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  1. FYI, I just received the verified fan email for the Citi card presale. It’s 9pm NYC.
  2. I had the same experience, buying tickets for Nassau Coliseum and referenced an incorrect seating chart - plenty of options were available, but I wound up buying what I though were great seats but ended up being behind the stage. The seating chart appears to be correct now, for those participating in tomorrows sale. The overall experience was fast and easy and I hope everyone gets tix to the show(s) they want. Best of luck to all.
  3. Hi all, I feel compelled to relate my experience because I am nervous my tickets for Boston #2, purchased in the general sale, will be cancelled. I used my code last week to get tix for NYC. In yesterday's general sale, i purchased four tix to Boston for July 11; i was successful in pulling tickets, but kept receiving an error message when I tried to purchase and then had to begin again. Finally, the transaction went through...I purchased 4 tickets and received a confirmation from Ticketmaster. Last night, I checked my credit card statement online and saw charges for two purchases from yesterday's general sale. When I called Ticketmaster, they confirmed I had 8 tickets to the show, and was in danger of having them all voided because I exceeded the ticket limit. I told them I never received confirmation of the first purchase, and they confirmed that they never sent one to me. One rep gave me an email address where the confirmation was sent, that wasn't mine, and a second rep simply told me they never sent me one. They said I needed to return one set of tickets, or risk having them all voided. I cancelled the first set...but have no confidence the second set will remain valid. I'm a long time fan, going back to Propoganda, etc. I have seen every tour, in multiple cities/states. I am very grateful for the opportunity to buy tickets in a pre-sale and don't wish to add my numerous complaints about Ticketmaster to the long list that exists in these posts. Clearly, Ticketmaster's issues have momentarily interfered with our excitement for the shows...they really do stink. I just want to make sure my tickets aren't cancelled. I called Ticketmaster, I did everything I can think of...but since this thread is dedicated to ticket cancellations, I am adding my concerns. At what point can I stop worrying that my tix will be voided? Thx, all...looking forward to the shows.
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