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  1. 44985 Sun and more sun. The next days summer temperatures are expected here.
  2. 44979 I hope the hotel staff was friendly and competent. No Fawlty Towers chaos. 😉
  3. 44977 Welcome back Padawan. Did you go to France?
  4. 44973 Too much wind and rain again today.
  5. 44970 It must be cool to attend the JT 2019 tour in Australia or Japan (or in one of the other countries).
  6. 44967 I my country they speak Dutch, French and a minority German. I don't need to go abroad for some linguistic confusion. 😉
  7. 44953 The sun is shining and the birds are whistling.
  8. 44949 That's brave of you. I hope you make it in time.
  9. 44947 I hope it's finished or almost done by now.
  10. 44943 The return of Vincent Kompany to his old club Anderlecht in Belgium and leaving Manchester City was headline news all day here. One newspaper talked about his "operation Omaha Beach".
  11. 44940 Counting on a bright Saturday morning
  12. 44934 Yesterday started chilly, but turned out to be a sunny day. Just as today.
  13. 44919 Both big parties, especially the conservatives, did not do well, I heard on the radio. That must have something to do with Brexit.
  14. 44916 Counting on a grey and cold afternoon
  15. 44908 Ok, I'll go for the Helter Skelter cover. Rattle and Hum indeed.
  16. 44906 It is so quiet here I can hear a needle fall
  17. 44899 Lots of sunshine expected during the weekend
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