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  1. Yep or have the ticketmaster app on your phone.
  2. Yes, once they scan your CC at the gate they give you a paper copy of where your seats are. Detriot is mailing tickets though from the email we got after purchasing them.
  3. I'm not entering in any code for Detriot and it shows VIP packages are available to buy. Just a heads up.
  4. Please followed by Streets
  5. They should just play the entire October album with new lyrics from Bono and then go into The Joshua Tree
  6. Tampa, FL 12/5/87. Freezing cold night in the nosebleeds but great show!
  7. Acrobat Acrobat was rehearsed in Hershey Pa in '92. I also wish "So Cruel" would have been performed. I was in Lakeland, FL during the Zoo TV rehearsals and they tried "So Cruel" a few times there as well but never live in concert.
  8. Got Tix! Smoothest Presale Ever!

    Sweet DC and Pittsburgh super easy!