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  1. artalvarez

    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    empty house lots will be late !
  2. artalvarez

    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    has it started yet? 10k cars waiting to get in
  3. artalvarez

    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    traffic sucks!!
  4. finally got my singles in california now i don’t want to open it because the packaging is amazing ! might re order so i can open and play hahahah
  5. All I got was a rock ! Hahah. Still waiting. Guess the record plants are busy pressing crap on to vinyl to make up for lost file sharing. I’ll wait patiently.
  6. artalvarez

    GAs in Vegas.

    got mine too. i followed all the instructions and smooth sailing with LA and Vegas hope they add more shows at the forum !
  7. artalvarez

    Best presale ever

    mine went well to felt like i had the whole site to myself lol tix for LA and Vegas ! whoot
  8. artalvarez

    Ticketmaster Sucks

    i thought the same why all the rigor to get a paper ticket kind of defeats the purpose just saying
  9. artalvarez

    Vinyl gift

    Hi has anyone received the 2017 gift of the 4 vinyl records ? Just realized I haven’t gotten mine as I renewed for next year. Called customer service and they had no clue. Lol. Please advise if they have shipped or delayed in the US. Thanks
  10. I’m a little late posting this but no one else seems to understand the experience I had at the New Orleans Superdome. I went to use the Porta potty‘s that were located on the floor under the tunnel. During becks last number I’m walking back towards the floor I see two man dressed in black walking towards me and I said hey that guy looks familiar. turns out that it was Larry sneaking back in to the backstage area after catching Becks performance. what a thrill.
  11. who else is concerned about safety in NOLA? Everyday some tourist is viciously attacked :(  hope it gets better by September.  


  12. artalvarez


    yes they are very good ! fries are super salty
  13. and my wheels are spinning upside down with glee !
  14. artalvarez


  15. great note to bono from president bush! felt inspired to go after the dallas show.