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  1. Is it possible to bring small backpack into Foro Sol?
  2. Red Zone Details

    No, as Max wrote right above you they're sent out by the ticketing company even if under that name
  3. RZ email for Mexico City N1

    I can fully understand .Never received anything from OCESA but I have regular GA .The only mail I got (actually twice) is been from TM saying will call is now possible also at the venue :/
  4. RZ email for Mexico City N1

    Any question you might have about the shows I suggest you to get in touch with their customer service twitter account, used more than once and always got answer If youspeak only English it's not a problem @ServicioTM
  5. Thoughts and Prayers with Mexico

    Not to mention this other one
  6. Thoughts and Prayers with Mexico

    This is one of the pics which impressed me the most Wishingh Mexico a prompt and full recovery
  7. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    It was supposed to be shipped in September Then we can start moaning for next year's gift
  8. News from Ocesa

    As far as possible, some good news from México Foro Sol can host the shows
  9. Any place will do Discovering new places always adds something to your u2 experience
  10. If you could make 1 edit to the current set list?

    No Elevation Yes to Crazy Remix
  11. No Miss Sarajevo Wondering if they're considering that place in the set list for a new song and still working on the video
  12. All the info you need

    I'm planning a bit of sightseeing (been already in Amsterdam in the past) Royal palace and Heineken experience Are they worth time and money? Also... Any suggestion for a good place to eat? Thank you again
  13. All the info you need

    Topic of the year! Thanks so much
  14. Croke Park : queuing, GA lines, and other stuffs

    Any sort of q and numbering should start only on the day of the show Anything else is totally unfair
  15. Battery on my mobile died before the end I promise I will add a few lines very soon