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  1. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Yeah! 😊
  2. monica martino store merchandise

    Custom charges are never included in the price, not only for store When you don't pay for, it's just out of luck
  3. monica martino

    silly money question

    The discount coupon is only one per subscription per year and can be redeemed just once I don't understand what you mean for this time. Shipping is not 10%,can't tell how they charge FOR. Recently I ordered 3 tshirts for a total of 75 GBP and I had to pay 9.99GBP. If for international fees you mean custom fee, well that's normal when you receive goods from abroad like out of the States or EC
  4. monica martino store merchandise

    I paid in GBP (prices are better than those in €) The only option for the shipping was Royal mail But still they shipped from USA Waiting to see if I'll be charged for custom
  5. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Got it a couple of days ago Maybe you should check your spam folder
  6. monica martino

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    Never heard of extra or different gift for renewing early
  7. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Send it to follow 😉
  8. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Thank you for the pinned thread and new title 😘 Do we have a deadline to send info?
  9. monica martino

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Glen Hansard for me, mid December Then no idea, plenty of shows on the list but it's getting really expensive so I need to think carefully which one is really worth the effort
  10. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Just sent pm Thanks 😃
  11. monica martino

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange Thread

    Believe it or not I just realised that November is almost over and normally is that time of the year for the Xmas card exchange I'm in no matter how many we are 🎄🎄🎄🎄
  12. monica martino

    Dublin Live Thread #U2eiTour
  13. monica martino

    Manchester Live Thread #U2eiTour

    When you're spoiler free and you realise that...
  14. monica martino

    Free CD with Europe Tix?

    Definitely no InEurope we had presale code if we preordered the album on selected websites
  15. monica martino

    Dublin 3 Arena Red Zone

    For i+e (Red) zones was that far from the sides of the end of catwalk (yeah bad position indeed)