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  1. Been a U2 fan since 1987, been to at least one show on every tour. At MSG last Sunday, wondered where all my fellow long time U2 fans were. U2 so mainstream and popular, seems to be a lot of fans who arent U2 fans but for whatever reason going to the show. Wish everyone there new all the songs and felt the religious experience that hard core U2 fans feel. Still an amazing show though.
  2. Yep, pricing is beyond outrageous, like you said they are trying to squeeze every last penny out of the fans. Been a fan since 1987 and have seen every tour, as a matter of principle may sit this one out. $312 for upper level seats is obscene.
  3. Front row seats at PJ shows are $75 and reserved for their fan club members. They could get thousands for those seats if they wanted. U2 taking advantage of their loyal fan base by charging maximum possible $ for their seats. Just like the lemmings who continue to pay ridiculous prices for sporting events, U2 fans will pay these prices. It doesn't make the ticket prices right.
  4. These ticket prices are an absolute disgrace. Nothing but greedy U2 extracting every last penny from their loyal fans. Been a fan since 1987 and never missed a tour. Going to take a pass on this one. For $75 will watch Pearl Jam play for 3 + hours and blow away anything U2 could ever do.
  5. Been a fan since 1987 and neve missed a tour. These prices are an absolute disgrace! Going to sit this one out as a matter of principal, nothing but greed on U2's part.
  6. I have been a U2 fan since 1987 and attended a show for every tour in US since then. I can afford tickets for all of these shows, but these ticket prices are an absolute disgrace! $312 for an upper deck seat?? They have put me in the bad position to tell the band to eff off after all of these years. Huge Pearl Jam fan too, PJ blows away U2. 3+ hour shows where every show is different. $70 or so for all tickets! PJ live puts on the best shows of any band I have ever seen for an incredibly fair price. They care about the fans. U2 only seems to care about extracting every last penny they can. Sorry guys, after 28 years, time to jump off the bandwagon, it is a matter of principle. Oh, yeah, I forgot , did get a $10 album for free!!!
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