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    Music, proper football ⚽️, rugby, cycling up alps and snowboarding down them. Running slowly but not to standstill, walking travelling and the great outdoors.
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    Achtung or TJT
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    Zooropa 93 either Cardiff or Wembley.
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    TJTT twickenham awful stadium where they play awful ?.
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    I&e at the 02.
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    Can’t say I have one.
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    Muse, killers, manics

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  1. I drove my wife’s open top Beetle (but not through the eye of a needle.....)
  2. It’s supposed to be good things only in here! oatmeal?!?!😉
  3. I think after what has been 5 years of pretty constant touring they deserve a rest..... they are after all 60 ish! alternatively as befits their years maybe their next world tour should be on a cruise ship.........
  4. Will post a pic later but this is the Best U2.com reward I’ve ever had. Brilliant. thanks U2.com @bigwave @mich40 @Max Tsukino and anyone involved in the production of this. much much prefer this to the recent vinyl offerings( I’ve nothing against vinyl per se it’s just limited appeal -especially if you haven’t used the format since the early 90s.
  5. However....the state of the nation aside....I’m feeling great!
  6. Thanks we need it........ To quote Michael Stipe ... world leaders pretend. my view it is not if, but when Scotland goes it alone..... I’ll be sad to see them go but completely understand the POV up there....they simply are not represented by the Westminster Govt.
  7. It’s Boris V Jezza Corbyn with a side of Sturgeon .......with Farage lingering like a bad smell.... Hobson’s Choice election the 12/12
  8. Feeling sad that more than ever before we have a list of bad choices to vote for in the upcoming U.K. general election. least worst option it is then........
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