MAKING EXCUSES AND PASSING THE BLAME. You made this mess, YOU CLEAN IT UP! AND THAT MEANS YOU DON'T HIRE A FREAKING MAID TO DO IT FOR YOU!!! OR IN YOUR TECHIE WORLD, YOU DON'T HIRE A FIRM, YOU GO TO THE SOURCE-U2.COM. DUH!
  13. Well, I am thinking I might head back to Alexandria, VA where I was born and my family for hundreds of years is from...I have got to sell some land up there soon and I might, just might, try to take in the U2 show while I am visiting back home. No matter what I have to see my friends, they will be going for sure, so who knows, maybe this is the year I catch U2 again. War Tour in Orlando, Florida in 83 to these days is an AWFUL LONG TIME to be seeing U2 in concert. This band has stood the test of time...
  14. I have no ideawtf is happening, but I cannot get any feeds to work.. I still have electric except its browning out. I swear to God, this sh*t always happens when I am alone. I HATE IT. My brother cannot get here soon enough. He called and said he is on his way. This barrier island is straight up SPOOKY tonight. My pitbull has a smile on her face. The other dog has not stopped barking. OH GOD WHY DO I LIVE ON AN ISLAND>>