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  1. Last year Robbie Williams did the same ordering his album but one totally legit site gave codes without purchase
  2. Zoo Xmas card exchange 2017 (Merged/All Info)

  3. Zoo Xmas card exchange 2017 (Merged/All Info)

    Guys writing me worked only while pm were not working You can now follow the instructions given by Julie (I'll quote her post)
  4. If both the accounts are under your name or any data is in common you broke the rules and this might be the reason for not getting the code Send them back the mail offering the reimbursement
  5. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Any actual source for what you say? (just asking
  6. Thanks to all the mods and fan sites all over the world Mr Oseary' answer just stated the obvious, no real solutions no real explanations
  7. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread
  8. FINE PRINT of Verified Fan Presale

    It says Completing your set up does not mean you have been verified nor does it guarantee participation at the presale So basically wedon't know if we are ok until the very last moment when/if we receive the mail And again when we paid for the subscription there was no mention of all this
  9. FINE PRINT of Verified Fan Presale

    Yes but above that I have (like anyone else I guess) the following which still keeps unclear if being a paid member with set up complete is enough to get a code for verified subscriber/ member presale, a code we are supposed to receive because we paid the membership
  10. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Being an indoor tour I don't think they will play in southern Europe /hot countries during summer My 2cents 'tho
  11. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Verified subscriber presale Atthe beginning i completed the set up of my account which was possible even without subscribing to the verified fan programme Then I disconnected my tm usa account when was clear it wasn't necessary for Europe and now I have no longer the set up complete But these would not prevent from joining the verified fan presale if I wanted verified fan and verified subscriber are totally separate
  12. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Guys, you better always keep in mind the difference between verified subscribers code and verified fan code Ifound absolutely normal verified fan code can't be used in Europe since it was created for Usa/Canada Onsale (former General public sale)
  13. Not a lottery added only recently You better read all the threads regarding the presale There's been lack of clear info since the beginning and rules changing often Last in order general sale opened to everyone no codes needed I'm sorry to say but U2 are fully responsible of the management they chose which includes also ticketing
  14. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Maybe its for the verified fan/general sale not for subscribers hence not goid for new dates