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  1. Looks like a GREAT show---Have to finish reading our ballot here in Florida, then head out to watch the local candidates scramble for every last vote around the Space Coast!! This election has been MENTAL. Tomorrow we will have a new GOVERNOR!
  2. I saw Blur in that Arena. Yes, it use to be The Point.
  3. M Goodnight. Waiting for the Sun to Set Here in Florida to light my Candle. Heartbroken..
  4. I am not even listening to the SHOW lol. I am still working, my feet up listening to Keane. I am BROKEN. Yesterday took me to my knees. PRAYERS FOR SQUIRREL HILL!!!!
  5. Hmmm...long, long day Glad the show went well.
  6. Goodnight from the RED TIDE nightmare of our barrier island. Stoked I got to hear the end of the show. We have thousands of dead fish all over the beach here. It kinda looks like The End of Days...its horrible along our east coast now.
  7. There you go AGAIN! I have visions of you making a shaming cone with stars and moons all over it..This is for Wahine--we lost her somewhere along the way all because Max has to point out every little detail of my lazy ass. OHHHH MAYBE TONIGHT...I will be waring the cone of shame if you happen to run into me in Dublin or Belfast. TIME TO TRAVEL AGAIN.
  8. I am CLAIMING IT NOW---Get out of your own way needs a shout out to Max.
  9. You better stop making fun of me..Just because I am too lazy to go back and check you don'thave to point it out EVERY TIME! You could just say Hi Wahine but no.....I am tired of you putting the cone of shame on me LOL...Where is big wave..at least I dont have to go SEARCHING on here...GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY MAX!! LMAO!
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