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  1. 45182 Counting while the news constantly reminds me of the protests in Barcelona against the long jail sentences for a number of Catalan leaders by the Spanish justice
  2. 45176 It's October and the weather forecast predicts a wonderful weekend with a maximum temperature above 20 degrees on Sunday.
  3. 45170 Hooliganism at the library. Who would have imagined that is possible.
  4. 45167 It is getting pretty cold in the evening. Together with the rain it makes the weather nasty.
  5. 45162 Chilly, rainy and windy day. Summer seems just a memory.
  6. 45160 That's true. U2 definitely made a difference. May they still exist for many years.
  7. 45156 They should be forbidden to enter the library before Monday.
  8. 45154 Seems to be a hell of a job storing books at the right spot.
  9. 45151 Very nice weather here for late September. I could use shades. 😎
  10. 45146 Morning counting while the weather is good. I don't complain.
  11. 45144 Much cooler and rainy today. The sun is hiding itself very well.
  12. 45142 Still warm weather here, especially today.
  13. 45138 It's been many days since I counted. I feel a bit guilty. 🤔
  14. 45122 The third heatwave of this summer started today
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