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    Yng Nghymru
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    Music, proper football ⚽️, rugby, cycling up alps and snowboarding down them. Running slowly but not to standstill, walking travelling and the great outdoors.
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    Achtung or TJT
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    Zooropa 93 either Cardiff or Wembley.
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    TJTT twickenham awful stadium where they play awful ?.
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    I&e at the 02.
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    Can’t say I have one.
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    Muse, killers, manics

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  1. So in RedHill town you saw the pints go down on Mich........glug glug!😉
  2. I’m hanging/holding on in this town today.... the lights haven’t gone down!
  3. Ginger Baker the cream of drummers.
  4. This makes me feel too old! Zooropa 93 Veteran Here Cardiff Arms Park and Wembley.
  5. The Cult Sonic Temple, followed by the Stereophonics in Cardiff. simple minds are touring Next spring, alas and sorry Jim.... I shall be snowboarding.....can you arrange a gig in Obergurgl?
  6. 3 guessing by the activity on the forum! 😉
  7. I’m not listening to the downloads, like Gollum I’m awaiting something precious shiny and silver with a hole in the middle!😀
  8. I loved invisible live.... it also helped identify the U2 diehard nuts in the audience...(myself included)
  9. Content. With life my family and my choices
  10. Pretty awesome company too in 1960 the contraceptive pill and Ayrton Senna!
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