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  1. dmtimo2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Yep, same exact issue. Logged a complaint, and received a response that customer service would be in contact with me within 12 hours to resolve the issue. That was 2 days ago. Piss poor customer service. At this rate, there's no point to renew membership after 2019.
  2. dmtimo2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I've been a fan club member since 2008, renewed my subscription through 2019, and it's still saying that I'm in the Innocence priority presale group. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. dmtimo2

    Louisville, KY Presale

    Hi Everyone - Is it correct to assume that previous presale codes that have been used already can't be used for the Louisville, KY presale tomorrow? I'm asking, only since this is a new show and location that wasn't initially announced.
  4. dmtimo2

    Louisville, KY Presale

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I wish that this date had been listed on the first set of tour dates. I went ahead and used my 4 ticket Redhill presale limit on GA tickets to Chicago night 1, and would much prefer to swap those for 4 Louisville GA's. Considering the situation, I take it that I can't return those 4 Chicago GA's back to ticketmaster for a refund?
  5. Looking for 2 GA's for Chicago night 1.....
  6. Hi. Can totally relate... I got these extras so that I can barter to go to other shows but if for any reason I end up with these going unused for that purpose I will def reach out to you!!! I appreciate it!!
  7. i don't have Dublin GA's, but I do need 2 Chicago GA's for the first night. I'd be happy to take those off of your hands!
  8. Ugh. Still no luck getting 2 GA's.....
  9. dmtimo2

    10:01 Tickets sold out

    I had no luck getting 2 GA's this morning. Forgive me if this isn't the place to ask, but let me know if anyone is willing to part with 2 GA's. At this point, I'm very cautious about buying the GA's on Stubhub with the CC authorization......
  10. dmtimo2

    Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

    Still not working for me....
  11. dmtimo2

    TicketMaster Problems (MERGED)

    Ticketmaster won't take my pre-sale access code. Awesome.