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  1. Albums 1. Achtung Baby 2. The Joshua Tree 3. Rattle & Hum 4. Pop 5. Zooropa 6. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Songs: 1. The Fly 2. All I Want Is You 3. Mofo (rest in no particular order) Where The Streets Have No Name Mysterious Ways Exit One Tree Hill Dirty Day Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car Another Time Another Place Pride God Part II Zoo Station With Or Without You Discotheque Numb Even Better Than The Real Thing Tomorrow Desire Hawkmoon 269
  2. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Nice thread but is this news and rumours? Anyway, live versions of One Tree Hill get me.
  3. u2 song of the day

    Today is the funeral for my friend's dad. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.
  4. u2 song of the day

  5. u2 song of the day

    I was going to pick that too.
  6. u2 song of the day

    The Fly (Elevation Tour version)
  7. 25 Sep - U2 World T-Shirt Day

    We've got a long weekend, so I've been making a weekend of it. Saturday was my Vertigo Tour shirt, today (Sunday) is U2 Go Home.
  8. Silence is not an option

    Pocketing $100Mill to have an album released by a company whose factory conditions drove Chinese workers to suicide didn't sit well with me just quietly.
  9. u2 song of the day

    Desire (ZooTV version)
  10. u2 song of the day

    Holy Joe
  11. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    '90s Bono would agree with you.
  12. u2 song of the day

    Bullet The Blue Sky
  13. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    When HTDAAB came out, I paid $10 more to get it two days early and listening to it on the drive home I almost turned it off halfway through. Within 12 months I thought it was one of their best albums and still up there today (not up with TJT or AB, but at least with Zooropa). So maybe it might be like this again.