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  1. Hey there looking for two g.a tickets for both nights. Message me if you can point a lad in the right direction. Peace, love and happiness.
  2. Hi there Every year I have a subscription for myself and my dad (huge u2 fan). For some reason u2.com decided to put him in the innocent group. He emailed them and called (all lines busy) and no one responded. Can we please have this rectified? The presale for myself and him was an utter disaster and I hope that something is done. Thanks! PS: We were trying for g.a in Boston and NYC.
  3. Boy I long for the days of Propaganda where you got your form, mailed in your money and got your tickets. With change comes uncertainly hopefully these fears will be replaced with tears of joy. One can only hope.. right?
  4. The children I taught at Soweto Nursery school in the district of Karanga, Moshi Town, Tanzania.
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