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  1. No , I didn't received notification . The vinyls just arrived.
  2. Today I received the 2017 fan club gift , the vinyl collection . In California .
  3. moncho 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    For the first shows announced the pre-sale is already finish . You have to wait and see if they announce new dates or buy in the general sale tomorrow.
  4. Write Mercado Libre Argentina on the web , and on that page write Traslados recital Plata U2 , and you will see 5 or 6 companies who make trips to concerts from Buenos Aires to La Plata city.
  5. Febottini is there a way I can send you a PM ?

  6. Febottini what is your advice to buy tickets for one of the concerts in Sao Paulo. Thanks

    1. febottini


      Hi! Unfortunately all tickets are sold out, but I could say that the best way is to be U2com subscriber to be part of presale. It was how it worked for me.

    2. moncho
  7. Yes is real , the nosebleeds on the side are $ 155 plus extras , and on the opposite of the stage $ 100 and at the very far place $35 plus extras
  8. moncho

    GA Tickets still "being processed"

    RLochner please post how your call went with Tickemaster . Thanks
  9. moncho

    RZ at MSG

    Yes Jasonemg you can go in & out as much as you want .
  10. moncho

    Have 7/22 & 7/23 GA - requesting Trade for Seats

    Nuzzer1 i have 2 tickets 110 seccion july 27 , looking to trade for GA july 23 .
  11. moncho

    red zone july 23rd HALF PRICE.

    Still have the tickets ?
  12. The difference is that they play like 6 diferent songs , but the show is exactly the same .
  13. moncho

    Paper AND paperless tickets - almost caught me!

    Print also the sheet with the GA ticket information , you never know when you can need that .
  14. Thanks for the info .
  15. Is everybody with a Vip Party ticket gets the book ?