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  1. 40337 A grey and cloudy morning here. Hope the sunshine will return soon.
  2. I do not remember where I was when Elvis died. But about twenty years later I visited Graceland in Memphis, which was a pleasant surprise. And we also went to the famous Sun studio in Memphis, where Elvis made his first records. When we arrived there the first thing we saw was ... U2. A television at the entrance of the studio showed footage of the recordings the band did there of a few songs for Rattle and Hum.
  3. 40292 And we are masters of counting!
  4. That is terrible news. Hope you will be able to recover them.
  5. 40287 Very probably!
  6. 40284 Hi Tan! Keep up the good work.
  7. 40282 I remember the heat from a trip through the States years ago. The air conditioning in the car saved me then.
  8. 40273 Noon counting on Saturday
  9. 40271 34 degrees Celsius is quite hot
  10. 40250 Were you there in 1977 Padawan?
  11. 40248 Lots of wildfires and regularly deliberately lit, at least in Europe.
  12. 40240 May the force be with you!
  13. 40235 Hello, the weather here is equally bright.
  14. 40233 Hello at noon!
  15. Everybody wants to congratulate Edge: