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  1. Hi, I`m not writing here often, but I´ve something to say about the Gigs at Cologne. I attended both shows, with four shows in my i-e show history before, but Cologne as a package was unique, outstanding in their concert history and absolutely to compare with their Cologne shows 2001. So, what will I say. Difficult I think, but these shows, especially the second show, the longest U2 show ever it`s burnt into my brain, because there were so many fantastic moments like Party Girl, Bad ( for me the first time since Rome 2010) and 40 with a choir from the audience, goosebumps all the time. But this is not all, I will never forget the fan party at the foyer with never ending "How long" chants from the gathered fans. U2 gave me so many inspiration at this weekend and I`m thinking about the Cologne weekend for the whole day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzR7foR3Ikw