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  1. Sorry Max---I must be a REBEL. I didnt check the page LOL
  2. Getting sketched over the Hurricane, my granddaughters 1st birthday is Sept 11th, She was born last year during HURRICANE IRMA. I should be out buying presents---Instead I figure if I dont take my mind off it all, I may go crazy! Is it showtime yet?
  3. I thought the exact same thing!!!! Strange...LOL
  4. Bono messed up One?
  5. So strange I just heard What time is it?
  6. Thank you for the Link!
  7. Awww, I hear Bono singing. What a blessing. Thanks be to the Lord he is OK.
  8. Woah---good call for sure1!!!! That needs to be handled ASAP!
  9. Wow! Hope all is well...Sounds more like a cold/virus to me rather than smoke. Antibiotics, rest, honey and whiskey for the throat, and dont push it. Voice will come back but if he tries to sing, he will lose it again in a few more days time. Send Bono home before he spreads the sickness around.,
  10. wahine

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Yeah, my Grandfather was Lodge #22 the Andrew Jackson Lodge that became the GW Masonic Temple later. I still have the tapestry that hung in that lodge that shows Washington, and everyone including my family in it, it really needs to go to conservation instead of sitting in an old house that is consistenty hit by hurricanes. I have all kinds of hisotrical documents actually that belonged to my grandfather, great grandfather, etc. and yep, lots are Presidential including our church in Lorton that use to be Washingtons he moved his church down the street but not the GRAVES, all the graves you see at Pohick in Virginia ARE EMPTY,the graves are on our land along with the Cranford Methodist Church. I use to run back and forth through the woods between the cemetaries and the back wya to Mount Vernon, my uncle owned the Polo Club so I knew those lands like no other, the Polo club was just leveled and horses moved to the Western part of Virginia,it use to be part of Mt.Vernon, now its highway US1. SO PATHETIC.Anyhow, the churches are still there and I was baptized there as well as it carrying my Mothers families name Cranford, no you cannot steal my identity lol, you all know more about Bono and the band than me, so anyhow, time to go home and visit graves,so if any ofyou ever go to the Episcopal Church in Pohick outside Alexandria, please know the entire graveyard is EMPTY, the gravesar eon our land in Pohick at Cranford. George is buried at Mt. Vernon.
  11. wahine

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Heading back home to Washington DC, no,not to see U2, my cousin has muscular dystrophy and she is very bad and moved to a nursing home, so I am on my way back home. Was born in Alexandria and grew up in Florida. I have to sell some land of ours,it dates to 1710 in the heart of Alexandria, 13 acres YIKES, ITS WORTH A FORTUNE but the family agreed to sell after all these years. So, packing the car up and heading north. Going to spend a day out on Chincoteague island, its all wild horses there, and go visit my grandfathers old masonic lodge, it use to be the Andrew Jackson Lodge, now the George Washinton Masonic Temple, I have a missing trowel from 1935 President Roosevelt lost his trowel when it was being built, yeah---found it in missing papers that belonged to my Grandfather. family members built the Temple, the Cranfords. So I figure it might be a good idea to send it back along with our bibles that go back to the mid 1600's. So the good thing is to return a piece of missing history that was used for the cornerstone of the Temple and to see my family, and yes, I get to claim Rappahhanock Indian, so for those who wonder about who is really immigrants etc. I am decended from American Indians as well the Northern Virginia tribes, and no I am not some woman who used it for schooling or special services, there is one piece of land along the Potomac that I am turning over to the tribe so they can start getting their lands back. My grandparents are buried above the Temple on the Hill so its going to be emotional. Here is a pic of it.https://gwmemorial.org/ I am coming home, tell the world Im coming home!
  12. wahine

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Spelt a lot of words wrong LOL, but was typing too fast!
  13. wahine

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    It really was!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was so stoked!!! I use to be a swim suit model, USE TO BE LOL,and the whole Blue Man Bikini team was there!!! WE WENT WILD UP IN THE BALCONY, IT WAS GREAT!!! We had so much fun and everyone was truly happy that night! You just dont find that at shows anymore. It was such a wild night that most of us keep the wild thins thatwent on with everyone to ourselfs, I was blessed to to end up with my soon to be husband. I was a teenage bride and mother to say the least lol, but we made it work GREAT SHOW!
  14. wahine

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Hey, 35 years ago TONIGHT I saw U2 at the Orlando Jai Alai Fronton in Orlando Florida. WAR TOUR!!! Hooked up with my boyfriends best friend that night been together ever since. 33 years married, 2 kids and one grandchild. There are literally like a close to a 100 people that were at the show that are still locals here on the Space Coast and most of us all still surf!!! The Alarm opened the show IT WAS GREAT!! Fantastic way to kick off summer!! Waves were going off the next day and nobody slept. We all surfed the next morning. There were like hardly any people there, tiny little venue in old days of Orlando, whenit was still gator city LOL.