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  1. Contact me if interested. Face Value.
  2. Section 106 (Thur)(1) Section 214 (Thur)(1) Section 120 (Thur)(1) Section 117 (Weds)(1) Section 107 (2) This U2 Fan is recovering from unexpected health issues and can't make Chicago.
  3. I am sure they will add Chicago shows. I am surprised they haven't yet as there are no seats available. There is also some time off before the Canadian shows. If I remember right they may take a break before Toronto as they have before. Chicago may have to wait for extra shows on the third leg???
  4. Literally 1 ticket (not a resale ticket) left for Chicago 1
  5. U2stargirl

    Single seats left for Chicago 1 and 2

    The second night has 291.00 lowers singles. Just checked at 10:47
  6. U2stargirl

    Single seats left for Chicago 1 and 2

    First night none-try second night now. ??
  7. U2stargirl

    Single seats left for Chicago 1 and 2

    I had to go that route (got 3 seats in different areas) Happy to get them.
  8. U2stargirl

    4 shows in some cities! Chicago? I hope there are 4 planned!

    NYC and CA have 4 shows. When will Chicago be announced? Any guesses? I am waiting by my computer to see if they are going to pop up!!!!
  9. Serious cash outflow but multiple nights are going to be great.
  10. I agree. That happens with the VIP lowers too. Crazy.
  11. I was given the choice of 595.00 (1) seat lower bowl. Kept trying to pick my own seat and was kicked out and TM picked them. Ended up with lowers in the fan merch section on the end. Would live red zone or gs but I can't stand for long periods. Still spent 500 for 2 tix. Ouch!
  12. U2stargirl

    Lower Bowl Prices are 595.00 for the Party package?

    I was reading a bit more on the ticket description. It includes hotel but doesn't say which one but an "exceptional" one. Hard to believe so many lower bowl are priced this way. Regular public on-sale Minday will be interesting to see how many go for those. That's a ton of cash say for 2 seats at $1,200+
  13. U2stargirl

    tickets that remain for Chicago night 1

    I was able to score end tickets in the 100 range (lower bowl) Single tickets though