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  1. I've not been able to access GA for Buffalo, have tried multiple times on multiple devices and get same error "Sorry, there aren't any matching tickets." GA doesn't appear to be included in the onsale at all, only VIP and Redzone are offered.
  2. One of my favorite U2 concert memories was from Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan on Vertigo Tour 10/25/05. My friend & I ended up with an extra paid of GA tickets that we weren't able to sell before entering the arena, or more accurately we couldn't find a fan in need instead of touts looking to mark them up. It was time to enter the venue and get our own GA wristbands and we still had the extra tix. As I was watching the opening act, I glanced up at the nosebleed section behind the stage and thought - that has got to be a lousy view from that section, I bet some nice fan up there deserves to be on the floor, so off we went to literally the last row of the worst section in the arena. I spotted a young couple and asked if they needed better seats. They didn't understand, and by that I mean that they literally didn't understand English, as well as not understanding that I was really offering them tickets at no cost. We muddled through some broken English as we walked down to the floor of the arena together. Turns out they were from Spain, in the US on their honeymoon and decided at last minute to fly from NYC to Detroit to see U2 (seriously, why else would anyone go to Detroit on their honeymoon) but sadly they got ripped off with those nosebleed seats and so they were delighted to find themselves on the floor. But wait, there's more…just then I spotted a laminated tour crew member who was assisting a fan in a wheelchair. I told him that this couple was from Spain, on their honeymoon, and before I could finish explaining, he gave all of us pit wristbands. So in less than 30 minutes they went from literally the worse seats in the arena to being 10 feet away from the band in the heart. Gas/Dinner/GA tickets $150, the look of disbelief on their face and tears of joy #priceless Pretty sure it was an #UnforgettableGig for them.
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