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    Unforgettable Fire Tour - Vancouver B.C.
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  1. So who's all going from the YEG area? RED Zone anyone?
  2. Got one for Vancouver, no issues Can't wait - 4 months today!!
  3. I was attending college in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1981. One weekend night I happened to attend a college sponsored hall party and for me, it was a life changing experience. Some local band was playing in the background and I honestly wasn't paying that much attention to them. That all changed when they started playing a cover of I Will Follow. I had never heard that song before but something about it immediately grabbed me and I couldn't stop listening. I left the party that night not knowing anything about that song other than the lyrics playing over and over in my head. A few weeks later I was walking through a shopping centre, past a record store, all of the sudden I heard that song playing - THAT SONG - I WILL FOLLOW... Once finding out who was performing it I immediately purchased the vinyl LP Boy, by a band called U2 that I had never heard of. I took it home and couldn't stop listening to it; one of the only records I have ever purchased that included amazing music from start to finish. I then found an import record store and began buying every piece of U2 vinyl I could find and that they could get their hands on. My life was changed the night I heard that cover band's version of I Will Follow. I have become an huge fan of U2 and have attended many of their concerts in North America. I have also amassed a huge collection of U2 memorabilia, including a rare copy of U2 3. For me no one else's music matters that much.
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