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  1. Any new subscription packages? I have been a subscribed member for some time and need to renew my subscription in September but I have already received all three packages from previous subscriptions. In other words, if I re-new in september I have would only be sent a duplicate package that I already have. Is anyone else in this situation? Not sure how this happened. I would like to renew but there has to be a new package to choose from to make it worthwhile. If anyone can lend an ear that would be cool. Frank
  2. GET OUT OF THE RED ZONE AND GET TO WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS!! Had Red Zone tickets for 3 nights in Chicago. I know, I totally broke the bank. But listen....If you are a huge fan and really want to be immersed with the band, don't stay in the Red Zone! The beauty of the Red Zone is that it gives you the opportunity to literally be at the front rail of the main stage without having to get to the venue early in the morning or the night before. ! I got there one day at 5:30 pm and the other day at 4:45 pm. Both times, I immediately walked directly from the Red Zone to the front rail of the main stage! Both times there I was immediately behind the person on the front rail. It doesn't get any better! Edge, Adam and Bono were literally 6-10 feet away much of the concert. The boys literally can make eye contact with you. The first 4 or 5 songs are at the main stage and the last 6-7 songs are at the main stage. By the way, the people on the front rail had GA tickets with the numbers 6 and 13 written on their hands designating their arrival time in the GA queue. I know for a fact that the one girl camped over night. I stayed in the Red Zone for the last concert and it was great but there you're more like an observer than part of the concert. Just my take. Enjoy!!
  3. I was on the floor at concerts #1, #4, and #5. All the shows were amazing but the finale couldn't be beat! Hearing Gloria at the top of the show and Bad towards the end was the icing on the cake! Stripped down versions for Ordinary Love and Every Breaking were very cool. I know it's asking a lot but I'm still waiting to sometime again hear A Sort of Homecoming and Kite. Please play Kite again!
  4. Today I answered my own question. Was able to get 2 RZ tix in chicago during the general public sale.
  5. Just curious to see if anybody has been able to purchase Red Zone ticket during the general public sale (not the pre-sales). Anybody?
  6. Red Zone tickets the first night. Hoping to get tickets for thursday then they go on sale to the general public. STOKED!
  7. Very unhappy with how the pre-sale is being handled. I have been a paid fan club member for at least 5 years. However, because my membership briefly lapsed and I renewed after the album release date in Sept., I am treated as though I just signed up for the fan club (categorized as an innocent). Very disappointed that I am not able to participate day 1 in the pre-sale. Any similar experiences?
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