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  1. GAs in Vegas.

    got mine too. i followed all the instructions and smooth sailing with LA and Vegas hope they add more shows at the forum !
  2. Best presale ever

    mine went well to felt like i had the whole site to myself lol tix for LA and Vegas ! whoot
  3. Ticketmaster Sucks

    i thought the same why all the rigor to get a paper ticket kind of defeats the purpose just saying
  4. Vinyl gift

    Hi has anyone received the 2017 gift of the 4 vinyl records ? Just realized I haven’t gotten mine as I renewed for next year. Called customer service and they had no clue. Lol. Please advise if they have shipped or delayed in the US. Thanks
  5. I’m a little late posting this but no one else seems to understand the experience I had at the New Orleans Superdome. I went to use the Porta potty‘s that were located on the floor under the tunnel. During becks last number I’m walking back towards the floor I see two man dressed in black walking towards me and I said hey that guy looks familiar. turns out that it was Larry sneaking back in to the backstage area after catching Becks performance. what a thrill.
  6. who else is concerned about safety in NOLA? Everyday some tourist is viciously attacked :(  hope it gets better by September.  


  7. 5928b24709933_ScreenShot2017-05-26at23_52_41.png

    yes they are very good ! fries are super salty
  8. and my wheels are spinning upside down with glee !
  9. IMG_7251.JPG

  10. great note to bono from president bush! felt inspired to go after the dallas show.
  11. thanks for the tip ! hopefully there will be a roundup for all us u2-heads ! dallas- houston-san diego and new orleans ! very lucky indeed wheww- was totally having u2 withdrawals after dallas and now have these shows to look forward it's a beautiful day !
  12. New Orleans ! Super excited. Nervous but feeling adventurous. Any tips and things to do before after the historic return to No ? traveling from Los Angeles
  13. One day I shall make the journey to Ireland to see a u2 gig !
  14. Yes they were amazing and soooo patient. Made it right super fast. Great job. SD will be amazing. Houston -Dallas - SD. Not too shabby.
  15. bucket list for me to travel to foro sol and see in concert mexico mexico your so high ! concert