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    music,literature,journalism,theatre,economic policy.
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    Joshua Tree
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    Song for someone
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    The Beatles,David Bowie, Muse,Gavin Friday.

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About Me

Being Born in Bologna and still live in. With a quiet passion in sing writing. I believe in the values of family, love and friendship. Work is essential to be in society. And volunteering is a big help for the others in need.

My name is Paola, those ones believe in unconditional love know how to call me without hurting myself.

Forty years ago (wow) I started taking lessons of guitar. I studied music for a year and then I stopped going to lessons for a stupid reason. I had to study composition etc. Now I play the guitar and I am pride of being able, but my knowledge is not complete. Reflection is important and not on your own,possibly!


U2  I e E Tour has been amazing. GREAT. Experience the songs now!

Everything is going to be all right.

If you are not the guide, help that in the meantime.


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