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  1. Ditto on all counts. My hubby and I were so exhausted after doing GA for JT this summer that we seriously debated whether or not to go for seats this time around. Hubby is over 50 and I'm fast approaching it, and we DO feel our age by the end of the night! But then we decided to take one more kick at the can, especially because, as this is the last tour under the current contract (to which we all say AMEN!! given the issues), we don't know what the future holds for either the band or for us. And there is just something special about making a day of it and hanging out with our U2 family. We have met awesome people over the years, some of whom we have become pretty close friends with and stay in contact now over Facebook, even though we live miles apart and see each other only in the GA line!
  2. Digital Download of SOE?

    Ok, thanks. I noticed my email is sloooowwww this morning so maybe TM is working on it?? Loving the first four songs....want the rest STAT!
  3. Digital Download of SOE?

    Does anyone know how we are supposed to access our "Free" download that was to come with the purchase of tickets? I have ordered the deluxe version box set but I'm not waiting for that to show up! I was hoping to download the rest of the album today before I went to work. Thought I would wake up to an email or something, but have seen nothing. How does this work with the ticket sales?
  4. I think at the end of the end of the day,. we ALL agree that the biggest issue with the Verified Fan presale is that a lot of people went through a lot of crazy for a new process that did not accomplish what it promised. If tickets did not end up on the after-market sites, I think even some who were disappointed in the presale would be somewhat less pissed off. I am also still bothered by the presale limit of 4 for the Citibank section while members were limited to 2. Don't know that we'll ever have the answers though.
  5. Forgot about this...thanks for posting! I recall thinking at the time, "oh, this is GREAT -- it means the boys are far from finished and there will be at least more tours to enjoy." Now I'm thinking "well at least the deal with the devil will expire in 2020, before the next tour....if there IS a next tour after this one."
  6. While I agree to a point on this, the one thing that everyone keeps forgetting every time they quote "previous tours" is that the last 2 tours have been stadiums, with a significantly greater amount of floor space - and therefore, GA tickets. You have to go back to Vertigo in 2005 to compare to the number of GAs available in the arenas, and from what I have seen, many people here have cited that "this is the worst presale since Vertigo" or compared it to Vertigo in that manner. In other words, it was just as difficult to get GA for THAT arena tour due to the smaller venue size and reduced quantity available. And guess what? I remember very clearly getting tickets to 3 shows - none of which were GA until I did a private swap with someone who ended up not being able to line up for one of the shows in Toronto.
  7. But it does say you ALSO had to resub early to be eligible. You didn't indicate that you did that as well.
  8. Perhaps not actually breaking any rules BUT, you may be one of the people contributing to the problem. What if everyone decided to have multiple accounts so that they could get more tickets? Perhaps one account per person should be a rule if it is not already.
  9. Many thanks and congratulations to the signatories of the open letter to the band; it was extremely well researched and written, and represents the fan base well in bringing very legitimate concerns to the fore. Had this been an actual petition, I would have signed it too! Frankly, the letter to management is more clearly and well written than the response from management. Some have already pointed out that management has outright dodged a couple of clear questions, and I think Biggirl hit the nail on the head when she dissected the response. Although I was one of the fortunate ones in Experience group who did get 2 GAs, I too, am very unhappy with the clear dichotomy posed by the fact that we were limited to 2 tickets while Citi bank holders were limited to 4. I completely agree that this has especially shut out families - we have in the past brought our 2 children with us, and therefore required 4 GAs. The only reason that didn't impact me this time is that we are having to travel hours out of our way to see a show, as there is none in Toronto, and that is too expensive an undertaking to bring my kids, who also can't afford the time off work in the summer for that length of a trip. I am still hoping that part will be rectified by the time a second leg is announced that may include Toronto. It is likely that some of Guy's "non-answer" is related to contractual stuff, and also likely that this includes non-disclosure, meaning he cannot actually come out and say that they have shaken hands with the devil that is Live Nation/Ticketmaster. I truly hope that the band, once this contract expires, is more careful in future. Again, congratulations and THANK YOU to the signatories for representing the fans so well!
  10. I had the exact same thought. I miss McGuiness!
  11. Ok, but in fairness, that may have been the case anyway. Remember, participation in the presale has NEVER been a guarantee that you will get GA, or any other ticket, for that matter. I truly wish we could separate the people who were really shafted - and I know there were many - from those who simply did not get GA. It is much tougher to get GA for the smaller arena shows, and that has always been the case. I realize some of that this time was the result of the incongruity with ticket limits, but I will address that under separate cover.
  12. Thanks guys. Originally, we were going for Montreal #1 as it's the day before, but I was really worried about dealing with a non-Ticketmaster partner site on top of all the other stuff for Verified Fan, so we're doing Nashville, and that is my birthday present. But when they announced the 2nd date ON my's really, really, tempting. Especially because we could swing through Ottawa on the way to visit my son. I am STILL hoping for some Toronto dates at some point though.
  13. Registered for Montreal #2. Not sure we will go...but it is my birthday.....
  14. Okay, so now I have to agree that they have screwed this up royally. The problem with having to register for the general sale, is that I don't get the option to decide to add another show by purchasing this way. I didn't sign up for the general sale because I was lucky enough to get tickets in the presale for the show I wanted...but now that they have announced another show on my birthday, I would like to try for that - and can't!
  15. Best presale ever

    To be honest, I didn't look that closely at the prices. I noticed they were somewhat higher, but for the GAs, by the time I did the exchange from Cdn to US, it wasn't a huge increase. But you are right, they are higher. But so is the price of everything else, gas, milk, bread. I think the highest price I ever paid was $250 for gold-level seating for one show in Toronto in 2005. My daughter's Ed Sheeran tickets for this coming August, on the floor with seats, were $160.