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  1. 39671 The heat here has gone since yesterday evening. But next week it probably will be back.
  2. This picture proves they exist (image removed - barcode, mods)
  3. I know collectors' tickets for Croke park have been dispatched already a few months ago. Better check again with Ticketmaster.
  4. 39639 At least the fifth consecutive day with temperatures above 30 degrees. And today is announced as the warmest day of the year (until now). Pftt.
  5. soe

    To be honest, I don't care when it comes. SOE will be realeased and that's the most important. Whether it's at the end of this year, the beginning of 2018 or later that year: no problem.
  6. 39613 Terror: nearly a terrible disaster happened in the main train station of Brussels last night. A terrorist wanted to let explode a bag with a bomb and nails in the hall, but was shot by soldiers who are patrolling in the station since a few months. There was only one slight explosion that didn't make casualties. The only victim was the perpetrator. He lived in Molenbeek, the place where so many terror suspects come from.
  7. Ok, saw this post just now. September is excellent.
  8. 39591 Counting while the temperature keeps rising
  9. 39588 Here in Belgium it's extremely hot too. A real heatwave with several consecutive days of more than 30 degrees.
  10. 39585 If you continue like that it's likely you'll be asked one day to play in a Star Wars movie
  11. 39561 My legs are too ugly to wear shorts.