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  1. Happy day . arrived today (in perfect condition).
  2. uukaks

    Songs youd love to hear on this tour

  3. Support for the moderators from here aswell. They´ve been always so helpful. For example on Tuesday they promptly answered my e-mail and solved that issue and I got the code on time. Many thanks for you guys. Really appreciate your work. Love & peace
  4. uukaks

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    Same here. Just got both text and code. Thank you so much our brilliant moderators.
  5. uukaks


    Great to hear, but to us they said that getting a refund it will take 4-6 weeks. (?) Strange considering the deadline for the refund requests was on the 30th Nov and that by the 6/7 Dec they will have resold the tickets.... My ticket was GA (billet collector) for the 15 Nov (7th Dec) and I sent the request for refund by mail on Nov 24th (if this piece of info can help). I'm wasted because I would have gone back to Paris in a heartbeat but economic reasons and work constraints didn't allow the possibility... The first e-mail to them was right after Paris, Nov.16th (and several others later). Also, our tickets have been returned to them for more than a week ago, so you would think they already have had time enough to deal with this refund. Instead, they just said that it will take 4-6 weeks, more. In the worst case, nearly two months. I asked them why. Waiting for an answer...
  6. uukaks


    Great to hear, but to us they said that getting a refund it will take 4-6 weeks. (?)
  7. uukaks


    Thank you so much bigwave. Really appreciate your help.
  8. uukaks


    No reply..., no refund..., no nothing. Weird? Are there still others who haven´t got any respond from them or are we the only ones?
  9. uukaks


    Same situation here as well. A week ago sent them an email with our e-tickets and order number. There´s no answer to this yet...
  10. uukaks

    Need two for Dublin4

    Solved!!!! :)
  11. uukaks

    ticket drop shows 1 & 2 right now

    Hi bigwave. Has this been for Dublin4 yet? I have not seen it at all.
  12. uukaks

    Need two for Dublin4

    ...still searching..., hoping..., believing...
  13. uukaks

    I can't believe the news today

    Touching post, electricco. Similar thoughts here, too. We arrived in Paris on Friday, the mind full of joy and excitement, to see once again the unforgettable gig the next day, from the band which I`ve loved for over 30 years and which has been such a big part of my life and even into part of my personality. So, quick hotel check-in, and then directly to the bar nearby for a couple of beers. Well, it took only a second or two when the TV news began to tell what has happened. The first thoughts were that this should not be true what you just see. But were they, unfortunately. The atmosphere changed immediately. Tomorrow's gig was no longer the most important thing. Instead, grief stepped in ... We no longer wanted to be in Paris anymore.