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  1. Nooooo! Always been a casual Tolkien fan but I only got stuck into some of the posthumous releases within the past decade (The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and Morgoth's Ring). I'm so indescribably grateful for all of Christopher's hard work to share that extra material with us! What a sad day.
  2. Saw this on Twitter, three tribute bands playing Dublin in September - http://twitter.com/U2_Fans_Tour/status/1216969297723109377
  3. I can think of one bit they might not like to air in Hungary...
  4. The ultimate U2 festive playlist... Actual Christmas songs: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Happy Xmas (War Is Over) I Believe In Father Christmas White Christmas (I only just discovered this one) Do They Know It's Christmas (multiple versions featuring Bono, though the original is the only one worth bothering with!) Various Dublin busking performances featuring Bono/Edge Songs with references to Christmas (not all particularly cheerful, but anyway!) Angel Of Harlem Miss Sarajevo If God Will Send His Angels Peace On Earth Sleep Like A Baby Tonight With Or Without You (PopMart Live From Mexico City) - I love the "Happy Christmas!" moment where this starts to build into a really magical, joyful performance ❤️ And a bunch of others with titles or lyrics relating to winter/snow etc... Did I forget anything? U2gigs lists a few snippets of We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells, but I haven't heard any of them!
  5. Wow, I've loved the song for 20 years but I've never seen or heard this live version before!
  6. Another one I just heard about recently is W2 who are based in Scotland - http://www.facebook.com/w2u2tributeband/
  7. Bet nobody would complain about a confusing/anticlimactic news announcement live from the stage today...
  8. I want this to be real! U2 Babies, we make our dreams come true U2 Babies, we'll do the same for you...
  9. I'm sure they have done this at least once in the past - no idea why it hasn't happened this year... If they need ideas for the 2020 gift, how about a live Joshua Tree CD, similar to the 2019 gift but featuring the best performances from the current tour?
  10. Some upcoming gig dates in the UK: Saturday 14th December - U2Baby at The Woodley Arms, Stockport Saturday 28th December - U2 2 at Empire Bar, Rochdale Friday 17th January - U2 2 at Barras Art and Design, Glasgow Friday 7th February - U2 2 at The Majestic Theatre, Darlington Friday 28th February - U2Baby at Sub89, Reading Saturday 7th March - U2 2 at The Forum, Northallerton Sunday 8th March - U2 2 at Huntingdon Hall, Huntingdon Friday 20th March - U2 2 at The Brook, Southampton Saturday 21st March - U2Baby at The Globe, Cardiff Saturday 4th April - U2 2 at Ystrad RFC Events, Rhondda Thursday 9th April - U2Baby at The Cavern Club, Liverpool Sunday 12th April - U2 2 at The Southbank Bar, Nottingham Thursday 16th April - U2Baby at The Horns, Watford Saturday 18th April - U2 2 at The Brickmakers, Norwich Saturday 9th May - U2Baby at Venue:73, Brighouse Friday 29th May - U2 2 at The Forum Studio Theatre, Chester Saturday 6th June - U2Baby at The Half Moon, Putney Saturday 13th June - U2 2 at The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham Saturday 13th June - U2Baby at Layton Concert Hall, Blackpool Saturday 18th July - U2 2 at the Brookside Theatre, Romford Saturday 8th August - U2Baby at SomerRock Festival, Bridgwater Saturday 19th September - U2Baby at Engine Rooms, Southampton Friday 25th September - U2 2 at Chinnerys, Southend-on-Sea Thursday 1st October - U2Baby at The Cavern Club, Liverpool Saturday 10th October - U2Baby at MK11, Milton Keynes Saturday 7th November - U2Baby at The Half Moon, Putney Saturday 21st November - U2Baby at Nightrain, Bradford
  11. One of the first bands I ever considered my "favourite" when I was a kid. Great songs and a fantastic singer - very sad news.
  12. Did U2 officially change their name to "The U2 Group" at some point? It's what Bono always calls them nowadays!
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