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    News, music, reading, running, my friends
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    The Joshua Tree
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    With or Without You
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    Mechelen, December 10 1982
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    Dublin, July 22 2017
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    Marillion-Editors-Pearl Jam-Radiohead-Kings of Leon-The Cure-Depeche Mode-Tool-The Verve

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  1. 45061 Counting in relatively cool weather while awaiting the coming heat
  2. 45044 Tennis matches sometimes last so long they get boring.
  3. 45039 Did anyone take the sun away? If so, give it back please.
  4. 45035 Finally resuming my counting duties
  5. 45022 The big heat has gone a few days ago, but the weather is still splendid.
  6. 45020 Keanu Reeves is an actor. That I know.
  7. 45018 I know nothing about Bill and Ted to be honest.Need to catch up.
  8. 45014 That's a very nice drawing Pain. Keep up the good work.
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