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  1. BUMP Thanks Mark - now just looking for 6/28 trade due to work schedule (I'll be able to get there early 6/29!) - good luck though! -Mark (also)
  2. Hi - I have 2x GA for the Philly show - would welcome decent seats and be able to provide CC to anyone for the day should you want to trade. thank you!
  3. Bump - still looking should anyone be interested! Thank you!
  4. Hi - would anyone be interested in trading lower seats for 2x GA's for either NY night (the same night)? I can provide cc if necessary but would like to have seats for one of the shows. Thank you!
  5. Found a ticket! Thank you to jamesg77 - all good and ready to hit up O2!
  6. Sending you a PM - would love the 29th!
  7. Hi! Hopeful someone might have an extra GA as I will be in London for work and hopeful to attend solo. Thank you!
  8. nuzzer1

    ISO GA's 7/30

    Just seeking 2 GA's now - in case it's less of a long shot
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