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    Yng Nghymru
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    Music, proper football ⚽️, rugby, cycling up alps and snowboarding down them. Running slowly but not to standstill, walking travelling and the great outdoors.
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    Achtung or TJT
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    Zooropa 93 either Cardiff or Wembley.
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    TJTT twickenham awful stadium where they play awful ?.
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    I&e at the 02.
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    Can’t say I have one.
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    Muse, killers, manics

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  1. Happily married for 15 years today, if I had my time again I’d make exactly the same choice.
  2. Needs some rain so sir Cliff can sing......
  3. It’s always barbecue season in Wales! Double Weber Barberetta!
  4. Think Welsh The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 tonight!
  5. Dancing to the Killers live with my beautiful 13 yo daughter in a Welsh Castle on a balmy summers night! life is good!
  6. Tickets these days are flexibly priced.... mega bucks to the die hards who buy early but if the tickets are still available nearer the show they drop the prices to fill the venue!
  7. Dawes are coming to the U.K. but alas not to Wales.
  8. Getting lighter getting quicker🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
  9. Weathers been rubbish for the last fortnight... just in time for festival season!
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