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  1. I thought I redeemed mine in June but it seems I did mine on 5th of May. *shrugs*
  2. Well, huh. I just checked the order details on mine and it looks like it's on it's way (date said 6 Feb). All I thought was "About frigging time!" Anyone else from Australia gotten theirs yet (or waiting)?
  3. Wow. I... Wow. I don't even know what to say. Here I was thinking that I hadn't received my subscriber gift cause I live in Australia when in fact there's just morons organising the subscriber gifts. I guess I'll come and see what's happening in here in about 6 weeks time, before I resubscribe.
  4. nicocollard

    What music are you listening to Prt 2

    Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
  5. This is Jimmy Sims, Mika's bass player... he loves purple and uses the same amps as Adam!
  6. Here's me (in the green dress) with my sister Zoe (who is also a bit of a U2 fan) at the Twilight Prom in April 2009. Zoe won Prom Princess and got to dance with Edi Gathegi
  7. nicocollard


    This is me about 18 months ago, at a friends place... being hte hyperactive little Mika fans that we were!