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  1. Yes, that happened to me in January when I tried to ask them a question about the presales. I had no such problems with a previous support request in December so I don't know why that one failed.
  2. What's "Zoo"?

    Zoo Station was the first one, with the song taking its name from the station near Berlin Zoo. The tour took its name from the song (as with Lovetown, Elevation and Vertigo), and everything else just followed on from that...
  3. Bombarded with emails

    Yeah it's correct, it has always been the same address and I don't want to use an alternative address that I'd never remember to check. The order confirmation emails reach me so I know my provider isn't blocking or anything. I think some subscribers are just not on their mailing list any more for some reason. Thank goodness they still put our presale codes on the website!
  4. Bombarded with emails

    Yeah, exactly the same for me - I used to get all the newsletters, reminders and presale emails until about 2008, but now I don't receive anything except my order confirmations for subscriptions and merchandise. I suspect a bunch of us got accidentally removed from the mailing list when the site relaunched in 2009.
  5. Album presale

    The link from the email has now been updated to show the additional dates, although the actual presale links aren't up yet.
  6. Ticket limit

    UPDATE: I asked AXS if the 2 ticket limit was just for the presale or if 2 is the maximum allowed for the concert. They have replied to say it's definitely an OVERALL limit of 2 tickets, not 4 as stated on Ticketmaster. (I specifically asked if we can purchase 2 more via different presales or the public sale.) thank you for contacting AXS. The ticket limit for the event is per cardholder and for the entire event. If you booked tickets for Tuesday the 23rd of October on a presale, that means you're not allowed to purchase more tickets for this show in your name and your card. If customers purchases more tickets than the ticket limit allows they risk having their orders cancelled.
  7. Album presale

    The general sale has always been scheduled for 9am, at least for the London show.
  8. Album presale

    9am *is* the general sale, isn't it?
  9. Ticket limit

  10. Ticket limit

    I thought that originally, but the wording on AXS made me wonder: "There is a limit of 2 tickets per card holder on this event. Any customer purchasing more than 2 tickets will have their tickets cancelled without notice." It says the limit is for the "event" rather than the presale (which didn't allow you to purchase more than 2 anyway)...
  11. Ticket limit

    Does anyone know why AXS says there's a 2 ticket limit for the "event" but Ticketmaster says the limit is 4? Which is correct? And is it a per-show limit or an overall limit for the tour?
  12. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I think the codes won't appear until Wednesday night, which is when the emails go out. I never get those emails from so I'm really glad they are still going to put them on the website for us as well!
  13. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    The Help page confirms the following: -- There is no Verified Subscriber / Verified Fan process for European shows. -- Text messaging will not be used for European shows. -- Our presale codes will appear on our profiles and on the Tour page, as well as being sent by email on Wednesday night. Hurrah! Thanks for keeping it simple, " Subscribers can purchase 2 tickets for any U2eiTour show(s)" - I would *guess*, and hope, that the wording means we can still buy 1 ticket for 2 different shows?
  14. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    You can renew your subscription at
  15. Eurpoean Presale-verified fan???

    Finally got a reply to the questions I submitted via the help page some time ago. Nothing here that other people haven't already posted, but just in case anyone was still uncertain... I asked: "I am in the UK and want to participate in the European subscriber presales early next year. Do I need to renew my subscription before the 12th November deadline, or is that only for people who want to participate in the North American presales? Also, is there any need to create and connect a US Ticketmaster account if I don't intend to buy tickets for the North American shows?" They replied: "Sorry for the confusion with the set up. No need to complete the setup if you are not interested in purchasing US/Canada tickets. Simply wait for the European leg of the tour to be announced." So I guess I won't bother renewing my subscription until nearer the time.