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  1. I suspect that they will release more tickets as the day goes by. This is what happened for the JT tour this year. I think it's their way of discouraging resellers.
  2. Bigwave...you just posted that they are giving out numbers for the GA line at NRG stadium. I have 3 tickets....do you know if I can drive up there today and get numbers for all 3 of us or do we all have to be present the day before to get our numbers?

  3. They based "long time subscriber" on whether you renewed your membership before or after Christmas....That's not right. That should be based on when you 1st subscribed or because a fan club member. I have been one since before U2.com existing and it was just Propaganda. I got rolled up in the Wire group and got nothing. I've always been put in the first group on all the previous tours. This is very fustrating and disappointing. I hope they are reading this.

    1. Rmadrid9
    2. Ann-Marie


      Same here...ridiculous. Paid $12.00 for my first U2 ticket. Now I can't even get one with presale code for less that $300. Member since propaganda too


    3. lmbyrne


      Exactly. The worst process . First concert - war tour and then from on tickets for all shows . Now no tickets this time !. Are you for real ?? Ticket master blocking you out over and over .. two days wasted. Give me the old days of standing in line outside a store ..

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