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  1. All the old videos on u2's official YouTubeChannel are in old resolutions. Why aren't they updated and upscaled to 1080p??? U2 has to improve these digital things . Or... is it the money (again?)!!
  2. We should have a definitive tracklist by now... on 25th of april it was mentioned that we would have it next month.... What's the problem with announcing it???
  3. Still no news on anything yet... No down-undertour announcement, no dvd-news, no fanclubcd-news. In the meantime the Rolling Stones keep releasing blurays, dvd's , cd's etc. etc.. I'm convinced there will be solid and great releases, but why the long wait... Or surprise once more....
  4. Why does it always take so long for something being announced? The shows down under, but also the dvd-releases from tjt and E&I ... The news from the website hasn't been updated since a month... And that was completely irrelevant news... It's also very quiet on the fanclub cd front. Why not release a new download?
  5. No site update since march 13th.... pffff.... no dvd-news, no fan-cd news, no tour news.... Are they still on this planet??? There should.be a joshuatreeddvd in a couple of months though...
  6. Still no downloads.... further delays foreseen.
  7. What a great song and remix is this....
  8. What is this, another failiure for U2.com after 5 years it could be much better!!!
  9. Exactly the same story for me. As long as they provide the important codes on the subscibers page I'm allright with it. Although for now I'm somewhat nervous...
  10. Still no code for Experience..
  11. There's really a lack of information at the moment. I'm not waiting on another U2 track top 15 from a longtime U2friend. These articles are boring in these times (when we all wait on new album news). It feels like u2's been beaten by Coldplay last month, when they announced their new album. I remember it's been almost a year since a photo appeared with U2 talking to Steve Averill for the design. For an early summer release we must hear some news in the coming weeks. Otherwise I think a 2014 album will be out of the picture.
  12. Well U2 shouldn't blame the press, they did a lot of talk about the fantastic songs they have had the past years. They should be tired about themselves. For heaven sake, talk to your fans, give the fans what they want ( u2 live 3d dvd/rattle and hum reissue) and go to work. Probably everybody could be happy. They don't choose either. Angry and disappointed fans, lot of pressure on their own work.....
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