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  1. Everybody having a good time....
  2. Bono's voice is for sure on tonight!! As is everyone! About time!!!
  3. wahine

    Bono seems different

    He's fine...the tour is just getting started back up. It will all come together. It always does. Personally, I think its the new songs that are just not "There" and he is having a rough time trying to make lemonaid out of apples LOL... so the vibe of the whole set is kinda off...They might wanna think about doing some tweaking...
  4. wahine

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I like the album version of The Little Things WAY BETTER then the live version...I love the orchestration towards the end. I am just now listening to the Album, seriously it feels like a Mix of The Verve meets Coldplay meets INXS meets U2. It's alright.
  5. Nope...NOT DOING IT. I have been debating Chewy.com for MONTHS, almost a year! I am not about to enter into ANOTHER RABBIT HOLE with Amazon. NOTHING IS EVER FREE. EVEN THE AIR WE BREATHE NOW. Taxes fall upon the babies the moment they take their first breath in the USA. I learned long ago, freedom is not free. Now, you cannot even stand in front of the magazine stands and sift through to determine if you would like to BUY the magazine, in THIS CASE, Amazon is the NEWSTAND, The EXPERIENCE that article. Sure give me a dollar and I will let you peak. Reminds of the mags kept the counter...Since the owner of Amazon is the richest man in the world, I am no way getting on that "band wagon". KEEP YOUR FREAKING DOLLAR! BOZO-BEZOS, THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD OVER $100 BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS. TAKE A HIKE DUDE DON'T LET DOOR HIT YOU IN ASS.
  6. I hope the band management does good by everyone. I would NOT FOR ONE SECOND, put my info in that verified fan, whatever they called it. I never even attempted to buy tickets to any show, but I was seriously shocked at how the paid members and the site itself were treated, that is just so wrong... NOW TO BE CHARGING THESE TYPE OF PRICES FOR THEIR TICKETS IS PROBABLY GOING TO LAND THEM BACK IN COURT IN THE USA. Ticket Master and Live Nation are such ripoffs.
  7. Well, I am thinking I might head back to Alexandria, VA where I was born and my family for hundreds of years is from...I have got to sell some land up there soon and I might, just might, try to take in the U2 show while I am visiting back home. No matter what I have to see my friends, they will be going for sure, so who knows, maybe this is the year I catch U2 again. War Tour in Orlando, Florida in 83 to these days is an AWFUL LONG TIME to be seeing U2 in concert. This band has stood the test of time...
  8. I have no ideawtf is happening, but I cannot get any feeds to work.. I still have electric except its browning out. I swear to God, this sh*t always happens when I am alone. I HATE IT. My brother cannot get here soon enough. He called and said he is on his way. This barrier island is straight up SPOOKY tonight. My pitbull has a smile on her face. The other dog has not stopped barking. OH GOD WHY DO I LIVE ON AN ISLAND>>
  9. I am going to puke.......for some strange reason the street lights have gone out and I am straight up scared. My neighbors electric has gone as well. I am on the main road and we have electric. The grid is so SKETCHY since te Hurricane and Flood...PLAY U2, PLAY YOUR HEART OUT!
  10. I missed following the show tonight. My husband is off on the Blues Cruise for the next week and I spent the evening with my brother who flew in from Costa Rica, staying while my husband is out of the country. U2 vs Meatloaf (THE FOOD NOT THE BAND LOL) Meatloaf and a quiet evening spent with him, before I knew time got away from us. I pray it was a good show and Bono's updates are quite entertaining. Lord willing, I will get a chance to tune in tomorrow...Ahhh---Tomorrow is one of my favorite U2 songs as well.Sacred song.
  11. Thank you Max and to Big Wave, the entire crew of U2.com for always being there for us zootopians. You all are the BEST and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you all.you do! The music stopped and an and owl is sitting outside my window hooting...Pretty special night.
  12. One......will it make easier on you now, you got someone to blame. One love, one life, ONE PULSE...This song has new meaning for me since the PULSE ATTACK here in Central Florida. One victim is buried near my Father. This song means so very much to the people of Florida. THANK YOU U2. If we can help just one person, in turn that one person may go on to help so many, so you never really know how much kindness and a sense of ONE can mean.