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  1. Time for 3 presale tiers?

    Totally. Fair play to your colleague as those are the rules but the system for Propaganda members should remain in place. The 360 presale system was spot on. Again not rocket science. After all Bono always says how we queue in the rain etc for tickets and have given them a great life. But without Paul McG, a lot of incompetence has crept in. At least there is a presale. Guess we need to remember that too.
  2. Time for 3 presale tiers?

    All good points and well made. Reminders are sent but sometimes there are good reasons why people let it lapse for a short time (eg illness, bereavement). Rules are rules but in previous tours the cut off point was if you were registered before the tour announcement you got your first day access. That meant longterm fans were not penalised for a short lapse if they sorted it quickly in case a tour was announced. Not a personal gribe. It is what it is. Just horrible to see some folks who have faithfully subscribed for yrs not getting tickets, because the eligibility rules have recently changed. So just wondered about a different approach. Cheers.
  3. Not great reading in here that a lot of longterm fans who have being paying for years but had a small lapse in membership are treated the same as folk who signed up about 2 weeks ago. Even if rules are rules I feel their pain. Sledgehammer to crack a nut. Moot point but it it time for 3 presale tiers so there is some differentiation? So a third category in between Experience and Innocence for longterm folk who had a small lapse in membership. Tis not rocket science.

    Nothing at all against the US, but totes agree re fanclub being in UK.
  5. Yes agree. It is what it is. And alot of questions are asked that are covered in FAQ. Not all realise at first and some did not get an email flagging these points up - the mods patience is immeasurable. IMO from reading the site, a lot of angst could actually be avoided by the simple management of expectations. And I think all accept these are first world problems! Getting an opportunity at tickets is better than nothing. Easy to forget that. In fairness to those who are angry, it is easier to say you would have accepted not getting a ticket and taken it on the chin when you have secured one. That said very glad to hear you have got your tickets and it worked out. And good post to inject some perspective.
  6. Are you based on Rep of Ireland?
  7. Less gigs this tour?

    I would say the band are not spring chickens any more and need more rest, particularly Bono. More dates will prob be added. Harder to get indoor arenas as well.

    I guess it mainly comes down to logistics, venue availability and the band needing to rest more these days. Don't give up hope yet. They often do extra legs and sometimes dates are added in. Fingers crossed for you. Re Scotland, U2 were so blown away by the last Glasgow shows on the IEtour, I would say they would try to get there if possible on this tour. Jt tour was put together quickly. They only played one night on Dublin due to venue availability. They normally play 3 so again prob more a case of hampered by stadium availability. Fingers crossed they add more dates
  9. Agree with you. I suspect the contractual terms are governed by American law but you will need to check. First world problems but this is a very frustrating change. Aside anything not all people go to all concerts with others. Some people have to travel to shows and others dont want to go that far or cant get time off work or need to stay behind for childcare or other reasons. So you are left with an unused code or force to buy 2 tickets. But again designed to give fans less access to tickets and ensure you only attend 1 show. All meaning more tickets for Citi bank and Telekom! When is the Telekom presale?
  10. U2 doesn't need me.

    Thanks Bigwave. Good to know as theoetson who spoke to me said it wouls be a lottery type system. Thanks for your clarification and taking the time.
  11. Thanks. I did not get that email.
  12. Thanks again Max. Had not prpcessed that info yet but to that change. Dont think I will be renewing subscription after this tour. All the changes are so disappointing. It obs means you can be left with a code or a ticket you won't use. Good luck to people this morning trying to get tickets. Hopw you get what you want.
  13. Oh no! Where did you see that infornation about not being able to use your code to get tickets for different shows?