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  1. The live i+e cd won't be shipped until spring 2019.
  2. Nope, this just means the downloads are available. Still no word on delivery of the vinyl. In the original announcement they said " More news on delivery schedules in the coming days." That was almost 2 months ago.
  3. @BBC download would be nice (cd would be even better ). Hopefully they don't "forget" this special musical gift.
  4. Got no mail but I hear others have also received a shipping notice. Anyway, my order status says it shipped on 8. December so looking forward to it.
  5. Lucky you!! Most (or all) of us in Europe ended up with te standard black version, but still happy with it.
  6. Great deal this weekend at Fnac Belgium (www.fnac.be). Because it is Armistice Day (11. November), the physical shops are closed and there is an 11% discount on online orders. Just pre-ordered the SOE deluxe box at €68.52.
  7. According to earlier posts in this thread, this should only apply for US/Canada tour. If you want to buy tickets for European concerts, it is not necessary to complete the setup in your account.
  8. Same here. I got this mail too but like Monica, I'm not bying any US/Canada tickets. Clear communication is not easy, apparently.
  9. Verified Fan is not the same as Verified Subscriber.
  10. Same problem with Belgian cellphone numbers: 0 is automatically added. This is not correct.
  11. Hi Jen, same here for me. My account now doesn't mention anything about renewing anymore. I'm also verified and eXPERIENCE group without renewing. Still I'm not sure what to do now.
  12. Same here, I'm not planning to buy US-tickets. Do I need to registrate now?
  13. I'm 44. Seen them 8 times. 1992 Ghent, Zoo TV 1993 Werchter, Zooropa 1997 Werchter, PopMart 2001 Antwerp, Elevation 2005 Brussels, Vertigo 2009 Wembley, 360° 2010 Brussels, 360° 2015 Anterp, i+e Number 9 coming up in August (Brussels).
  14. For the Brussels concert we didn't even have the opportunity to buy collector tickets, only e-tickets.
  15. I've tried this for the Brussels concert. Apparently you can buy 2 extra tickets in general public sale which has a ticket limit of 6.
  16. For the Brussels-concert, only print-@-home was available.
  17. I'll be going for public sale for Brussels. Of course I might not get in, but I can always have my mum logon too ... Which seats do you have? Bloc D row 7 (3d category tickets). No topseats but alright. What about you?
  18. Ordered 4 seats for Brussels. Whoot, whoot!! Me very happy!
  19. https://www.proximusgoformusic.be/nl/evenementen/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017/463333/ Tue Aug 1 2017 Brussels BE Stade Roi-Baudoin
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