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  1. I am sure many have thought it and some have said it, learn to be courteous with your cell phone and filming use. Please be respectful to the people around you. I don't think any fan minds if you film or take photos as long as you do not infringe on their experience. I was at the show last night (5/30) and had the rudest woman standing next to me, she is a well known U2 streamer, who has many fans, but I do not think the fans are aware of how she gets her streaming videos. Her name is Elle and she is a tall blonde woman who goes to many shows and she and her husband/boyfriend stream (he had a DSLR with a pro lens, but he was not rude about his photography so I didn't notice him during the show). I am all for getting pics, audio, and video to the fans; but not at the expense of the fans in the crowd. This women was beyond rude! Before the show started, she was over the top high and drunk, smoking blunts and almost burning people with her carelessness and spilling her beers on people. Once the show started, she started pushing people and telling everyone to move so she could stream. As anyone on the floor knows it is impossible to move on the floor so she got upset at everyone around her. She set up her camera bags around her to try and make herself a larger spot. During the show she kept slapping people and telling them to put their hands and phones down because she "was streaming". I was near her but somehow she moved behind me during the show and decided to use my head as a stand for her phone. This did not last long. She tried it with 2 other women and they snapped at her too. The last straw for me was her moving her phone 2 inches from my eyes (how I got her name for her streaming) blocking my view with her live streaming and tweets. I had to grab her hand and physically move it away from my face. At this point she knew she pissed me off and started appologizing to me any time she hit me. I did not hear her apologize to anyone else around her. At the end of the show, about 10 people stuck around and complained about her and how she ruined their time (she was impossible to ignore even when we tried). Anyways... It is ok to film. I have no issues with it as long as the person streaming does not ruin the experience for others. GA is a privilege, it takes lots of time and dedication of real fans to be there. We do our time sitting on cement and sweating in the sun for the chance to be along the rails to see our favorite band. Please let us in enjoy the experience and have a wonderful time verses having to fight for a view due to a camera/phone in our face. I do not expect this woman to learn from this, nor to care, but I do hope some people care enough to stand up and/or learn about courtesy of camera/phone/video use. Thanks for reading my rant. Despite her, the show was awesome! I love the arena shows and the intimacy of them. So amazing!!!