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  1. Still nothing here! It's underway now for more than a month.... Who keeps the discs from sending??? What is the use of a tracking number???
  2. What an incredible anti-climax this afternoon..... Bringing announcements like these there should be at least a mention of a NEW release (album/bestof/dvd/bluray). Poor management...
  3. Still nothing here in the Netherlands..... e-mail notification on nov 1st....😞
  4. Got an email notification on nov. 1st.... Still not received it.... it has never taken so long to receive a fanclub gift. What is going on?
  5. Email notification on november 1st, still nothing received in the Netherlands . What post-office do they use??? It looks it's stuck in DonaldTrumpLand.😡 More than a year now since the gift has been announced..
  6. Okay the JT dvd is on a hold because of the 'new tour. BUT what happened with the release of the E&I dvd/blu-ray??? What's the point in no releasing it? Still producing troubles??? They've had a year to produce it!! Man, what a slow working company this U2factory had become. (And I don't even mention the fanclub gift delays, delays in new albumreleases). As a band they stopped with thinking in deadlines, but of appears that the recordcompany/live nation isn't working with deadlines anymore. I'm sounding like a frustrated U2-fan, and .....that's exactly what I am! Come on u2! Release more regularly! And bring on The Tour Dvd for E&I right away!
  7. I see nothing either. I wonder when it will arrive... Next gift could be announced within a month...
  8. I think you're completely right. Ripping fans of with coloured vinyls is showing them lazy moneygrabbers. They could do a lot better.
  9. Did anybody get an email notification about shipping yet?????
  10. As a U2-fan since the early 80's I'm very disappointed in U2's release strategy. What we get is what we've got: Releasing all different kind of colorvinyl is ripping of fans. In The AB deluxe sets another dvd for ZooTV and another Zooropa(with no further extras or improvement of quality).... Of course there have been some great releases in the past, but they are rare (Joshua tree deluxe with Paris Concert) or The extra dvd for AB with great material, or the deluxe treatments of Boy, October, War UABLS and UF. But the last years there is almost NOTHING. Some vinyls for RSD, but I don't have a recordplayer (still buying the vinyls though). There could finally could be: A deluxe treatment for RAttle and Hum with outtakes, a bluray version with material from the Love Town concerts, A ZooTv concert release (not a zooropa/zoomerang thing), The Pop deluxe version, with outtakes, bluray with A year in Pop, a blu ray version for Popmart Mexico, or better another recorded concert from Popmart, a collection of ATYCLB versions/bluray elevation tour/deluxe ATYCLB, The complete HTDAAB WITH mercy and u23d Bluray, The Rubin Sessions 2006, NLOTH with demos and or the first version of Songs Of Ascent, Then the much rumoured JT dvd/bluray or E&I dvd/bluray (with could be announced in the coming couple of weeks), with HBO documentary. Then for the fanclub subscribers there could be released a lot of livesongs/concerts and gift sent out in time There is an awful lot of material on the shelves, but the unique releases are very rare in comparison to other bands/singers etc... (Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Prince, Bowie, Marillion(!) even REM releases more!) I'm proud to be a U2 fan, but their release strategy sucks!
  11. . Shipping from the USA takes not as long as from the UK here in the Netherlands. So I hope from the USA....
  12. It's.................. October!!!!
  13. Complete agree on this. After several 'delays' the item was said to be shipped in August. And guess what? No shipping. It's almost a year since it has been announced! I know it'll arrive one day for sure and I love this gift but teasing and teasing us is not so great. Another point of disappointment for me is the lack of official NEW u2 releases. It looks like every band is releasing deluxe versions and other material regularly (Stones, REM, etc etc) U2 stays with old releases in a different colour. It has become very lazy business for u2. Money is more important now than their fans imo. Last great deluxerelease was the deluxe set of AB several years ago. After that they stopped with deluxe versions. Where are the dvd's/blu rays for JT, E&I for example??? As a fan I'm
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