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  1. I believe this year marks the 30th Anniversary of Rattle and Hum. Is it worth a re-mastered release? If so what other additional material could be included? Lastly, could songs (including some of the rarer tracks) be aired in the E&I tour?
  2. What's the word on a DVD for JT17?

    A TJT Live dvd could come out this side of Christmas. The next tour is likely to go into next year with band playing other countries not visited in recent years. That tour dvd likely to come out after that.
  3. It would make sense if they rested much of their earlier stuff but I reckon they’ll simply do a range of stuff with a chunk of Regular stuff and a couple rare ones. what’s the point of changing a winning formula anyway!!
  4. I+Etour 2018- support acts ?

    I’m hoping for no support acts as well. It would be great if they could really mix up the set list as well. I got some amazing songs on the two nights I saw them on the I&E tour.
  5. Europe

    When the USA dates were released I received a pre-sale code. I live in the UK and want to go to the London show. Can I use the said pre-sale code for this or will another be sent?
  6. 'All the promises we made…'

    It was shown again on BBC1 but with the full set list. if you have BBC iPlayer it might be on there.
  7. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    Thanks for your comments. I was curious what folk made of this from the U2 community. It originally took me a couple of reads to get to the point Bono seems to be making. I’d agree with comments above but would add that for someone who seems to work hard at using words to express ideas etc the “girly” comment was at best lazy. Those outside of the U2 fan base really do not require such things to fuel their dislike and for what is an important point it has been lost somewhat in the literal interpretation and mis-reporting.
  8. Does Bono have a point? Could he have chosen his words better? if you disagree what examples could you point Bono to?
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Might as well keep the orchestra as well. Can you imagine an orchestra with songs like Streets ... awesome.
  10. 2017 gift

    Nothing is St Albans UK
  11. U2 Don't Promote their Best Songs?

    In general I’d agree as songs like The Troubles, a where you can see me now we’re absent from the last tour. Instead they played bland songs like Song for someone and California. On NLOTH Being Born and Stand up comedy we’re againleft our of the tour in favour of Breathe and Boots. But IMHO opinion Red Flag Day and Lights are banal at very best.
  12. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    A little harsh as I think SOE is better than SOI. POP is in my least favourite U2 album. I’d agree with your other observations but would suggest the magic remains in their live shows but has gone absent on their records! ps the last DM album is rather good btw!
  13. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    It’s not a ‘great’ album but it’s still a proper album that has all the elements flow together quite nicely. Seems a bit similar to The Script in places. An album that would play well at a dinner party. Although I’m enjoying it there is a problem. It’s ‘nice’ and ‘safe’ and there’s a lack of edge, in more ways than one. There’s little risk taking despite powerful lyrics in places.
  14. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I'm a little more cautious this time round. I found SOI rather frustrating as the songs I liked had very little space on the I&E tour and the focus was on stuff I thought was, well hate to say it but bland. Song for Someone being a prime example! 'Blackout' is a gem. I managed to get the Record Store Day ltd edition version. Get out of your own way is another one I'm enjoying but 'Little things' is just 'blah' and will we be raving about 'You're the best thing' in a few years?