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  1. Thanks but I can't travel to a place so far from my home in Geneva!
  2. Hi everybody, I've a long time U2 fan and "subscriber" but that time, I failed to get my Redzone Tickets for Christams and the 35th birthday of my girlfriend... So in order to solve that desapointment, has anyone 2 tickets for Redzone in Paris, 14th of November or Amsterdam, 12th of September? Thanks a lot, and good concert for those who have tickets! Yves
  3. No good news... Next tour... Got to find another Christmas gift, I refuse to buy something coming from black f***ckin' market!
  4. I'll try, but I really think it's lost for that time! But thanks fo your words!
  5. I am long time U2 fan, but today I'm bored. I'm bored because I haven't got my tix for next tour eventhough I'm a U2 "Suscriber"... A problem with the online Credit card purchase for 2 dates, and then when all goes again well, no more tickets, even though on pre-sales... I went to general sale with hope... And same result. No more red zone tix... So my Chritmas gift for my girlfriend flew... And I am more desapointed when I see all the interested buyers of tix selling them a fortune on the net... So today, I just want to say: F*CK and good concerts for the real public and fans!
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