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  1. Yeah thats ‘Dublin’ time. So if youre on the American east coast, they are 5 hours ahead. So set your alarm for 4am. I will say this, when I did it for Dublin, I mis calculated on the time by several hours but I still got GA tix. I got lucky. Good luck!
  2. The code just ‘works’ , just make sure youre registered with ticketmaster or whoever is handling the sale before the sales start so u dont lose time checking out!
  3. I went to Dublin for I&E and it was great! Dublin is a nice compact city good for walking and plenty of cab or bus options. Definitely stay away (do not get a room!) from Temple Bar, overpriced pubs and too touristy. We stayed on the North side, Castle Hotel, which is really nice too. Lots of shopping and of course great pubs all around. There's all the usual touristy things to do like Guinness factory and the like. Try the 'little Museum Dublin', they have a section that is all U2 related. There is also a rock and roll museum of Ireland, not far from Temple Bar. If you want a private fan tour of u2 related sites, check out Dave Griffith's tours, he is a friendly great guide around the city for about $30 or so. The 3Arena where the show most likely takes place is smallish, about 12k people fit in there. Its easily accessible by the local rail. Most of all HAVE FUN! It is a blast to be where U2 is from!
  4. I am very surpised by how the whole ticket thing worked for me. I got on around 10am NY time on friday for presale and logged in and was offered GA tix for Dublin right away. That was a few hours after the onsale started, I did not expect to see anything availible. But I took them and off to Dublin I go!
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