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  1. There was filming done in Washington and New York, so it's likely that one of those will eventually be released... although we still haven't heard anything about a DVD of last year's tour, so who knows!
  2. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    Looks like you got your wish already:
  3. Canadanne

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I have seen it, yes.... can't say I'm a big fan of random people wearing MacPhisto's face, but hopefully it's "just a bit of fun" and they're not planning to do anything with these....
  4. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    Nope, I'm always careful not to take too many photos and I would never record videos at a U2 show - I want to appreciate the moment while it's happening!
  5. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    Yeah, it was played to death on the radio so I imagine they'll want to include it. I agree about American Soul, the lyrics would make no sense over here... but then they still played it in Canada, and I'm not sure they would drop a high-energy song like that, unless they replaced it with something that felt very similar. (There's a thought: can I request Volcano instead?! It's one of my favourite SOI tracks and I was so disappointed not to hear it on the IE tour!) I am so ready. I've been waiting 19 years for this!
  6. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    Absolutely - all of this is exactly what I've been thinking. There is so much MacPhisto could cover at the European shows, I'd be really surprised if they dropped his segment of the show. I would just rather be prepared for the possibility than get too excited and then have it ripped away from me! (I hope they don't pay too much attention to some of the negative comments on their social media accounts.) I did think Summer Of Love and Red Flag Day would be more thematically appropriate for Europe than GOOYOW and American Soul (and I'd probably prefer to hear them), but the setlist seems so fixed that I dunno if they'll bother changing it for us, especially since GOOYOW was a single here.
  7. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    Sorry, I only just saw this message. Glad your friend liked the transcripts. I'm attending both the London shows, but I don't want to take it for granted that MacPhisto will be part of the European tour!
  8. Canadanne

    MacPhisto fansite

    The transcripts for North America are now complete, so you can relive every wonderful speech from this leg of the tour. Please say there is more to come in Europe... lots of fun possibilities there, and I really want to see him in person! Now to concentrate on getting the rest of the website up to date. I've been working on it, but there's just so much to say...
  9. Canadanne

    The World Cup Thread

    I already suspected this whole U2 tour was just a crazy dream. Now I *know* I'm dreaming!
  10. This photo is so perfect. If The Fly were still around, he would definitely be an Instagram whore!
  11. Time for a MacPhisto reunion...?
  12. How lovely to hear Mr MacPhisto singing for us in his speech tonight!
  13. And a dream come true!
  14. Canadanne

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    "Putting children in cages... very Hansel and Gretel, no?" There are many dark clouds in the world at the moment, but MacPhisto's return is one hell of a silver lining. He's a diabolical delight and getting better with every show. Thank you for letting him back into the concerts!
  15. Canadanne 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I thought this suggestion by - a graphic novel based on the EI Tour's intermission video - was a great idea: Now *that's* the kind of special subscriber's gift I would welcome!