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  1. I'm still partial to the completely rearranged version from Vertigo Hawaii 2006: "Michael Mitchell, you rock very hard" ?
  2. If they effin' drop this before Montreal, I will shoot myself.... (I still haven't gotten over missing ASOH on JT)
  3. I'm also amazed at how incredibly good the photos are! (Clearly time for me to upgrade from my iPhone 5c!)
  4. Wow, folks at the show don't waste any time posting photos to Instagram! (I usually wait until the show is done before I get a chance to post!) (Also, Hi Max & Mich!!)
  5. So I'm trying to wrap my head around the lyrics of the chorus, and how they relate to Mandela: "We can't reach any higher if we can't deal with ordinary love". I think I'm stuck on the word "deal" - how would you interpret the lyric?
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