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  1. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Yes, well done France and it was a good game too. Thanks also to the OP for starting the thread - it was a lot of fun.
  2. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    A rant. I’m proud of the England Team and all they achieved at the WC. They did good but lost to the better team on the day. Fair enough. BUT I’m fed up of the increasing personal criticism directed at the players on Social Media and on various websites. Do other countries do this to their teams?
  3. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Forgot to say...COME ON ENGLAND.
  4. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Just as well I’m not a betting man as I would have lost money tonight.
  5. I rather like the idea of this gift as it is a difficult item to find and not readily available to buy.
  6. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Goodbye Germany😂
  7. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Iceland or a Nigeria win would do by me!
  8. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    So, who will win? If I was a betting man I’d say Belgium.
  9. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    We all feel the disappointment in supporting England!! But it was the first game of our tournament and won it. The first time in how many years?? Also I think in context it was a good result as a number of the big teams have fallen and the first game hurdle (Germany, Brazil, Argentina). I'm in no way suggesting a super inflated sense of expectation but things are possible with this team. PS Am sorry about the Spurs condition but you probably won't have much sympathy for a Man Utd fan!
  10. adrnik

    The World Cup Thread

    Why the negativity? It wasn't luck as a goal scored counts no matter when it goes in. Man Utd were experts in playing up until the whistle and often believed they could score the winner in the dying seconds. It looks as if England have begin to believe in this mentality too. It was a promising and encouraging performance by the whole team.
  11. adrnik

    Will there be a Songs of Ascent?

    One thing is for sure, no matter all the ways we discuss and debate the possibilities none of them will be the actual option the band take!
  12. I imagine the JT tour will be released in time for Christmas. There will probably be dates early next year for places like Australia and other countries not visited on the i&e tour. Am guessing the dvd will come out after these dates and maybe filmed in one of these places.
  13. Switchfoot Depeche Mode Arcade Fire Melody Gardot Pink Floyd Deacon Blue Simple Minds
  14. adrnik

    u2 song of the day

    I don’t have many regrets but one was not taking the opportunity to see INXS play live at Wembley following their X tour.
  15. adrnik

    What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Live versions tend to do it for me more than album versions so songs such as , Streets, a Walk On, Running to Stand still. Then there are a few songs (only a few though) that make me cry because they are so bad, Miami, Elvis ate America, Song for Someone.