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  1. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I think the codes won't appear until Wednesday night, which is when the emails go out. I never get those emails from so I'm really glad they are still going to put them on the website for us as well!
  2. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    The Help page confirms the following: -- There is no Verified Subscriber / Verified Fan process for European shows. -- Text messaging will not be used for European shows. -- Our presale codes will appear on our profiles and on the Tour page, as well as being sent by email on Wednesday night. Hurrah! Thanks for keeping it simple, " Subscribers can purchase 2 tickets for any U2eiTour show(s)" - I would *guess*, and hope, that the wording means we can still buy 1 ticket for 2 different shows?
  3. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    You can renew your subscription at
  4. Bono's health scare

    I don't believe his choice of words is insignificant. He also describes it as a "brush with mortality" that left him "clinging on to my own life like a raft". Later on, he writes: "I'd like people who listen to these songs to know that a lot of them I approached with a sense that I might not be around to hear them on the radio or in the stream of things." Edge has described it elsewhere as "trauma that could've been fatal". It's clear that whatever happened was about as serious as it gets. I just hope it's not something that will happen again.
  5. Bono's health scare

    He doesn't specify what caused it ("I won't dwell in it or on it. I don't want to name it"), but he repeatedly mentions "a shock to the system" and having been "arrested". Draw your own conclusions...
  6. Bono's health scare

    I'm finding it very difficult to listen to this album after reading what he alludes to in the liner notes. It's chilling in the extreme.
  7. Eurpoean Presale-verified fan???

    Finally got a reply to the questions I submitted via the help page some time ago. Nothing here that other people haven't already posted, but just in case anyone was still uncertain... I asked: "I am in the UK and want to participate in the European subscriber presales early next year. Do I need to renew my subscription before the 12th November deadline, or is that only for people who want to participate in the North American presales? Also, is there any need to create and connect a US Ticketmaster account if I don't intend to buy tickets for the North American shows?" They replied: "Sorry for the confusion with the set up. No need to complete the setup if you are not interested in purchasing US/Canada tickets. Simply wait for the European leg of the tour to be announced." So I guess I won't bother renewing my subscription until nearer the time.
  8. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    1. Surely we aren't expected to set up a Ticketmaster US account if we have no intention of ever using it...? I appreciate the mods trying to help with this, but please can we get an official answer instead of speculation? 3. Doesn't answer my question - are they only sending the *code* via text message, or do we need a modern smartphone with web browsing capabilities? Are they expecting us to actually order our tickets using a mobile phone, or will it be the same as previous tours where I can use a desktop computer to follow a presale link from
  9. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    OK, just to confirm/clarify... I'm in the UK, and I do *NOT* want to attend the North American shows, but I *WILL* want presale access to the European shows when they are announced. 1. Am I correct in thinking I do NOT need to renew my subscription, or set up any of this Verified Fan stuff, until the European dates are announced? 2. Do I have to pre-order the album in order to access the European presale, or is that a totally separate presale from the subscribers' presale? 3. I'm a bit worried about this mobile phone thing, since I don't have one. I can borrow an ancient mobile phone if necessary, but it's not a smartphone or anything - it would be OK if they're just going to send us a code to enter on the website, but no good if they sent us a link we had to click on. Is this likely to be a problem?
  10. GA line check-ins

    No. The list was started on Thursday night or early Friday morning, with check-ins at various times on the Friday, and a final one at 6am on Saturday to line up in number order for the wristbands (which were organised by "the U2 fan club", not the venue).
  11. GA line check-ins

    Really disappointed that the stupid US "check-in" system has now found its way to the UK. I'm extremely short so I tend to aim for a particular rail spot that will offer me a good view of everything, and since those spots are very popular, I queue up early in the morning or even overnight to ensure I'm not too far down the line. This has always worked out fine in the past. But now the fans are starting to hand out numbers almost two days before the show, long before it's practical for me to get there, and since there is no requirement to stay in line once you've received a number, well over 100 people are adding themselves to the list before show day even begins. (I don't know how you're even supposed to find out when and where the list is starting. I probably wouldn't have discovered it if I hadn't bumped into one of the line organisers by pure chance when I was visiting the stadium, and recognised him from previous tours.) If this is how it's going to be done from now on, I no longer have any chance of ever getting one of my preferred spots, despite my willingness to travel up the day before, go without sleep and queue all night and day. Can't we just revert to the perfectly fair system used on the past few tours (i.e. you only get a number when you join the actual queue), or at least not start the list more than 24 hours before the show?
  12. Twickenham Stadium - U2 Concert Guide

    For anyone doing GA - I don't know how much Twickenham Stadium has changed since 2005, but on the Vertigo Tour, we had to queue in a gravel car park that was VERY uncomfortable and dirty. Assuming it's still the same, I strongly recommend that you bring some cardboard or something to sit on. There is also no shade (at least in the queue for Gate D), so you'll probably want a hat or something to keep the sun off you.
  13. Twickenham Stadium - U2 Concert Guide

    Another Twitter post - "Please allow time for bag searches and remember that only small handbags / rucksacks are permitted."
  14. Twickenham Stadium - U2 Concert Guide

    Official advice posted on Twitter - "the stadium are advising against bringing bags, however you will be allowed into the stadium with a small bag."
  15. Twickenham Stadium - U2 Concert Guide

    It sounds to me like bags are allowed into the stadium if you need one, but if you can manage without, it'll speed things up if you don't bring one (presumably because they'll be thorough about checking them). However, it would be good to hear an official clarification from the venue.