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  1. I used the exchange rate in recognition that USD isn't the world currency. I wanted to show an equivalent way to compare prices. There is nothing to applaud here. Ticket prices are not fair for all of the places they are performing -- especially the US.
  2. It will be at least $340 USD. That's what it is in Europe.
  3. The top ticket price for U.S. shows is $280 US Dollars. Compare that cost to the ticket prices in other places, based on the current exchange rate: Vancouver and Toronto: $280 Canadian Dollars = $211.47 US Dollars Dublin, Ireland: 186 Euros = $196.35 US Dollars London, England: 187 British pounds = $227.91 US Dollars This is outrageous! In the U.S., the best seats will cost over $300 apiece, once the service charges are factored into the equation. And that's for seats that are going to be far from the stage, no matter where they are because they're in a football stadium, not an indoor arena. One friend is disabled, and another is short, so we have to get seats. Since those people will be going to see only one show, they are willing to splurge. Anything in the $200 range would probably be doable, although it would involve some sacrifice. Obviously, they cannot afford to travel to places where the ticket prices are cheaper. Sadly, it appears U2's management is bilking US fans.
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