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    Achtung or TJT
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    Zooropa 93 either Cardiff or Wembley.
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    TJTT twickenham awful stadium where they play awful ?.
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    I&e at the 02.
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    Can’t say I have one.
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  1. doctornickriviera

    ACHTUNG BABY is 27 ..........

  2. doctornickriviera

    ACHTUNG BABY is 27 ..........

    Still absolutely love this intro....
  3. doctornickriviera

    Waving the EU flag

    Looks like we should be waving the white flag instead in the UK #brexitscrewup
  4. doctornickriviera

    U2 Player not Working

    End of the tour so it’s having a well earned rest.......
  5. doctornickriviera

    Favourite tour of the last 4 years?

    IE>EI>>> TJT
  6. Sold their soul to the devil when they signed with LiveNation sadly. All downhill from there.
  7. blinking welsh.... you just can’t trust them!? This made me smirk U2 fan using Edge and Bono’s real names as directors of a fraudulent company. Defrauding the NHS however sucks and I’m glad they’ve been convicted.
  8. doctornickriviera

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    What about Coldplay? ?
  9. doctornickriviera

    Red Zone 2018 | RED Zone Experiences (merged)

    In manchester 2 there was loads of room in GA yet the red zone seemed sardine like Bizarre. It felt like GA was way undersold that night , you could move easily all around the floor. at London 2 GA and RZ was Rammed!
  10. doctornickriviera


    With a giant claw!? bring back the claw!
  11. doctornickriviera

    What concert are you seeing next?,pressure-tour-cities-reveal_4842.htm dont seem to be playing in the birthplace of Willy Wonka mind.
  12. doctornickriviera

    Larry Mullen No Longer 14/Happy Birthday Larry!! (merged)

    Smile like you Mean it Larry
  13. doctornickriviera

    What concert are you seeing next?

    No gigs Planned now muse Tix next
  14. doctornickriviera

    U2 Winding Down???

    I think they need a rest. I feel really spoilt and lucky having seen them 4x in the last 3 years and feel sad that our Asian, African and Australasian friend have completely missed out. If all the band members have the desire to continue performing I’m sure they’ll tour again. At the end of the day it’s all down to that. They don’t need to tour anymore. Mind you It Must be pretty cool touring the world with your 3 best mates when you’re pushing 60. They were great on Saturday and Wednesday and if they tour again I’m definitely in.
  15. doctornickriviera

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Anyone else not going to manage a late evening tonight zzzzzzzzzzzzz.